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There are so many wonderful things about every human. There are so many beautiful things about you reading this. Click on the link to know '18 Things about you' on!

​Like my favourite noodle company would put it ‘you like no other’ and some Africans would say ‘after you na you’. You are different, special and unique in your own way. Yes you have flaws but you’re still fabulous. Don’t let anyone or anything make you believe that you’re nothing and you’re empty i...

From the Amazing Dr. Talle Davidson!!!
Wow wow wow!
You need to listen to this!!!

Talle Davidson Amedu shared live audio.


By - Edidiong Imeh 👇👇

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As humans and as people who want to get the best out of life, there are some things we must do and not stay away from. Most of us know these things but we deliberately avoid them and end up asking ourselves questions like "why do things never work for me? Why does everyone think I am stupid? Why can't I be loved"... and the list keeps getting longer. There are just some things you need to start doing if you've never done them, it's not too late to start now, if you once did t...

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Holla August! Holla my month of shining light! The word for the month during the communion service yesterday reminded me that I’m ‘light’ it’s my duty to shine and I can’t be in the dark – quiet. It’s been a… Continue Reading →

Holla everyone!
I'm back with '18 Tions you should never shun'
Another part of the 'project 18'
Click on the Link to know the 18 Tions you should never shun.
This would help you at school, work, home, church and all aspects of your life. ...
Click, read and share!
Much love!

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As humans and as people who want to get the best out of life, there are some things we must do and not stay away from. Most of us know these things but we deliberately avoid them and end up asking ourselves questions like “why do things never work for me? Why does everyone think I am stupid? Why can...
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Holla August!
Holla my month of shining light!
The word for the month during the communion service yesterday reminded me that I'm 'light' it's my duty to shine and I can't be in the dark - quiet.
It's been a long time and it's really amazing to know that there were a lot of forces that kept dragging me to this place even when I wanted to do something else.
What I've learnt from the past month is that if you don't Fuel Your Passion, Your Passion Would Fool You. Fool you? Yes...! (Dm me to know how)
Well... Life had it's big grips on me and I wanna apologize from the depth of my heart to all those that kept waiting on the remaining parts of the project 18 and were kept in the dark. A whole lot happened and I promise there'd be a 'come back'
Big big 'Thanks' to all those that were involved in the first part of project 18, those that followed the posts, those that kept asking for more, those that stood by me - To 'My Real G', My Father and my Lover- God I love you and I promise to keep making you proud, To Mercy Nelson, Gift and Peace, ...thanks for being great sources of inspiration, to Talle Davidson Amedu, thanks for supporting, to Amiso Joy... Thanks for unknowingly being part of those forces that kept dragging me back to this, to my other amazing friends and wellwishers... I love and appreciate all of you.
I'd be back with the rest! Anticipate!
Don't fail to visit!
Much Looooooooveee!!!!

And here's... One of my favourite pictures from the shoot with Rapidfotos by Kyng David . More coming!
Muah Muah!

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A big Thank you to everyone that made June 13 beautiful.
Thanks for the calls, the texts, the gifts.
I love you all so much!!

To my Father and love of my life - The Almighty God, thank you for life, for making me stand out, for the visions, for my purpose on earth which you've shown me and enabled me to work towards achieving, for all the good things you've given to me, I love you so much - The love is unbreakable


To my sisters Emem Imeh and Gift Effiong , thanks for making that day beautiful for me. You both are the best on earth. To my mum, thanks for those words that cheered me up when I wasn't in the 'birthday spirit'

To Talle Davidson Amedu , thanks for the finger licking gift. Much much much appreciated!!!
To my Project, I'm coming for you
Everything would be published before 31st June
-Life won't get in the way again

To all my friends that used to call me 'little' - hope y'all know I'm grown now?
I've learnt so much from the past years and I'm making the most of this year... Writing, blogging, poetry, spoken words, motivating, inspiring, giving... And in all- living my dreams, achieving my purpose and making the world a better place
Y'all get ready...

Well... I delayed in making this post 'cause I thought I'd be able to take a picture but... Nahh...
The cakes would do (Sorry it was 'posed to be 'Didi Walker 😊)...

Thanks a ton!!
Much Love!
Kisses from Heaven!

Ig: Totallyedidiong
Fb Page: Totallyedidiong


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Lol, Yes I'm a 'Juneist' (yes there's a word like that now 😝) Proudly - June 13
I decided to take a day-off from my Project Publishing to remind all the 'June-birthed-persons' that they are all great people...don't dim your light, keep shining - The stars are with you on this

God bless y'all!
Much Love! ...
Kisses from heaven!

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Project '18' - Day '2'
'18 Positive habits'
Trying to erase negative habits?
Want to know positive habits that would change your life?
Click on the link to read!...
God Bless you!

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definition of the word ‘habit’ according to – ‘An acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary ‘

Yaaaay!!! I got my first birthday gift!!!
And the best ever!!!
Well... Still on the project
Project '18' - Day '2'...
'The A-Z of winning '
Click to know how to win everyday, everytime and in everything!

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If  there’s anything I’ve always wanted, still want and would always want – it’s to keep winning. I want to keep winning everyday of my life on earth and I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want the same.

Yaaaay!!! I got my first birthday gift and best ever!!! 😄
Someone did this for me😅
Personal Domain
From to
The wordpress site can still be accessed though!


So much Joy!!!
So much Love!!!

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It's Day 2 of 'Project 18' !!!
Mondays come with a whole lot of things!
Get up and have a happy Monday that's stress-free
Let these MQs Guide you! ...
Please click on the link - Read and share
God bless you!

