For friends interested in writing conferences, the Colorado Christian Writers Converence will be held at the YMCA of the Rockies, May 16-19.
If you're looking for a Saturday night church service in Windsor, here's a good option.

THE GREATEST JOURNEY Jesus changed everything. Maybe you have heard the stories. Maybe you have seen the evidence. Maybe it is time to sit face to face with the One True God. He has a plan for your life and we want to walk with you toward Him as He fulfills the greatest rescue in
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Tom Macy

My FREE class is this Thursday!

Have you ever wondered what a REAL nuclear bomb explosion looks like? A couple weeks ago, at the Historical Writers of America conference, I made a new friend--J. B. Rivard. In 1962, he witnessed tests of nuclear bombs. Here is his description:…

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#TECHNOLOGY! #SOCIALMEDIA ! THE TONGUE! We find ourselves firmly in the #DigitalAge. How then should we as Christians use such media? I wonder...does what #TheWord say about our speech apply to our texts? Should we think twice before hitting Send or Post?

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Made in God's image, we are able to create. From the first printing press to the digital age, technology has been changing our lives. Working on my new book, a SciFi adventure with a touch of romance, I am more aware of technology in my life. Sandy and I are "digital immigrants"; we remember a time before televisions were in our homes, when we drifted to sleep listening to a transistor radio, when friends were people we talked with face to face. What impact does the digital age have on our families and our walk with Christ?

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The Power Point slide show for my talk at the Hisorical Writers of America are now online at

Apps...apps...and more apps. Just downloaded a Reminder App. Last quarter our Sunday Bible Study was on Prayer. Now we are beginning one on a believer's use of technology. Going to set a reminder to pray at a specific time each day. Habits are sometimes difficult to develop when it's so easy to forget.

Just made changes to my author software. StoryPlannerTools now has an extended synonym / antonym function. It still does not return ALL the words from but future changes to the software will provide that as well...and more. This package is a free download and runs as Word addin. It requires Microsoft's .Net framework so it cannot be installed on a MAC. For those who have emailed me about that, that change would be too extensive. Maybe in the distant future....

The "Write Your Novel" class (coming up at a couple of venues over the next few months) is loosely based on what is provided in StoryPlannerTools.

Still writing. Next project is a Christian SciFi adventure with a touch of romance. BUT I'm taking a little break and heading to Wyoming for the eclipse. Hope you all are finding somewhere along the eclipse path to view this almost "once in a lifetime" event!

Thought of this short-short (590 words) story late last night:

I had never seen the sky so dark. The trees and our fields of wheat were lost in this unnatural shadowland as we headed west. The way was as familiar to me as the back of my hand, yet, in this awful blackness I hesitated.

“Hurry!” Above the grumbling of the world around us, my husband’s voice was clear. His hand reached back, barely visible in this stygian world.

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Local author's Book Launch party. 'til Her Heart Dances, Sunday, June 11, 2:30 - 4:00 Windsor's Clearview Library. Free. Join us for the fun, kids games, readings, Q&A, videos, and more. Learn more about book

'til Her Heart Dances continues the trials of Ann and her friends as they head east. Life is about learning to dance in the rain, not about avoiding the stor...

My book launch party is coming up quickly--this Sunday, 2:30-4:00 at the Windsor Clearview Library. Come on out for the games, snacks, videos, Q&A, readings, and more. Ann and her friends have some revelations on their trip east.

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'til Her Heart Dances, Launch Party, Clearview Library, Sunday, June 11, 2:30-4:00 pm. Come for the fun.

Now available online in paperback and eBook formats. Love can overcome emotional catastrophes; it can console and heal. But love has many faces…love can also...
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'TIl Her Heart Dances

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