Pinhead's Top 50 Bad EDH Cards!
The video that was promised. :)
EDH Card Review For Dragon's Maze Day 9-10

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! cEDH players don't neglect your fellow players try to gift them a cEDH staple. If not that's OK because we've got a new tier list for everyone!! Of course there's snow everywhere and it's still pretty cold out there soooo I thought a nice winter-Christmas look would spice up the new Tier List photo. As a temporary change the new photo includes most of the format's best combos, and win conditions. This is the end of the year update to the...

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The EDH Rules Committee has announced that Silver Bordered cards are now legal for use in Commander until January 15th 2018.

The cEDH Multiplayer Reddit community has already made clear their stance on the matter officially. Since this is only going to be a temporary change many in cEDH Multiplayer won't play with the silver bordered cards.


For those taking EDH seriously Top Commander also advises that you don't take silver bordered cards too seriously since they'll become banned again on January 15th 2018. However no one is telling you that you can't have some fun though, and some people have created very powerful decks already. Your local play groups might also have tournaments with the Silver Bordered cards as well.

• Competitive games will be assumed to not use silver-border cards by default.

• Have a conversation with the players in your game about silver bordered cards before the game.

• Silver Bordered Commanders/Cards will NOT be included in the upcoming cEDH Multiplayer Winter Tier List update.

In conclusion I can't help but comment on how the artwork of Necro-Impotence sums up how I feel about this.

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We've officially reached the 3,000 like milestone for Top Commanders! Did you know that Top Commanders was the first Facebook Page created for Competitive Multiplayer EDH?! Top Commanders was founded on June 8, 2012. I'd like to thank everyone for helping Top Commanders continue to push Competitive Multiplayer EDH! Thanks to the page and it's many followers we've helped the format reach new heights. We've seen the rise of many other outlets for Competitive Multiplayer EDH. Th...e creation of more competitive EDH cards and more powerful commanders, Commander Side Events, Online Multiplayer Tournaments, YouTube Channels geared specifically for cEDH Multiplayer, other Facebook Pages, and more.

So I have cool stuff to share with folks, JimWolfie of cEDH Reddit is hosting Competitive Multiplayer EDH tournaments on the weekends every week. (Yes! Weekend cEDH MP tourneys!) You're more than welcome to join his tournaments, be sure you get an account, and create an account on their Discord server as well.…/multiplayer_commander_tournament_…/ Also cEDH Reddit is a great place to talk about cEDH, discuss decks, and more!

Other awesome news is that I'm still working on my website and it should be done within the next 2 weeks give or take. Big things to come! It's a big thing I've been investing time in.

Also if you like to watch cEDH Gameplay or even listen about cEDH you should check out the "Lab Maniacs" their YouTube channel: consists of some of the very best cEDH Players from cEDH Reddit. I really like what they've done on YouTube! They're a real hit on YouTube and if you love cEDH Multiplayer consider watching them sometimes!

There will also be a updated November Tier List!

Finally, it's never too late to join cEDH Multiplayer! There is still many more MTG players who don't play EDH, MTG players who only play casual EDH and they're all missing out on a good thing! So anyways here's to our 3,000 like milestone, and let's keep going!

- Paramount (Founder)

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Top Commanders - Competitive Multiplayer EDH's photo.
Top Commanders - Competitive Multiplayer EDH
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No Wizards, I'm not freaking dead!

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So immediately after getting top 16 in my first cEDH multi-player Reddit tournament, and almost making the finals I was banned from the cEDH discord for 3 months. During this time I shutdown my website that I had setup for professional competitive EDH deck techs that were created and sold to a handful of lucky people. It was an unpopular idea, despite the high rate of success, it was too much work, the endless hours of gold-fishing, entire nights online testing, coming up wit...h new ideas, and weeks spent cutting cards. I only put 10% of effort into it and quickly started to see it would be a very unpopular idea so I never went 100% with it. The deck tech website has tainted my reputation as an cEDH player and I ended what had lasted almost 2 and half years. In the past I used to freely give out my concepts, designs, and decks. I also shutdown the Competitive EDH Rules Committee (CEDHRC), as it really was going nowhere. It even caused trouble between the competitive and casual communities of EDH which I was to blame for most of that despite that I had good intentions. Additionally, Top Commander's YouTube Channel while it started out good, it quickly started to get overwhelming without a lack of help I couldn't see the long term potential. In conclusion I'm working to improve my image in the eyes of the community again. I'm also not sure I will return to cEDH Discord yet either. I plan to start doing primers again, the facebook page will remain, and I have a new project in the works that hopefully will be better received by the community.



