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Calling all ex Track King players!

Bored over the holidays? Season 42 kicks off in the new year.. why not consider a return?!

Use the bonus code of 'Caviar' during sign-up for some free owners club on registration!...

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Track King, the best FREE Horse Racing game. Buy & sell, breed & train, race & bet on virtual horses, and watch the races live in your browser! A stable Management Game.

Photo from the first Track King Meetup in Sydney 2008. Check the red eyes!
An awesome night with a good turnout, a confusing incident that still has me in denial to this day, and some killer hangovers the following day!

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Hi all - we're aware the site is a little slow right now... the Hard Drive backup is rebuilding itself. Site will be back to normal in approx 90 mins from this message - ie around 18:30 TK time 25th November

We're aware that track king link is not functioning right now. Have got our host looking into it. The actual server is still running, so if you still have the ip address that we were using a fortnight ago, that will probably work..?

Will give more info as it comes to hand

Server migration complete! We have a new IP address, so some things might be a little "rusty" for a couple of days... but you should now be able to login again!

Quick info about the impending server move:

- I've been advised on short notice that our host is moving to a new physical address. They began copying the site and then realised how large the database is! Thankfully they discussed it with me!

- I've negotiated the move to happen Tuesday morning. The site will close to logins and disconnect everyone at around 08:00. If somehow you stay online, I'd be cautious... once the move begins, any changes to the database could cause unpr...edictable results.

- There's about 70Gb of database to be copied... that could take several hours. I expect to be informed by the host once things are completed.

- Then, I'll need to do some technical stuff to begin the domain names propagating, and redirect traffic to the new site.

- There's a chance that for a day or two after that, we might have some small parts of pages that don't work until all the domain name propagation has completed. Sometimes that is a short time, sometimes up to 2-3 days.

- I'll then need to run all the jobs on the site to bring everything back up to speed. This shouldn't take me too long.

- Auctions will be extended by 24 hours

- What else have I missed? Ask on Facebook if you have concerns and I'll get to them as soon as I possibly can.


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Server downtime: more information

Awaiting confirmation, will add more info if anything changes, but currently negotiating to have downtime start around 9am Tuesday 25th, would expect the site to be completely closed for 6-12 hours while migration happens.

More info as it gets confirmed

Track king server downtime - More info as it comes to hand.
Recommend you set races for the coming week or two just in case


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Is this the future of racehorse training? 🏇

Read more here:

Coming soon to Track King!! - <insert your suggestion here!>

Check out the Global Forum poll to have your say on the next minor additions to the game.... or if you've got a better suggestion then add it to the Suggestions Thread and I'll weigh up the options!

Random Raceguide snippet: This week, Sydney Harbour region

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You still have 1 day left to move tracks. Good luck.

Also remember to enter your regionals. Lots of money up for grabs.

Congrats to all League Winners for the season.

Remember the winner will autopromote at the end of transfer window, you have no choice, if you dont Promote before then. But 2-5 have a choice, and if you dont reset the Auto-Promote Feature will also force promote. If you dont want to promote, you need to declick the option on your settings page.

And if you know that you are not going promote, please dont wait till the last minute to do it, so that those in the higher leagues t...hat have to relegate can move tracks if they want.

Best of to everyone and We hope that you get into the track of your dreams.

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Remember that breeding starts tonight after 00:01 TK time. During this time period please be patient, we all know that the site can go slowly when everyone is breeding there foals and refreshing like there is no tomorrow to see that first pop.

Best of Luck breeding tonight if you do.

Remember there is still time to enter the TKO heats on Sunday.

Track King is at

Happy Birthday! We're 8 years old!!

Get into the TRACK KING SHOP right now for a whole host of BONUS GIFTS!

* 8 credits free if you buy 25 credits
* 8 days free if you buy one season OC
* 8 WEEKS free if you buy one year OC


Offer ends on the 10th of October!

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