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Jerry Biesboer
· December 12, 2017
Okay I spend a lot of money in shops/restaurants and referring others to do the same in towns like Morrison... But not anymore as I was given a ticket for not making a complete by the book stop that o...nly cost me $135, but cost the commerce of Morrison $1,000's... as I will no longer go into Morrison or refer clients of mine to go to Morrison and spend another red-cent there. So business people of Morrison, take note that your town officials are hurting you. I have been driving for 43 years without a ticket or an accident... and I was told if I fought the ticket it was a waist of my time and resource as they have an agenda and are just a Podunk town that needs the money... 🚔 See More
Kurt Bair
· December 27, 2017
Echoing what others have written in earlier reviews, I need to add my voice:

Non-citizens of Morrison - please do not patronize the merchants of the town until the police department and the town gov...ernment stop running the traffic enforcement game to enrich the town coffers. Make people realize that their government is COSTING them and their local economy. Everyone I know despises the Morrison PD and by extension the city government. Keep going to Red Rocks, (owned by Denver) but boycott Morrison. Tell your friends!

Citizens of Morrison - Wake up, the backlash can only build until all you reap is the inconvenience of traffic and crowds but no benefits from the tourist economy. I love your town but I will not spend a dime in it until things change.
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Jaysa Garcia
· September 19, 2017
Recently I had gotten a speeding ticking in Morrison county. Being a single mom, I asked for a continuance to be able to get my fine paid in full. My continuance was set for September 13th 2017. I was... in Florida during that time visiting family but managed to get a flight out the 12th of September . Due to hurricane Irma which I got a front row seat to, my flight was delayed till the 13th of September.. I called the clerks office of Morrison county the 11th asking for a continuance. I got a phone call and email back from the clerk, Char, who was blatantly just rude. She had said Instead of purchasing a flight home (which I already paid for, my flight was just DELAYED) she said I should pay my fine with that money. She said would call me back and let me know what the judge says about my continuance request. I finally got a call back this morning September 19th... when I received the call, not knowing who it was, I hung up unexpectedly because my 5 month old daughter started rolling towards the edge of the bed. I figured if it was important they'd call back and leave a voice which they did. Then I received the most embarrassing and degrading voice mail I have ever heard from once again, Char.
(See voice mail attachment)
After hearing the voicemail I immediately called Char back to let her know I didn't find her voice mail to be very appropriate and I would like to speak to a supervisor, she then told me she would not take my fine up with collections and my continuance would be granted . Upon speaking to the supervisor she basically told me that I should not of hung up on Char (which wasn't intentional nor did I know who was calling) and that it was MY fault she was so out right nasty torwards me! I mentioned to her how embarrassing it was that the employees are deliberately nasty to the community and how degraded I felt. I mentioned it was never not my intention to not get my fine paid for, I asked if my fine could be waved because of this incident and she was even ruder than Char. I started to speak and she starts yelling saying she is the one speaking right now, and that I asked her a question and I need to be listening instead of talking. At this point I knew she was not here to listen to me but to back up Char. Nothing that her employee did mattered. Their nasty attitudes were disgusting. It's a shame they have such nasty employees working in such a beautiful town
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Bridget McIntosh Praytor
· June 5, 2017
On 6/5/17 I was pulled over by officer A. Dehry who made 3 of 5 kids in my mini van cry and harassed me. He pulled me over for not stopping making a left hand turn from a busy road (Rooney Rd) onto a... busy highway (highway 8) where you have to stop for safety reasons to see cars coming from a blind corner. Feel much better having reported this incident to the State General Attorney. #Morrison, #MorrisonPolice #MorrisonPoliceDepartment

Just for the record in the last 22 years before being harassed by officer A. Dehry I have not received a ticket, been in an at fault accident or have any criminal record.
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Dan Clark
· October 2, 2016
I've made several trips to Denver over the past few years and Morrison is my "go to" for things to do. Spend an afternoon shopping, grab a bite to eat or pregame a concert at one of the many available... restaurants. I always find a little treasure in one of the shops and so far someone has received a Christmas present from Morrison Street over the past few years. My favorite little town in the mountains. See More
Justin Walter
· February 8, 2018
The interim police chief they hired is a racist. He was suspend for using the term “nigger rig.” Talks down to minorities.
Michael Austell
· June 14, 2017
Beautiful place but the excessive greed of their police department makes me despise it! Have to travel c470 every morning for work and this is the only city that regularly runs a speed trap both direc...tions thus running traffic for no other reason than to collect revenue. If it weren't for red rocks I would boycott spending money on this city all together! See More
Josh White
· August 4, 2016
I exited Eastbound C-470 at Morrison Road this morning at approximately 1000 hours. I noted there was some construction at the end of the off ramp and a flagger holding a slow/stop sign. I waited an...d waited and waited some more through several light cycles with numerous other motorists. I soon realized that the flagger was not alternating traffic down what looked to be the one usable westbound lane. My fellow motorists and I waited for 25 minutes at a dead stop with no one being allowed through. There was no question that traffic had to have been backing up significantly onto C-470. Fortunately a motorist ahead of me, finally decided to turn right onto Morrison Road and made a u-turn to access the eastbound lanes. This allowed me to make the same maneuver. To my deep frustration I observed a Morrison Police Officer standing with to two construction workers beyond the cone patterns watching everything take place but not taking any action. There were multiple options that could have been perused. For example, place a flagger in the westbound lanes to the east of the intersection that can start and stop the flow of traffic in that direction and then alternate westbound and eastbound traffic down the one open lane. Or, cone off the left turn option at the off ramp and detour motorists to make a u-turn just west of the intersection putting them into the usable eastbound lanes. To do nothing to mitigate the situation and allow people to sit a wait for who knows how long is not reasonable. I have been in law enforcement for over 15 years, a big part of our job is to recognize a problem and take action to solve or mitigate the problem. You can do better Morrison PD. See More
Trapp Douglas
May 2, 2013
Andrew Hudson

