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Tobyas Lé Fear
· February 26, 2018
I received very professional and polite customer service from my initial inquiry to the final sale. Sales and Leasing Consultant (Adrian) was very honest and straight to the point. Adrian never me into purchasing a vehicle immediately, and he encouraged me to do my research. I appreciated his no-nonsense approach, and I felt like he had my best interest at heart.

The director (Eddie) did an exceptional job of clarifying my purchasing options. Not only is he an outstanding communicator, but he is also a respectable, professional that is willing to help you. His capacity to work with my financial plan was remarkable. His ability to make you feel special and valued is a missing trait a lot of individuals in the sales industry lack today. His relentless pursuit to provide a pleasant purchasing experience was welcomed and appreciated.

Overall, the team consisting of the Director of sales, sales consultant, and the finance manager made my trade-in and purchasing experience gratifying and short. I have purchased many cars over the years, but I have yet to receive this exceptional level of service from a dealership. I also look forward to my next Acura purchase with this dealership, and I highly recommend this team to all my close friends & family.
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Tom Dufek
· October 4, 2017
Just purchased my third vehicle from Tischer, working with Mike Goldring yesterday and I must say, the whole team was exceptional as always. As a busy professional, I don't have time to play games or ...waste time when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Mike was able to deliver the 2017 ILX that I wanted less than 24 hours after first contacting him, and from arrival to finishing the paperwork I was treated like a VIP (and that included my super picky toddler insisting on a specific color that they didn't even have in stock!). The service staff is amazing, the sales team are true professionals, and I'd be hard pressed to go anywhere else for a vehicle. Thanks as always for your great work! See More
Larry Weckbaugh
· November 10, 2017
Bought a car from Tony Sia yesterday. My first Acura from Tischer but have been having my 2008 MDX serviced there for the past 9 years. I drive over one hour to get there from my house. Excellent peo...ple, very aggressive deals and a full service organization. I am very pleased with my new car and the process to get me home in it. See More
Jacquelyn Waters
· September 30, 2017
Excellent experience!! This is my 4th RL - now RLX. Tischer Acura's new facility is beautiful and salesmen Matin and Justin were honest and very knowledgeable. Matin took me through the entire transac...tion and easily paired both my phones. Loved working with him. I ordered two parts and Service was awesome too. I will be bringing my car back for service. Great positive experience all the way around and I LOVE my new 2017 RLX!!! See More
Marcel Buck Crudup
· 8 hours ago
The service tech there I think his name is Mike Powell very helpful guy and professional. Our truck is always in and out.
André AJ Maddox
· September 15, 2017
This review is based on my recent experience with the Acura dealership located in Laurel Maryland at 3506 Fort Meade Road Laurel, MD 20724.

I have a 2013 Acura TL Special Edition. My Vehicle is curre...ntly still under warranty, and I also purchased an extended warranty through my credit union. I recently filled up my tank at an Exxon gas station (appx 2 weeks or so ago) and immediately my "Check Emission Systems" light came on. I contacted Acura to schedule an appointment for this past Saturday to have my vehicle serviced.

This is when the person scheduled me at the location in Laurel where they advised they are usually busy during the morning, but were not and it was ok to bring in my vehicle. As advised, I arrived 30 minutes later (12:30pm) with my vehicle. When I walked in and advised them of my appointment they told me they didn't have an appointment scheduled for me and proceeded to tell me that they may not be able to assist me. Then after speaking to Ellen Tardiff, the representative had me move my vehicle into the service station. I was then issued a loaner vehicle, and advised my vehicle may or may not be ready same day. I later received a call from Ellen advising that they weren't able to get around to my vehicle Saturday, but will follow up with me on Monday. Speaking to her on Monday she advised the problem had been resolved and I can pick up my vehicle. She also proceeded to provide several recommendations from the technicians/mechanics.

I arrived to pickup my vehicle shortly after 6:00pm Monday evening, for which I returned the vehicle on Full (which contradicts what they advise regarding the vehicle I was loaned. The tank was on 3/4 not Full) to pick up my vehicle which was poorly washed, had grass and debris on it from recent lawn care on the property, gas tank not where I left it, and no one available to take it back through the car wash.

