Swim start at Cotswold 113.

Get outta the cold and into the warm 😎

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How's your training going? Behind schedule for your upcoming season after poor weather? Time to put in a quality block with an expert coaching team in warm weather? Places available:

Original PaperAcute Effect of Alcohol Intake on Cardiovascular Autonomic Regulation During the First Hours of Sleep in a Large Real-World Sample of Finnish Employees: Observational StudyJulia Pietilä1, MSc ; Elina Helander1, PhD ; Ilkka Korhonen1,2, PhD ; Tero Myllymäki2,3, MSc ; Urho ...

A courageous and very honest piece on managing anxiety.

Our columnist literally wrote the book on peak performance, but he had to reconsider everything after an unexpected battle with mental illness
Speaking to the Swimming Times magazine in January 2018, English and British coach Mel Marshall talks about her career and working with Adam Peaty.

In need of a great soft tissue therapist go and see Tracy 👏😁

The man who with a committed team changed the mindset of a generation of endurance athletes in one amazing race. There are few individuals that create such an impact on the future of their sport. Thank you Sir Roger.

Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to run a mile in under four minutes, has died aged 88.

Anyone selling a road bike? 52 Cms?

Rob Griffiths

A buddy of mine is looking for a second hand road bike, 51 or 52 CMs. Reasonable quality looking to spend up to 2k. If you know anyone selling one DM me and I will put them in touch. Thanks

It’s been a while since I was on the other end of a VO2 Bike test. Yep, felt just like I remember it 😝

Rob Griffiths

Today got a number of tests on my heart as part of an interesting and hopefully insightful study on Master (read oldish and older😁) endurance athletes up at St.... George’s Hospital in London. Interesting to listen to the cardiologists and what they are looking for compared to what coaches look for in performance. 2 more trips to different London Hospitals over the next few months for more tests to complete the study. Pleased to be involved and learn more about what goes on in our hearts as endurance athletes age.

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Anyone know somebody selling an endless pool? I have a friend actively looking for one at the moment. DM me please.

Good coaching comes down to a willingness to be both open-minded and factually rigorous. Here’s how one coach constantly works toward that balance.

Great job Sam Taylor, racing like a boss today, and just 12 months in the sport! Fantastic

Sound advice, worth reading, self control is the key!

People ask us all the time about nutrition as it relates to sport, health and what we eat in general. I guess they ask me because I'm skinny. At six foot tall (...ok 5'11 3/4") and usually hovering at around 68 kilos I probably look like I know what I'm doing food wise. It's very important to note that I'm not a nutritionist, neither of us are for that matter but I guess we have found what works. [ 2,015 more words ]

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People ask us all the time about nutrition as it relates to sport, health and what we eat in general. I guess they ask me because I’m skinny. At six foot tall (ok 5’11 3/4″) and u…

This article focuses on Matt’s decisions on his racing weight, this is interesting. The subject matter of food/ eating for performance can sometimes lose the underlying message which is about rational decision making and having perspective.

Already-lean endurance athletes can get even leaner in a healthy way that elevates performance. The key is to be RATIONAL about it:

Decision Theory and Racing Weight Feb 5, 2018 | Nutrition Regular readers of this blog are probably sick and tired of hearing me yammer on and on about the differences between professional and recreational endurance athletes. But that’s my shtick. I’m all about helping recreational athletes impr...

Lots of similarities here with Military service personnel, the sports governing bodies and the individual athletes need to pay much more attention to this in preparing for life after performance sport. Retirement from elite level sport is inevitable, more often than not, its not a choice so it must be part of an athletes career plan.

A State of Sport special study has found that half of former professional sportspeople have had concerns about their mental or emotional wellbeing since retiring.

First athlete racing in a 70.3 this year! Well done Dave Sheridan, great effort in Dubai. Great benchmark for the work towards IM Texas! Rest up 😀

Is it me or does every coach go crazy hitting refresh the screen waiting for an athlete to finish a race on Tracker 🤪🙏