So unfortunate. I worked all day yesterday to try and arrange for Barry Fey to be buried at the small Morrison Cemetery located at the South entrance of Red Rocks.

He wanted to be buried there and had worked over the years to secure a place in the cemetery. And according to many people involved, including the former Mayor of Morrison, about 15 years ago, they had worked out an agreement to do so.

However, no one can find the paper work for the agreement and the rules of the independent commission require anyone buried there to be a citizen of Morrison. The current Mayor even agreed to posthumously make Barry an 'honorary citizen' to help the commission overcome this hurdle. But yesterday the independent cemetery commission denied his burial there because he wasn't a citizen of Morrison.

What a shame. Morrison and its citizens have benefited so much from Barry's work in putting Red Rocks on the map. So much of their economy is derived from the concerts, the events and the visitors come there. It would have been so appropriate for his grave to have soaked up the tasty tunes floating from the Rocks.

I respect the rules, but in this case, it seems it would have been a no brainer.
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Mele Telitz
May 2, 2013
As tenacious as Barry Fey was about getting top performers to Colorado and creating magic at Red Rocks which brought in countless dollars to your town ... you would think the of Town of Morrison would... be just as tenacious in ensuring his wishes be honored at the Morrison cemetary – regardless of your lack of jurisdiction. Just as he fought and found a way, I encourage you to do they same. #formerMorrisonresident See More
Germaine O'Donnell
May 2, 2013
Please, allow the man who brought so many good things to the community of Morrison, to be placed at rest there; Red Rocks meant so much to him, and he brought so much to you there, you really do need allow Barry Fey to be near the place he held so fondly. See More
Jeff Sheets
· October 15, 2016
Cute town right outside of Red Rocks. The Cowboys had a great breakfast and the Morrison Inn is great for Mexican and drinks
Marianne Hauer Barbe Boston
May 2, 2013
Bury Barry in Morrison and honor his last request. Barry has done so much to bring the best music to the state. It is only right and befitting that he be buried in Morrison.
Mary Nolan Avery
May 2, 2013
I really think Barry should be laid to rest in the town which he would consider his second home. Barry Fey put Morrison Colorado on the map. He did so much for that town. Please I urge you to do th...e right thing. See More
Christina Micheli
· January 25, 2017
Cute little place to walk around, sure it will be nicer around spring
Paul Scheberle
May 2, 2013
Your communityshould be honored by Mr. Fey's wishes. He loved his fans. He is an American icon. Why? Because he not only brought great talent to Colorado and Red Rocks, but made his concerts affordabl...e to all. Barry Fey so deserves his wish. Do right by Barry. Regardless, Barry Fey adopted your town as his home. Thank you, Paul Scheberle See More
Monique Holtkamp
· August 15, 2016
A beautiful place to stop! We just happened upon it leaving Red Rocks.
Shelly Martinez
· September 20, 2016
Love this place !!
Had the best Monte Cristo there
Travis Smith
May 2, 2013
Morrison I find it appalling that you would even consider denying Barry Fey's dying wish to be buried in your city. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Earl Beam
· June 12, 2017
Love it! Nice small town atmosphere! And I love the restaurants!
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Musical line up for this year's Alley Fest Saturday, May 20th. With sound by White Mountain Productions. Don't miss it!
Elijah Always 11-11:45
Evans Home & The Restless One 12 - 1:30
Safe Under the Tree 2 -3:30
Matt Flaherty Band 4-6 ...
Flash Mountain Flood 6:30 - 8:30
Damon Woods Harmonious Junk 9- 10:30ish

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The draft Rooney Valley Master Plan is available on the Town’s website. Click on this link:

Comments are due by October 28th. The Rooney Valley Commission has a public hearing on the plan on November 3rd at 6 pm in the Lakewood City Council Chambers.
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Sat 10:00 AM MDTTown of Morrison, ColoradoMorrison, CO
106 people interested
The Horton House Bed & Breakfast in Morrison Colorado, was built in the 1870's. The house was owned and lived in by Lila Horton. Many guests have stayed there while visiting Morrison and have had the chance to experience the historic building in all it's beauty. This morning the historic and popu...