It is now only been 2 days since picking up my vehicle from receiving service, and the "Check Emissions System" light has come back on. I contacted Acura to speak to Ellen, but was advised she was not on site today. I asked several questions to the technician who took my call to include why it wasnt resolved, why a full diagnostics was not performed, why was my vehicle left in the condition that it was, why did they use the time they had my vehicle to check other things that werent related to the error code or issue I specifically stated I was bringing my vehicle to have serviced, and why do I have to not wait to have it resolved. He had absolutely no response fo rme and stated he didnt know. I asked him to find out and to callback when he was able to obtain the necessary information. I advised if he did not know or was unable to find out, to have his supervisor contact me with the answers. I received a call from a Mr. Fred Lee I believe his name was, who identified himself as the District Manager. I am a customer, I have a right to be frustrated. I asked him several questions for which he attempted to talk around and over me when he started responding. Disregarding my questions and saying what he wanted to defend his store location. I am not interested in wasting my time listening to apologies or reputation testimonial so I asked him if he could simply answer my questions that I asked and also requested that Mr. Pablo have him call to answer. He proceeded to get rude with me and very direct. Extremely disrespectful, for which I then asked his name so that I can contact corporate. Unfortunately I am still at work and was unable to call right away, so I decided to send an email to Corporate. I spoke with Corporate who were very disappointed to hear of my experience, but also included that this was not the first time they have been contacted regarding the level of professionalism from Mr. Fred Lee. I decided to contact this dealership back, and asked to speak to the manager of Mr. Fred Lee. Initially the representative was more than happy to provide me with the information, until she learned I was filing a complaint on Fred Lee. Once she received this information, she then passed it on to Fred Lee who got on the line and refused me the information I requested or the opportunity to speak to him. He then also advised that he has advised them not to service my vehicle or resolve the issue as they were suppose to. He even has passed on information to his boss, as if I were the one in the wrong in attempts to block my complaint. I will be filing additional complaints with my Attorney, BBB, and name a few.

I work Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4;30 pm downtown Washington DC. This has greatly inconvenience me. Bringing my vehicle to Laurel during either time of day (before or after) will place me in over an hours worth of traffic if not more. No compensation or any type of apology has been issued, and thats not ok for me. I spoke to Danny Sauro, Mr Lee boss, very briefly. I only was able to introduce myself before I lost service in a bad signal area. I immediately called back, for which I was advised he was no longer available at the time to take my call, even though our call had just gotten disconnected. I left my contact information and requested that He give me a call by COB because the matter is urgent and needs his attention. This to only callback a few hours later to learn that he was gone for the day, and will not return until Monday.

I need to speak with Danny Sauro as soon as possible, so if this message can reach him without being intercepted by Mr. Lee, that would be great.

(This is my second review, the first one was removed by Tischer Acura)
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Emily Laws
· December 28, 2016
My low brake fluid and VSA alert lights had been coming on very often in my TSX. I called to make an appointment to have it checked because the car is still under warranty. Upon arriving they said t...hat one of my warranties was no longer good and that they would have to run a diagnostic test for $136.97. I didn't know a diagnostic test was needed to check my brake fluid, but did it anyway because I was there and don't know much about cars. At 9 months pregnant my main concern is a safe car for me and my baby. After nearly 2 hours the car was ready and I was told it was just low brake fluid and there would be no additional charges. Gee thanks. So basically I paid nearly $140 to have them top off my brake fluid. When I told my husband he was furious and called the service department right away and left a message. This was 5 days ago and he never received a call back. Any future service I need will not be done at this dealership See More
Dick Williams
· August 18, 2017
I received an offer via email. The offer was good enough for me to go to the dealer. They best the email prices of their competitors. See Mike Goldring or Bruno. I recommend them.

Dick Williams
Robin Bulluck
· April 23, 2017
I have been to this location twice to have my car serviced since I bought it from a non-Acura dealer. Each time I have been, I was greeted and treated with exceptional customer service. I would highly... recommend this location for car service. It will be the only place I will take my car. See More
Meet Kadiwar
· August 1, 2016
I would not recommend dealing with these guys, totally waste of time . Yesterday received an online price for a car from this dealership in email. Went today to buy car on agreed upon price in email f...rom yesterday. Received completely rude response and sales manager refuse to sale same car for agreed upon price in email from their dealership. Instead of accepting any mistake by their online sales person, sales manager made me feel like dumb for asking car based on their email price.
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Shaleena Goldy
· July 9, 2016
The Acura MDX 2016 that was sold was a lemon the lights came on periodically inside the car and the car accelerated when you step on the brakes. The general manager i believe her name was Jeane red basically said we were lieing and just wanted a new car. She was obnoxious and rude. Have bought 3 cars from them and will never again. BBB and the owners will hear about this See More
Marysue Strong
· June 17, 2017
I just leased a 2017 MDX (my 7th Acura)!
Tony Was a top notch professional and handled all the paperwork prior to my arrival so that I was only at the Acura dealership for a little over an hour! Best ...service EVER! Thanks! And the new facility is gorgeous!! Go Team Tischer Acura!!! See More
Roy Schaffer
· June 5, 2017
I took my car into Tisher at there Laurel Md Seevice shop to get my sunroof repaired... They did not fix it, I went back to there service shop yet again and was told that the sun roof was recalibrated... and was in fine working condition. The following day the roof was doing the same thing... See More
Tonya Moss
· September 10, 2017
Very clean and spacious place. The staff members are nice, professional, and good-looking too!
Celeste J. Powell
· June 16, 2016
Terrible customer service from the Acura service department. Classic Bait and switch and unethical business practices. They said they fixed my car yesterday. When I returned it today due to the cont...inued problem, they told me it would be more money. Matt Martin was inflexible and just repeated what the service advisor told us. He should be ashamed the way he treats customers. Unacceptable treatment. See More
Shakeel Chughtai
· September 2, 2017
One of the best experience among all the dealer's
Eli Rappaport
· September 28, 2017
Huge shout out to the team! Tony, Noah and Eddie. Great service and prices! Very recommended!
Funmi Joe
· April 19, 2018
This review is based solely on Tischer Acura's Service Department

I typically take my car to Norris Acura in Ellicot City and they have never failed to provide top notch service. However, because I l...ive in the area, I took in my car for a service to Tischer and the service was atrocious, to say the least.

