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  • I am a casual gamer, guitar player, father, Martial Artist, and member of a wonderful family.

    Mythology (English)


    Please note that this
    is an “idea” translation of “Mitologia.”
    Poetic language and the transition of the wording doesn’t always transliterate
    the idea that is intended to express, therefore this is a translation of idea
    not wording.


    Such now I recall your eyes
    But when I see them they take over
    Such now I discover your hair
    That like networks on water they slide

    I believe I’m living on illusion
    I do not know if for you or your smile
    I believe I’m a little unwise
    And at fault is your figure that is breeze

    And your short sight
    Is wild grass
    And your sight on me
    Is a great abyss that ends on you

    You lips are free like the skin itself
    Mine are like an insufficient feeling
    Your free lips playing on my dreams
    And, I believe, I’m falling in love little by little

    To think of you is the twilight of the past
    Is to add a ghost to the darkness of my night
    To think of you is to give a little light to the unknown
    And turning into illusion which with the dawn is waste

    Luis Torres.

    Translation of Mitología

    Translated by Luis Torres.

    Taken from Ciclos
    by Luis Torres.

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Favorite Quotes
  • "Who forgets it's past for good of bad is in danger to repeat it" -Luis Torres.