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Farid Azfar
· November 26, 2017
It was toooooooo salty!!!!dont know what type of salt they used..done eating around 7pm but i still can taste the salty of the steak in my mouth till now..order 2 ribeye, medium for mme & welldone for... my was overcooked for me & for wifey it was undercooked..both of the steaks is more to medium well,not medium & welldone..for the price of rm50 each,its really not worth!! can have way much better steaks at Me'nate not far from that place..for others,just go straight a few miles ahead to Me'nate & u can have a better meals than this place..the first & the last here! See More
Ain Ahmad
· September 26, 2017
The food was good before but now i find it a bit off and so-so. Had lamb chop, mixed platter and fettucine cabonara. Lamb chop and mixed platter was ok, but cabonara we asked it to be sent back to kit...chen for alteration. It tasted damn plain. Tbh, i think this restaurant kinda lost effort to deco its interior to be presentable and less dull. No music at all and kinda stuffy inside. The stand fans are so dirty like it hasnt been cleaned for ages. I came using eatigo 50% else i dont find it worth the money. Anyway, there is always room for improvement and will continue to support you guys. See More
Nur Azrin Daud
· August 14, 2017
My personal opinion is the chicken grilled chop was sour and the taste wasn't balance, plus the price is too high. Hope you can improve.
Hanz Muhamad
· September 5, 2017
It was a pleasure being here. Was looking for new dining environment and here I am. Nice ambient, friendly staffs and of course they present you a pile of great food at affordable prices.
I’ll definit...ely come back to Toowoomba!

-a happy customer-
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Athirah Mazlan
· December 28, 2017
The foods are great.I like the ambience. Will definitely come again next time. :)

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Steak, steak, steak! Grass-fed, grain-fed, striploin, ribeye! 100% Australian meat! Mai Toowoomba bawak famili makan steak!
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Happy Deepavali. 😊 Hari cuti jom makan malam di Toowoomba Deli & Meats 😀
Scrumptious and soft grilled chicken to lift your mood sounds good especially on a Monday right? 😋😋 Come and have supper at Toowoomba! 😁
Not sure what to have for lunch? Eat with your friends and share! It's more fun that way 😋 If going out is more hassle than enjoyable, Foodpanda us! Our food will be delivered to you 😉

Makan, makan, makan! Hari ahad kita bawak family makan, makan, makan!

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Hujan-hujan pekena dim sum panas. Memang terbaik!

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Mai la layan Toowoomba Meatballs dengan gravy black pepper. Perghh. 😉

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Cuti-cuti sekolah ni pegi mana pon jam. Malas nak keluar tapi nak makan Lamb Chop Toowoomba boleh order kat

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Toowoomba Deli & Meats

Suweet2 kat Toowoomba Deli & Meats 😍😍 awww.. steady bang. 😎 jom belanja partner makan lambchop.

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Haapy birthday. 😍😍 jom celebrate di Toowoomba Deli & Meats!

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Live now. 😁 come and join them at Toowoomba Deli & Meats. Have a great family dinner here.

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Aedy Ashraf ajak famili makan sini. Thanks bro jom Toowoomba Deli & Meats ?😗

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Datang @toowoomba boleh borak panjang sambil layan best lamb chop! Thank you guys. 😎😎

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Thank you guys for choosing Toowoomba Deli & Meats 😗😍

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Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor

Terima kasih kerana memilih Toowoomba Deli & Meats. 😎😎 yang lain? Jom lah dinner sini malam ni.

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Wcwaniey Honey added 3 new photos — with Andy at Toowoomba Deli & Meats.

Sedap mkn sini..puas hati👏🏻

Jom rasai kenikmatan steak di Toowoomba Deli & Meats. Pasti puas hati 👍👍

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Ayah ibu makan steak Toowoomba Deli & Meats anak-anak pun boleh join. 😊😊 jom!

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Image may contain: food
Image may contain: food

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