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Yes I know, it did take awhile to make a post! In fact I'm relieved to be able to make this post and cut some off my to-do list. More about that in another post where I update everyone about my absence. In the meantime enjoy the reviews on the following 3 sets. Of course I keep out reprints, and cards not worthy of reviewing. Cutting down on the visual aspects of the reviews to help save time. If you don't already know what the cards reviewed do then be sure to learn those ca...rds and get familiar with them. I would like to assume that you joined this page because you take multiplayer EDH seriously and already looked over every new card carefully to see if it's "competitively viable". 🙄 Finally, both Hours of Devastation and Commander 2017 will be coming out later just as soon as possible.

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Competitive Multiplayer EDH

So after the cEDH reddit tournament completed, and the new banned list came out we had everything we needed to sum up a new Tier List for competitive multiplayer EDH. I've removed descriptions to keep the tier list as clean as possible because I wanted to post decklists with each Commander. I'm still going to keep the obsolete list in a text file even though its not updated. Also there is going to be a bra...

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Congrats to Leptys207 for winning the 5th Competitive Multiplayer EDH Reddit Tournament! A three month long multiplayer EDH tournament!

Click the link to see the Top 16 and their respective decklists:

Hey everyone, After what felt like an eternity and a half, the r/competitiveEDH Tournament is over – we finally have a winner! Without further...

So I've got a lot to talk about in this post! So I've been gone for quite sometime, and It was quite some journey as well.

First of all I played in a 3 month long online EDH tournament, in where I made it to the Semi-Finals (Top 16) after many weeks. I actually missed the finals by a hair due to a bad decision as it came down to choosing between 2 cards, and I basically chose the wrong one. I didn't spend enough time thinking about whether I was gonna get the card I needed o...

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Top Commanders - Competitive Multiplayer EDH was celebrating another birthday.

February 4th is Paramount_Elite's birthday wish him happy birthday . To celebrate this day TC is posting about cEDH reddit's 5th Online EDH Tournament. The Spring Competitive Multiplayer EDH Tournament being hosted by Coinman1863 of cEDH Reddit. This is only the 2nd Vancouver EDH tournament held by cEDH reddit.

The deadline is Feb 13th so be sure to sign up!

To sign up you have two options:


A). Register an account at cEDH Reddit, and message Coinman1863.

B). Register an account for Discord and join the cEDH Discord Channel and message Coinman1863.…/announcing_rcompetitiveedhs_fift…/…

Paramount (Founder of Top Commanders Facebook Page, and Owner of Top Commanders LLC.)

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January 1st, 2017 is Glix's Birthday and Top Commanders is paying tribute to this important MTG player who has done great things for Competitive EDH. Glix played in last years Vintage World Championships and is one of the best Vintage players in the world. He's also one of the best deckbuilders in the world for Competitive EDH as well. He's helped discover many of the best win conditions, combos, and strategies for commander decks over the years. Glix is most well remembered for making a extremely competitive Derevi deck that created a whole new archetype in EDH called "Prison". It was the first time this strategy has ever been fully completed. Happy Birthday to Glix!

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With the new rules changes to EDH the Vancouver Mulligan has severely changed the EDH Multiplayer format. The game, the way decks are built and how decks play now has also
changed a lot too. We've come a long way from the first Tier List for Competitive Multiplayer EDH, and listed Hermit Druid as the top deck followed by a dozen commanders. It didn't catch
on fast, and most people were not interested in competitive multiplayer EDH or a tier list for it either. A year later ...

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Top Commander's Kaladesh Competitive EDH Set Review: Come check out the staples and have a look at all the good cards the set had to offer. In the meantime I'm gonna be working on Commander 2016 and the NEW Vancouver Tier List for Competitive Multiplayer EDH I am hoping to release the new tier list on Halloween because it'll be a frightening experience!

Link for Kaladesh Competitive Multiplayer EDH Set Review:…/EDH%20Review%20-%20Kaladesh.doc…

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I am sure you guys are brewing Commander 2016 decks and I know I am! The set has been a total blast! Anyways I'm gonna release a overdue set review for Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown and soon as possible Kaladesh and Commander 2016. It's gonna be short and straight to point literally. No fancy appearance or professionally made pictures by a paid graphics artist. While that stuff is nice, I can't always afford it, get it done, or have time for it. Link below.…/EDH%20Review%20-%20Conspiracy%202…

Paramount (Top Commanders)

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So after reading about the article by Razzliox I decided to write my own in response and list my opinions as well. I'm going to go over some important aspects of competitive multiplayer EDH today: The dominance and popularity of Storm combo, fast combo decks, the banned list, and how to tackle the problem without banning cards such as Ad Nauseam from the game. Now where did Jeleva Grixis Storm come from? This is a deck that came from a Legacy/Duel Commander player that design...

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