Remembering Charlene Arcila:: