#TRX T Deltoid Raises or reverse flies - amazing exercise for the rear deltoids and perfect finisher to a shoulder workout. More at #fitness #workout #gymtime #workouttime #getfit #suspensiontrainer #fit #delts #onlinetrainer #workoutprogram
TRX pistol squat - great way to learn and build up without the risks. Make sure keep tension in the straps, torso upright and keep your knee above your ankle. For more videos and a structured training program, go to
#TRX Single arm bicep curls - make sure not to drop the elbow. Adjust your footing for different intensity. More tutorials on #fitness #workout #suspensiontrainer #fitnessjourney #getfit #gymtime #trxtime #workouttime

Special announcement: Startup FitGuana (by Bring Back Nature and Trainer Vanacker) is an online marketplace where fitness and wellness professionals can list and sell their online programs.
The first 25 coaches who want their products and programs listed, will be able to get a website built for them FREE OF CHARGE!

If you're a wellness or fitness professional who wants to sell their programs online on a worldwide upcoming platforms, this is your chance to do it!


Check out FitGuana at or contact them at

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Trainer Vanacker is with Sander Vanacker.
March 5

The last three years I’ve moved cross country three times, had two wonderful children, started another business and renovated two more houses. While we were getting our lives together I continued online coaching and personal training but something was missing.

Having founded and owned a gym was one of the highlights of my fitness career and life experiences. Therefore, we are planning on opening a better and even more kick ass gym this year in our new hometown Ridgefield, CT....

The new gym will be under the FitGuana brand and will continue the same training philosophy as I’ve always preached. It’s challenging, rewarding and creative. Results are guaranteed if you put up the work.
What we offer is a place to work out that will show results for a wide variety of goals and people while guaranteeing safety and fun.

The way we accomplish results, safety and a good time is by combining many proven training methods into one facility, along with highly trained coaches.

You see things very differently in your 20s versus your 30s so my training and ideas have also evolved and I can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned for progress on our new gym space, studio features / offers, website and app as well as new training routines and videos.

Let’s take the fitness industry by the bells and do this!

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