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Sarah Beth Rankin
· November 28, 2017
I have lived here nearly 30 years! I watched it grow from a smidgen of a town, when I was 8, to the bustling town it is today! Most of my high school friends have moved on, but when I had to decide if... I wanted to live in a city like Baltimore or a small town like Taylorsville, I thought of how I used to be able to ride my bike to each if I wanted. And I chose to stay, for now. It’s not too much or too little. See More
Marc Mignogna
· August 10, 2017
I have lived and grew up here my whole life. I plan on staying here for a while. The people here are very friendly, there is plenty to do your not to far from the city. The mayor and council do very things for the town and are actively involved in town events. See More
Jason Poirier
· March 5, 2018
I love this town and all that it has to offer! We have found it very accessible and still keeping with its small time charm.
Janet Byer-Richmond
· February 20, 2017
I've lived in Mt. Airy for 11 years. It's a wonderful quaint town. The mayor and those in charge of town government do nice things for the people here. We have a dog park, a walking path, actually two.... One around the town park and one from downtown and through a wooded area and ends at the town park. Also a public library, senior center, a seniors only neighborhood, lots of banks, restaurants, and grocery stores. Everything we need is here. See More
Michael Miller Sr.
· February 6, 2017
Great place to live. Far enough away from city life but close enough to visit the cities when you want. As with anywhere you go, community could contribute more and complain less.
Terry Woods
· July 20, 2017
I have lived in this town since I was 10 I'm 24 and I can honestly say it's a racist town. Work places down here still do discriminate I was one of those workers getting discriminated against. are facing lawsuits from unequal work opportunity and discrimination. One of the worst places to live See More
Syndi Matthews
· December 29, 2014
I like living here, however I would like to see more information come from our Town Council/Town Hall. The No Soliciting signs are a good start.
Mike Atchison
· May 23, 2017
Grew up in Mount Airy. Always be my home town. Great fishing around there.
Patricia Jean Williamson
· March 13, 2014
I have lived in or near the town of Mount Airy for 40 years and I absolutely love living here!
Megan Hartlove
· January 9, 2014
I absolutely love living here ❤️
Happy New Year 2017
A Main Street Christmas
Santa's Mailbox

A State of Emergency has been declared. The Snow Emergency Plan is in effect.

During the period of a snow emergency, any vehicle previously parked on a Town street shall be moved as promptly as possible to any available off-street parking available for the owner of the vehicle (driveways, parking pads and the like) and if none is available shall be moved to any public off-street parking area located within a reasonable distance. In the absence of both private and reasonably ...available public off-street parking, the owners shall park on nearby grass areas or sidewalks (but need not climb curbs to do so), and, if that is not feasible, then the vehicle must be parked so that the inner wheels are within six inches of the curb or edge of paving, as the case may be.

Violation of this article shall be a municipal infraction, and the amount of the infraction fine assessed is $100.

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