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Robert Brock
· March 6, 2018
A nice place to live or visit. Close to Lake Murray and Columbia and nice people. The biggest issues involve traffic and congestion. The city seems overwhelmed by the amount of people moving in. Const...ruction projects such as the work on Main Street in front of Libby's and Top Dog's ( 2 of my favorite restaurants ) seem to last forever but the city is supposed to be putting plans in place to deal with traffic issues. See More
Ina Hade
· October 13, 2017
Please don't add traffic circles. Traffic is awful as it is and everyone feels entitled to run red lights and cut you off, ride your behind and everything else. It will be dangerous. Almost as as 6 going thru Red Bank towards Pelion. Always someone being rear ended out there. 3 car pile ups seem to be a weekly occurrence. You could cut in town traffic in half if there were an exit on the other end somewhere. It shouldn't take 30+ minutes to drive 10 miles. See More
AmyandMark Major Eberflus
· December 9, 2017
When you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all
John Adams
· June 20, 2016
Moved here 12 years ago, found the people to be outstanding very nice and go the extra, I get complants about the amount of police well here is, we have a court house for Lexington co. This means w...e have our local lex.police and lex. Sheriff and the state police and transportation police not to mention sled, Ok there it is in a nut shell. If you don't like the law don't come to Lexington. For the rest of us Thank You For the work for do 24/7 and GOD BLESS our folks in blue See More
Loretta Fouche Smith Gobbel
· May 30, 2017
6/19/17 An update to my previous post below: Since writing and submitting my post on The Town Of Lexington not flying American Flags on Memorial Day, I would like to write an update. As of Friday last... week, beautiful American flags have been placed on each lamppost on the main block of Main Street. They are lovely. I imagine they will be there though the summer for July 4th and Veterans Day. I would like to thank the Town of Lexington for reading and addressing my post, and those that commented as well. While some may not notice our beautiful American flags flying on Main St, rest assured that many of us do. We have a great town and county, of that I am sure. I will be changing my previous rating to 5 stars. Thank you so much, and my God continue to bless America. Thank you. I am not a writer, but sometimes I just have to get things out of my head and on paper. Especially something I am passionate about. I hope I can get this to goes. The Knock at the Door
I am a Blue Star Mother. I am a mother of a child serving our country, like so many mothers from years before, and years into the future. And as a Blue Star Mother, I do what I can to support our troops from home base. You can imagine how I must have felt when I heard that my home town, for whatever reason, decided not to put flags on Main Street for Memorial Day when it was suggested at a Town Council meeting. My town happens to be in the southeastern part of the United States, in the frequently misunderstood state of South Carolina, and a town in the center of the state called Lexington. I love my town and my state.
In the War on Terror alone we have sacrificed no less than five servicemen. That’s a high number for such a town like ours. But you have to understand Lexington. We are a close knit Christian community. Our church parking lots are filled on Sunday and our high school games are packed. We raise Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Our children are taught that they are to grow up and be productive citizens in society and to give back. We are a patriotic community, like so many across the United States. We join hands across this country with other small towns just like us, and we are what makes American strong.
I have attended military balls with flashy uniforms, linen tablecloths, and fabulous food. I have given awards to Jr ROTC students, citizens and veterans for outstanding merit awards that support our military. I have packed Girl Scout Cookies, Christmas boxes, and care packages filled with goodies and letters from children and our community with prayers of safety and thanks for protecting our country. I have done everything that I can without carrying a rifle and marching in line. But for most Blue Star Mothers, we would do even that if we thought it would protect our children.
Protect our children…. I can’t say it enough. Those are difficult words when our children are out protecting our country. They are putting their lives on the line for whatever reason. Some start out doing it for college funding, others because they aren’t sure of a career and the military offers to give them something until they make up their minds, and some just know that they are called to be in the military. But eventually, they all come to do it because they realize that they love their country. It starts to set in that home, mom and dad, the soil that they stand on, or the family Bible that contains generations listed before them, that it all means something.
As we have protected our children, they soon step up to protect us. The irony is too much sometimes. Once, a Blue Star Mother confided in me that the reason she is so active in our volunteer activities is because she thinks that maybe if she does a lot of good things and gives back to military families, that God will take care of her son in Afghanistan. She knows that’s not the way it works. She knows that God doesn’t make deals. But, it keeps her going. And when you have a child deployed in a war zone, you play whatever head game you can to get you through it.
The day that we received a call that a mother needed us because her son was killed along with another Guardsman from our community is still a vivid memory. The Blue Star Mother coordinator of our local chapter called and asked if I would join a small group of mothers that were going to the home of this Guardsman. We had never been asked to do anything like this before. We were scared and unsure if we were the right ones for the job. Without saying anything to each other, we all knew that it could have been our own child. We could have been the one receiving the knock at the door.
As we arrived at the rural home we noticed there was not a wreath on the door yet, and another mother vowed to make sure that was taken care of immediately. We stood there, shaken, but confident that we were there to sit with this mother for nothing else except to offer a ministry of presence. While we had not lost children in this war; who else was even close to understanding what she was going through? We sat in the small living room with a family member, and shared small talk, waiting. Waiting, on the mother to open her bedroom door and come out. We were waiting for the sobbing to stop, but it didn’t. We were waiting to wrap our arms around her and help her stand once the door unlocked and opened, but it didn’t. It never opened while we were there. Had I been on her side of that door, and had I been in her place sitting on that bed, or that floor, or on my knees, I would have been thinking, “If I just keep the world out, if I just don’t walk out, if I just keep that door locked, then it will be ok. Nothing will have changed. Everything will be the same, and my boy will still be alive. Please Lord, make it so! Lord, please tell me it was a mistake! Please make him alive!”
