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"According to Bloomberg, Read’s compensation included in part a salary of $1.96 million, a $2.6 million bonus, $13.1 million in equity awards linked to financial goals and stock price, as well as an $8 million special equity award that will vest if the company’s average stock return goes above 25 percent for 30 consecutive trading days before the end of 2022."

While pharmaceutical drug prices are rising, corporate CEOs are raking in the benefits. As your representative I will fight to help the everyday American citizen, not corporate CEOs and the top 1%.…/amid-drug-price-increases-pfizer…/

In a recent three-week span, the company hiked 116 drug prices as much as 9.46 percent.

"Of the roughly 40,000 families with children living in shelter in New York City, 34% have earned income. Thousands more single adults and adult families in the system also have paying jobs."

In no way is this acceptable. This is what right-to-work legislation is doing to our country. We need to fight back, and hold corporate executives accountable, and make sure no American's "living wage" is prohibiting them from supporting their family.…/thousands-of-working-new-yorkers-are-…

Donna Morgan is one of thousands of New York City residents who are employed, but forced to reside in a shelter because they have low-paying jobs and can’t afford to pay skyrocketing rents.