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Authors collaborating to provide resources for those living with dementia and their caregivers.
November is National Caregiver Appreciation Month, a time to recognize the long hours, sacrifice, and love all caregivers bring to the task of caring for a loved one with dementia or any long-term …
November is National Caregiver Appreciation Month, a time to recognize the long hours, sacrifice, and love all caregivers bring to the task of caring for a loved one with dementia or any long-term …

I wrote this regarding Patricia William's new book, While They're Still Here. Another wonderful book for caregivers. Tell your stories. You never know who you will help along the way.

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What a touching statement about an author's journey, from Marita Golden, author of "A Wide Circumference of Love" - a novel about a family dealing with Alzheimer's.

"I met adult children who found themselves stunned and incompetent in the face of a parent’s diminished capacity, and others who unflinchingly faced the disease and embraced their parent with the kind of transcendent love and loyalty of which they never knew themselves capable. I gave a 20-minute talk and reading... about my life as a writer before a group of residents of a memory care unit. They taught me to be here now, the value of the present moment, and that they are indeed present, sensitive, intuitive. They remember the most important things--the meaning of human touch, an honest look in someone’s eyes, that a whole story can be told in a fleeting fragment of an iridescent memory of joy, and that words are often overrated."

Just one example of the many wonderful books associated with ALZauthors.

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Here are some wonderful books on sale in honor of World Alzheimer's Month.

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, the international campaign by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds Alzheimer’s and ot…

I love the reviews on Amazon from my readers. Here is the latest:

"I am not done with this book yet but just had to write a review just the same. When I started reading this book, I was struggling along with my mom, watching her slip into a person that I did not know. She passed away in March. I decided to continue reading and also am reading it out loud at night to my husband who laughs along with me through the funny parts and tears up along with me through the sad parts. ...This book is written in a witty and delightful way, with each chapter causing us to reflect...remember. Thank you for this book. It let us know that others walk this journey also, and it doesn't have to be a horrid journey, there are gems along the way. I must also say you did so much for your mom, and we also enjoy the pictures. I was raised in the 60's and 70's also."

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AlzAuthors was founded in 2016 by four daughters of dementia who met over the internet because of their books, and formed a friendship and a mission to create a space where caregivers can find solid support, and those who share their stories can find the proper audience. I am honored to be a member of AlzAuthors.
June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, and June 21st is The Longest Day. Sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association, these important events increase awareness... of Alzheimer's, related dementias, and brain health. In recognition of these events, AlzAuthors has put together our very first eBook sale!
Starting June 21 through June 28, you can take advantage of this excellent opportunity to check out some of our books at reduced prices, ranging from 2.99 to free. We offer a variety of genres, from fiction, memoir, and non-fiction. Many of our books are also available in paperback and audio, so check them out too.
Our books are written from a deep place of understanding, experience, knowledge, and love. May you find one - or two, or three! - to help guide you on your own dementia journey.

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June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and today, June 21st is The Longest Day. Sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association, these important events increase awareness of Alzheimer&…

One of our favorite pictures of Mom, and her fuzzy friend Sam. Sam was such a comfort to her when she could no longer have "real" dogs.

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Lloyd Bullock

Happy Memorial Day from Mom, Sam and me!!

So blessed to receive emails such this one. So happy the book is helping others.

"Sandra,Your book "Trading Places" was a Christmas gift from my neice - Thank you so so much! I am currently caring for both my parents---it has been overwhelming--- with the roller coaster of emotions as you described--you have helped me realize that I'm really not losing my mind---that this is a normal part of the journey--thanks also for the "laughs"---your experiences sounded SO familiar!
Many God send many special blessings to you and your family!

Many thanks for the note from this lovely reader from Uganda.

"Hello Sandra,
I'm writing you from Kampala Uganda. I just finished reading your book, Trading Places and marvel at the warmth and love you grew up with!
I know we can only give what we have; we can only reap where we sowed. ...
What an amazing mum you had, and what a great privilege to do that for her!
In my country, care homes are virtually non-existent. We take care of elderly family members ALWAYS, so I know what you mean by this labour of love.
My mother is still alive at 76, and my dad passed away when I was two, so I haven't done it personally, but have witnessed countless people do this for loved ones.
You just made it very real and raw to me. Thank you for sharing and I pray the good Lord heals and rewards you all. "

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Thanks to the dear reader who shared this with me via email:

"I just finished your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. My mother will be 70-years-old in February. I’ve recently noticed both her physical and mental health declining. She has Raynaud’s, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arthritis. She’s needed her knee replaced for many years now but has always been too busy taking care of someone else. She has always been a caregiver, first to me a...nd my brother, then my grandparents, my Aunt Jo (who has since passed) and now my Aunt Frances. Mom is the baby of seven children. I’m having a major surgery this month and guess who is coming to take care of me while my husband is at work…mom!

I chose your book on Amazon in hopes that it might give me some insight on what I’ll likely face some day. It did! I found your story not only beautifully written, but full of love for your mother. Today, it seems we live in a self-centered world where people are not focused on their parents during this time of need. I, like you, have no children of my own. But, unfortunately, having children doesn’t mean they will take care of you.

I will strive to be the daughter that my mother deserves when the time comes that I have to walk in your shoes, so to speak. I lost my dad when I was 17-years-old and it is still very painful, but I had to learn to live with it. I’ve always felt that I would not survive losing my mom but, after reading your story, I know I will have to. She also is a devout Christian and the fact that she will be with my dad and in God’s loving arms some day brings me some comfort.

I just can’t thank you enough for sharing this beautiful story. I fell so in love with your beautiful mother. God bless you and your siblings for being such wonderful children to her."

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This is the most amazing collection of books. "Authors collaborating to provide resources for those living with dementia and their caregivers." Please share this resource with your friends and family. So many caregivers feel they are out there on their own. These books are a balm for the caregiver's soul.

Meet Constance Vincent, PhD, author of Not Going Gently November 9, 2016October 25, 2016 ~ alzauthors ~ Leave a comment By Constance Vincent, PhD. When my parents first began to have memory problems, I was in denial. As a psychologist teaching university classes on aging, I had always emphasized the...

Thanks for the help in giving away 7000+ Trading Places books over the last few days in honor of National Family Caregivers Month. The book wound up #1 on two Amazon lists this week. This also marks one year since the book. I've learned a lot by writing, publishing and marketing the book, and I know it has helped other caregivers along the way. Thanks to my friends and family for the support and encouragement along the way. And thanks to my mother for being the type of person that you couldn't help but love. It's all for you, Mom.

Judi Lundstrom Edwards to Trading Places: Becoming My Mother's Mother

I just finished reading this on my Kindle. I laughed and cried reading it. It was beautiful. I can remember when my dad passed, his last breath. It brought me back to that last day. I recommend reading this ! Thank you for sharing your life with me.

FREE through November 4th!

November is National Family Caregivers Month. To honor family caregivers out there, the Kindle version of my book will be free from 10/31 through 11/4. Please share and let's give away a lot of books!

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By Sandra Bullock Smith When I first started caring for my mother, I had no apprehension over how difficult the caregiving job would be. I am a strong, capable woman and my mother was gracious, swe…