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Hello everyone! It’s Motivation-Monday So I’m publishing ’18 motivational quotes’ for Day 2 of the project. We all need ‘Monday Motivation’ Most people usually g…

Happy Sunday Beautiful people!!!
Project Day 1 !!!
I decided to begin on the First Day of The week - This very lovely Sunday
Since it's a Sunday, I also decided to publish '18 ways to live a Godly life' first!
You love God, yes you do! You want to continue living as a Godly person, Yes! You want to read this, Yes! ...
Click on the link to read! Thanks!!
Much Love from Heaven!! Kisses from Heaven!!
Muah! Muah!

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Finally It's out- The list of the things I want to do before 13th June.
The publishing is a bit late 'cause I had to be sure of everything - though I'm still in the process.
Yes I'm turning 18
18 but Mentally ten years ahead and older
So... The 'Minor' tag would finally be removed. I'd finally get my Passport after 3 weeks of delay - Sitting, queuing,worrying,not eating, vexing and feeling the sun throw stunts on my skin 'cause of the minor issue! ...
I'd have a proper bank account! So close to getting out of the 'teen' age and finally be able to publicly speak to teenagers without them saying I'm too 'teeny' (like I'm in their age grade and I lack experience to motivate them 😑 even though I still go ahead and have them end up questioning my age (all glory to God) ) I'd also be able to participate in the writing competition I've been looking forward to and a whole lot more!!!

So... The army of three (I, Jesus and God ) decided that I'd do these 18 things before my 18th birthday to inspire, enlighten,motivate and bless you... Plus, there'd be a major one as the topping (won't be aired until one fine day in june)

Sorry the picture looks a bit blurry here, I dunno why though...and the list was arranged in no particular order. (Numbers 11 and 12, the word is -> A-Z )

I decided to take my mind off being the one to receive this year and I decided to focus more on giving - Time, energy, knowledge...and every possible thing I can give from within.

All I ask for my birthday is your support... - Like, comment, appreciate,share the posts - the ones that appeal to you and the ones you feel would help someone within your reach.

Every thing I've pre-written - the titles, the contents, the purpose were all inspirations from the Spirit and not just from my reservoir of knowledge - even the communications with people were directions from the Spirit.

"Each gives what each has to give"
I can't promise to give everyone a share of my birthday cake (if there's gonna be any)
Or to throw a party and send IVs to y'all...But I'm promising to give what I have. I hope the words would make sense to you. I hope they'd motivate you to do something. I hope they'd inspire you.

Please Support the 'Project 18' in any possible way you can. Do this for the world, do this for you, do this for me.

Thank you!!

Much love

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Once, I sat next to a girl somewhere and with tears in her eyes she said to me “I don’t know why everyone around me is better than I am” I just smiled lowly and said ‘ It’s ’cause you think so’ few minutes later, She said again ‘ I think I should stay on my own, I don’t need friends ‘ and I told her ‘you need people around you’ I didn’t say so much because of where we were at that time, not until she said ‘ I think I’d start wearing make up, I’d make my hair, look for money ...

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Once, I sat next to a girl somewhere and with tears in her eyes she said to me “I don’t know why everyone around me is better than I am” I just smiled lowly and said ” It&#8…

This is one of the write-ups I love
I felt so much relief and there was great joy in my heart after sharing this post in the Writing community
It's definitely how I felt. I felt I had so much to give but too few people to receive. My biggest challenge was how to find the right place at the right time and the right people as well. It made my head ache so much and I was drowning in fear that I was wasting time by keeping quiet and allowing my visions lay low.
Like... I say to... myself
"I want to be a creative writer, spoken Word artist, poet, motivational speaker, humanitarian - I want to help those kids on the street know their God-given purpose and walk towards accomplishing them, be in the fashion industry - 'cause I love designing and crafts, I want to train my voice - to minister to people, dance because I love to, make-up artistry, Hair dressing" All these and lots more, I was so confused because I have the ability to do all of these, yes I do them and I'm passion-driven but I didn't know how to do all these all by myself... I mean this is not even all and the issue is my heart gets troubled each time I think of letting anyone go because I remember the Parable that's in that line.

I asked the HolySpirit To Help me because I didn't bless myself with all these, God did.
And then.... He opened my eyes to my purpose on earth but that's a post for another day.
We all have a purpose on earth and we would achieve them through our God-given talents and gifts. Nothing should limit you - What people would say, time or money. God that has blessed you would provide for you and create massive opportunities for you.
Just get ready, be prepared. Don't let anybody tell you that 'you can't' - that's a lie. If you have a dream, work towards it.

Those people that talked you down, the ones that refused to help you, the times you were neglected, the times you felt lonely because all you friends deserted you 'cause they felt you got too serious and "serious is boring', the time you didn't get that job because it would've contradicted your purpose on earth, the time you fell and had to painfully dust yourself up , the time you felt embarrassed because you were pleading to be part of a Musical show to minister to the world but they felt you weren't good enough, the time your friends got the job before you 'cause you didn't have money to go for the interview on time but they had cars, the time they refused your proposal because they felt you had no recommendation from the well-known people in the society, the nights when all you could do was cry...
Shake them off, they would be part of your testimonies and they would cause you to give hope to millions who feel that challenges only come to 'break us'
You were made to soar.
Put God first. If you've not discovered your purpose, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, get closer to him and He will reveal it to you.
Live a purpose-driven life.
God loves you and the world is waiting to receive you.

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