Please come to Morrison today to celebrate Small Business Saturday. Enjoy a meal and holiday shopping.

9 a.m. to Dusk
Bear Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Highway 8 and Summer Street


Cider press to make your own cider – till 4 pm (bring apples & empty liquid containers), food vendors, beer garden, hay & pony rides, live music, jumping castle, vintage car show, arts & craft vendors, book & bake sale, and much more.
Please bring your supper to the Nursing Home lawn on Friday night (9/27) from 5 to 9 and listen to the Town Band play. Beer Garden will be open!
Sponsors: Leonard Family, Peter Menges LLC, Café Prague, Morrison Carworks, Willy’s Wings, Red Rocks Country Club, Maja Stefansdottir Agency LLC, Morrison Holiday Bar, Bandimere Speedway, Go Cat Speedshop, Chambers Consulting, Town of Morrison, Morrison Liquors, Morrison Action Committee, Morrison Residents, Friends, and Musicians.

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The Town of Morrison has confirmed with the Office of Emergency Management that the Evergreen Dam is structurally sound. The Town of Morrison is not in danger of the dam breaking. If the siren goes off or you receive a reverse 911 call please act immediately and get to higher ground.

Currently all roads into Morrison are open. Highway 74 leaving Morrison and going towards Evergreen is closed. If you have questions or concerns please contact Morrison Police Department at 303-697-4810 or Morrison Town Offices at 303-697-8749.

The Town of Morrison Mayor and Board of Trustees will be holding a public meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:00 P.M. to hear input from the public regarding the proposed construction of a garage located behind the Town Office at 321 Highway 8, Morrison. If you have questions or would like to submit a comment please call 303-697-8749 or email

The Town of Morrison is deeply saddened by the passing of Barry Fey. Morrison has had many inquiries about allowing Fey to be buried in the cemetery. The Town has no jurisdiction over the cemetery and it is not located within the Town. The cemetery is governed by Morrison Cemetery Association.


FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2013
TWO SHOWINGS: 7:00 PM & 8:30 PM - FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2013
Popcorn, snacks and beverages are available for purchase
PLUS: Full Creole flavored menu for dinner, light supper or desserts


Jam Host: MORRISON TOWN BAND: Bring acoustic instruments,
learn a song or bring a song to teach.


Host: MORRISON QUILTING BEE – THE UFO'S: Quilts on display
by the UNFINISHED OBJECTS QUILT BEE. We'll be set up with
sewing machines and projects underway. Show and tell.
Coming Soon: Plans for a Red Solo Cup Area – in Morrison on July 13th 2013 - with HOT Rods, Car Culture displays and more. Organization meeting to be held soon for business owners &
interested residents. Contact: Kara Zabilansky, Town Clerk,
at 303-697-8749
Morrison Action Committee

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6:30 PM TO 11:30 PM - SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 2013

When the holidays are over and winter seems like it is going to go on forever, we call that feeling "CABIN FEVER". So we suggest you try the "CABIN FEVER DANCE" - as an antidote. This is an event to look forward to - guaranteed to erase those winter doldrums. It's fun; it's FREE (mostly) with people to talk to, music to make y...ou jump around and even make it OK to sing along. Donations accepted for the Morrison Action Committee (Ciderfest) and the Morrison Historical Society.

The Morrison Town Band consists of Steve Neal on flute, mandolin, guitar and harmonica, Chris LeGolvan (Morrison) - vocals and guitar, Gary Newsbaum (Conifer) on bass, Gus Chambers (Morrison) vocals, guitar and drums and vocals by Maja Stefansdottir and Jamee Chambers.
NO TICKETS, NO COVER, NO MINIMUMS: There is no charge to come and enjoy the music, presented by the Morrison Town Band. The festivities start early enough in the evening (6:30 pm) so that the littlest can dance with Mom and Dad. The live music lends itself to boot-scooting, rock 'n' roll dancing with some rockabilly, bluegrass and swing thrown in for variety.

FIRST SET: 6:30 PM TO 8:30 PM OR 9 PM - Old time music, local talent, cowboy ballads, and bluegrass so you can sing along or boot-scoot with your littlest buckaroos. The smallest cowboys and cowgirls are usually so tuckered out that they are ready to head home by 9 or so....

Here's when the dance floor is taken over by the serious dancers and is very impressive to see that old wooden floor be employed as it was over a hundred years ago. It's Electric Slide to Willie and the Hand Jive, plus the Fish, the Dog and the Swim. Come and teach us some new moves!

END: Clean -up and ship out by 11:30 PM

FACILITIES INFORMATION: Morrison Town Hall is a two-story historic building with no ADA accomodations to reach the 2nd floor bathroom. There are two bathrooms on the 1st floor which are ADA compliant. The wood floor area will be cleared out for dancing; chairs will remain on the existing risers. The band will be set up on the low stage in the front of the room. If all "auditorium" area were covered with chairs, the seating capacity would be 80 persons. This is not a large space. We intend this to be an old-timey and intimate, small town out west, experience.

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