The reality is that, as the previous reviewer mentioned, they are far more concerned with servicing newer vehicles, especially if purchased from them. Once you take in an older model Acura, they truly have no interest in working with you, looking at your vehicle or properly fixing it. They are constantly trying to up-charge you, find reasons to sell you a new car, or cover up the shoddy work of their incompetent technicians/mechanics.

Long story short, I took in my 2009 Acura TSX for a service in February 2017. I was told that I would need an inverter and new headlight HID bulb, which i paid almost $2,000 to fix. Fast forward to November 2017, my brother-in-law informs me that one of my headlights is out. Of course, I couldn't possibly imagine that it would be the same one I paid almost $2,000 for in preceding February. Due to time constraints, I took in the TSX back to Tischer February 2018. Next thing I know, I get a call saying that there would be another charge of approximately $1,900 to fix the EXACT SAME ISSUE that was supposed to have been fixed a year ago. I went back into the dealership and I was told "Oh the warranty is only for 1 year and you have exceeded that....blah blah blah." I eventually spoke to the Manager, Rick, who assured me that he could get a warranty extension from Acura to get the matter resolved.

A couple of days later, Rick (manager), calls me and says "congratulations, Acura has agreed to extend the warranty to cover the labor and parts to fix the issue. However, if anything else is found outside of this issue that would be your responsibility." I agreed to the terms. The car was fixed, I got a call from the Representative, Mike, that everything was in great working condition and nothing else had been found. The bill totaled $00.00 and all was well with the world, or so I thought. Less than 2 months later, Tuesday, April 17, 2018, I notice while driving that my headlight was out. I pulled over and realized that YET AGAIN, IT IS THE SAME EXACT HEADLIGHT THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY FIXED.

I immediately took the car to Tischer the next morning, Wednesday, April 18, 2018 and the representative, Rob, told me that while the inverter had been changed the last time, the technician had not replaced the headlight itself. I figured no big deal, change the headlight and we're good. Rob (representative) later left me a voicemail stating that I would, yet again, need to pay $1,900 to fix the SAME INVERTER, SAME HEADLIGHT, SAME PARTS. As one can imagine, at this point, the incompetency of the mechanics, technicians, representatives...etc, is glaring!! How does the same issue happen over, over and over again roughly within a year??!!

I asked to speak again to Rick, the Manager, and I guess this time, Rick didn't feel as being as nice. In between being completely rude, disrespectful and cutting me off, he said that the reason the issue kept happening was because there was a crack in the lens of the headlight. Why wasn't this issue communicated last year or back in February, I asked??? Ricked raised his voice stating "oh yes, we did. I will not be fixing your car again. You have to pay for the repairs." At this time, I asked that the owner of the location give me a call and requested the number for Acura's Customer service.

It is absolutely sad the level of incompetence and the lack of honesty at Tischer. It is clearly my fault for failing to go to Norris Acura when I first encountered the issue. I fully intend to pursue this with Acura and beyond that, if need be. I am certain that nothing was every fixed or corrected.

To say I would not be returning to this location is a big understatement.
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Apryl Evans
· September 14, 2016
BEWARE!!! I was recently informed that there is a recall on my Acura. After talking to 3 different people at this location who provided 3 very different stories, I am left frustrated, confused and h...ighly disappointed in the level of service (or lack of service) that I received. According to Acura my vehicle is unsafe to drive however they will not provide a loaner or rental vehicle even though I was told by 2 of the 3 people that they would. As I was walking out of the door to drop my vehicle off, I receive a 3rd call from Frank stating that Acura has decided not to give me a loaner/rental...EVEN THOUGH THE CAR IS UNSAFE. If there is a safety issue that is a result of something Acura has done and there is no concern for the consumers safety I must question my decision to keep doing business with you. In addition to the inconsistent information given about the loaner/rental, I was told by the 2nd person that my part was here. I receive a call from Frank 5 minutes later, as I'm walking out of the house and he states that the part isn't here and he doesn't know when it will arrive. So let me recap:

1. According to Acura, my car is unsafe to drive due to a recall that I have no control over.
2. Acura has decided not to provide a courtesy vehicle even though 2 people at your office said said you would.
3. You tell me that the part has arrived at your location and as I'm heading out the door, you call back and say that it isn't here and you have no idea when it will arrive.
4. When I question whether or not my car is safe to drive, you say no and tell me that I need to figure it out. HOW RUDE!

I am appalled by the lack of care, concern and professionalism that I've encounter during this experience. It is unacceptable to be so lax when safety is involved. As a mother of 2 children who ride in my car everyday, thank you for caring that I am operating an unsafe vehicle and doing so much to assist in getting it resolved (clearly being sarcastic here).

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Jake Lawson
· April 21, 2014
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