But, that isn’t the way life works sometimes.
Finally, it was time to leave. We hugged tearful family members who thanked us for coming by. We assured them that we would be with them through the entire funeral. And that we would be there if they needed us, and we were. We were at the funeral home before anyone arrived. Before the service, we presented the mother with a large beautiful frame. It was a framed Gold Star. This mother was no longer a Blue Star mother. Her star had turned to Gold.
Blue Star Mothers and I have walked with other families to the cemeteries to put their children to rest. I have stood beside the funeral tent at the request of Gold Star Mothers. I have been close enough to see the flag folded and rested in the arms of a mother and wife while the soft words were spoken “On behalf of the President of the United States…” and that is all I can remember hearing. I block the rest out, intentionally.
I have stood in a visitation line for two hours to pay my respects the parents and a young wife with small children. The next day I stood on the street joining so many in my town as that young body was pulled by a horse drawn caisson to the church. I watched the family walk behind that casket, and again I thought had I been walking behind that casket, how would I have put one foot in front of the other? What would I be thinking, or would I be thinking at all?
My town has the right, for whatever reason, not to put flags on Main Street for Memorial Day. My son, and so many others are fighting and have fought, for that right. My town can put flags up, or not, but we have not forgotten. We remember. I may not be able to stop wars, or stop someone from dying in a war, but I can do something.
This story is my contribution to those servicemen and women on Memorial Day and those families…and those mothers… that received the knock at the door.
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Kathy Hendrix Bigham
· April 20, 2017
I would like to know where things stand concerning the possible Hope Ferry /Mineral Springs intersection . Dead ending a portion of Mineral Springs Road doesn't make much sense to me . I live on Min...eral Springs Road , and this really impacts my way of life here !! See More
Nickie Knauff
· April 8, 2017
Traffic is ridiculous because of the lights. And it's an easy fix, and oh yes people on their phone's at red lights and still on their phones when the light turns green. But that's everywhere.
Jamie Addy
· May 15, 2016
I would really love to see more police patrolling at School zones! People don't see the flashing lights or just don't care. I see parents letting there child out and then just haul ass through school Please do something before something happens to our children! This really makes me mad. Where are our town police in this time of need? Because they are not at our Schools in the mornings or afternoon!! Let's do something about this huge problem in our School zones! See More
Martin Streett
· July 1, 2016
For harassing a store owner for displaying American Flags for the Fourth of July, Sending your Barney Fife Police Chief to "discuss the issue", then lying about it, and having your second-rate mayor g...ive a load of crap response. I'd expect this in New York or California but Lexington, SC where they'll vote for anything with an (R) next to it? See More
Wayne Ball
· October 2, 2016
It used to be a great little town but now Lexington is nothing more than a bedroom community for Columbia. The "plans" for traffic are not going to work, too many bottlenecks, they want to send it thr...u old neighborhoods and school areas. Infrastructure is not kept up but....parks always having money spent on them. If I could talk my wife into it, I would move out. See More
James Giles
· September 10, 2015
Welcome to Taxington, SC. Taxed on the way in. Taxed on the way out. Be aware of tax on prepared food. Eat at one of the many places outside of the Town of Taxington.
Heather-Brian Hardy
April 5, 2013
The Town of Irmo is set to have an all local market on the first and third Saturday of each month. First day is May 4th and can't wait to be able to buy local handmade, homemade and homegrown goods. ...Way to go Brown Box Veggies and The Town of Irmo! See More
D.j. Jumper
· June 15, 2017
Every day I see more and more post about how horrible the traffic is in Lexington - Just when is the Town Council and Mayor going to do something about this?!?!?! You cannot move in this town! I keep ...seeing new businesses going up and more neighborhoods going up which is going to make it even more insane! WAKE THE F&*K UP! You ignoring the problem is making the problem even worse! I'm telling everyone I know - DO NOT MOVE TO LEXINGTON, SC - WE ARE FULL!!!! See More
Jo Marie Brown
· June 12, 2015
Thank you to the Town of Lexington for lending your beautiful facilities to the South Carolina Association of Governmental Purchasing Officials for yesterday's Minority and Small Business Reverse Trad...e Show. It was a great success!

A special THANK YOU to Jennifer Dowden for always responding quickly to emails and for making this event so easy to plan.
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Tricia Jeffcoat
· March 15, 2017
I love living in Lexington! The traffic is a little rough at certain times but overall it's a great place to live.
Happy Artists
· May 11, 2015
The Wine Walk was wonderful this year. We spread the word about our event and had a great time! So proud of our local police, they were there to help everyone with cabs and more.
Check out SCA Species Exhibit, unveiling this Friday at The Haven Coffeehouse on Main St. See what local artists are doing to create awareness about endangered species. See More
Lawrence Ray
· March 4, 2016
Is there any projection for when our traffic system investment will actually improve traffic flow? It almost seems that things are worse than ever.
CarolAnn BaileyLloyd
· May 13, 2016
How about we do something about the traffic jams by lexington middle school traffic lights???? Engineering needs to time lights better.
Absalex Andraart
· March 5, 2014
Celebrate International Women's Day 2014 Celebration - INSPIRING CHANGE Friday at 7:00pm at The Haven Coffee House 121 East Main Street, Lexington, South Carolina. Come see a great movie and view som...e really cool art by several women in the arts in SC. See More
Bob Majka
· March 2, 2016
Traffic, Traffic is what you get in The Town of Lexington! No relief in sight! a huge amount of political B.S.
LHS bringing the holiday spirit to today’s parade!
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