Tony Lywood responds to the Mayoral initiative to issue recycling bins without lids.
West Cumberland Hospital.
West Cumberland Hospital

I am humbled to have been selected as Copeland Labour Party's parliamentary candidate. I would like to thank everyone on my campaign team and all my supporters who helped during my campaign. I would also like to thank all the other candidates for running. It takes a lot to put yourself out there as a candidate. I would like to send my very best to them.

As I said during my campaign, I am going to be a candidate that: takes the fight to the Tories, does everything I can to re-energise the party, welcomes all members (old, new and dormant) to the party and party events, encourages us all to unite behind the manifesto, the values of the manifesto, and the leadership.

Thank you everyone.

Mirehouse yesterday: Local resident Ray Graham chatting about community concerns with Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland Tony Lywood and County Councillor Mike Hawkins. It is the local community, not vested corporate interests or big business, that is our party's strength and inspiration. We will continue to reach out to the people of Copeland to listen to their concerns and share with them our vision for Copeland and the country. A vision #ForTheManyNotTheFew

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Thank you Egremont Labour Party Branch for inviting me to speak to you this week. Was great to see so many of you there and to hear your views. Was also fantastic to chat politics and ideas in a relaxed comradely inclusive atmosphere. Our members are gold dust. Let's keep giving them opportunities to voice their opinions and be involved.

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I have written to Theresa May in response to last night’s legally questionable air strikes on Syria.

Parliament should have been consulted and voted on the The UK Prime Minister is accountable to Parliament, not to the whims of a US President.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have already been killed and millions displaced. The Government must take a diplomatic lead to negotiate a ceasefire in the conflict.

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It is not just free school meals and the West Cumberland Hospital that are being impacted by the ideologically driven austerity that this Conservative government and our Tory MP Trudy Harrison are pursing. Police budgets have also been severely cut. You cannot protect Copeland on the cheap. A Labour government would put people's safety first.

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What connects failing prisons, the crisis in probation, the NHS in turmoil, cuts to education, and the concurrent deaths in London? The answer is this Tory Government. My article for Huffington Post UK.

Failing prisons, crisis in probation, the NHS in turmoil, cuts to education, austerity - all roads lead back to this Tory government

Despite the good intentions of the Mayor, the issue of recycling bins and bin lids has become problematic for local people.

In this video, Labour Party candidate for Copeland at the next General Election, Tony Lywood, responds to the Mayor's initiative to give local residents recycling bins without lids. This Mayoral decision was taken despite opposition from Copeland Borough Labour Councillors at the time.

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Hard-working Labour Borough Councillors Tom Higgins and Linda Jones-Bulman (who were against the Mayor's initiative to deliver lid-less bins to residents) were out today in Cleator Moor and Egremont to sympathise with, and listen to the concerns of, local Copeland residents.

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Bin lid problems in Copeland.

Copeland Mayor Mike Starkie recently decided that recycling bins should be given to residents without lids! The problem with this is that a bin without a lid, is only half a bin, and Copeland residents demanded their bin lids.

The solution? Mayor Starkie decided that rather than simply delivering residents their bin lids, he would charge Copeland resident for the lids. This did not go down well and after an outcry a U turn was made. The lids wer...e to be given out free at events marketed as "Recycling Roadshows". However, as these photos from Cleator Moor and Egremont today show, the reality of these events is an unnecessary hour-long wait for a bin lid - given out by hard-working borough council staff - and a lot of frustrated and annoyed residents.

Despite the good intentions of the Mayor, these decisions have been rather problematic for local people.

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Had a great day yesterday on the Pelican of London in Whitehaven with Leah Rogers and the boatswain Will Makepeace who crew and live on the sailing ship. Advent...ure Under Sail seems an amazing organisation which allows many to experience sailing on a tall ship!!!
Such attractions are to be encouraged to attract some of the 18m people a year that visit the Lake District National Park to Whitehaven. While we were there a group of Chinese tourists it’s working!

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As the newly elected Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland I cannot let pass Mrs Harrison's call in Parliament for a 24/7 consultant led maternity provision to be secured at the West Cumberland Hospital. Mrs May's response was full of warm words but gave no commitment to secure the consultant led maternity unit.

At first this seems like a spirited community MP standing up for her local area. However, it is nothing of the sort.

Mrs Harrison's pleadings to the PM Theres...a May are like Oliver Twist with an empty bowl asking for 'MORE!' except that in this case Oliver and the master are on the same side. They are both Tory MPs and are members of the same Conservative political party and both are part of the ruling administration of this country.

She is not some independent agent acting for the benefit of the locality. No, she is the Conservative MP for Copeland!

If Mrs Harrison really wants to try to effect change at the West Cumberland Hospital for the better she might want to ask the question why Theresa May's government has consistently underfunded the health service every year it has been in office. This is the real reason why people fear that their maternity services will be reduced and cut.

The Conservative Party is not to be trusted with the NHS.

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We Own It

Why do we think public services like our NHS and railways belong in public ownership? Here are 3 reasons.

Why has the Conservative Party, of which our MP Trudy Harrison is a member, underfunded the NHS for every single year that it has been in power? PLEASE SHARE WIDELY.

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Trudy Harrison chose to stand as a Conservative at the last general election, not an independent. It is her party, the Conservative Party, that is in government today and is woefully underfunding our health service. The fact of the matter is, both Trudy Harrison and her party are responsible for the situation at West Cumberland Hospital. Until the Conservative Party decides to end its ideological attacks on the NHS and fund our health services properly these problems will continue.…/MP-calls-on-Prime-Minister-t…

Trudy Harrison raises issue with Theresa May in House of Commons

A reinvigorated re-energised Copeland Labour Party is emerging. Since 2015 our membership has increased by over 200%. While the Conservative membership figures are too embarrassing to even release. Change is coming to Copeland. Join us. #ForTheMany 💪💪💪…/Copeland-needs-government-i…

Would-be Labour MP says area cannot rely on market forces
Tony Lywood for Copeland updated their cover photo.
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The selection meeting at Cleator Moor.

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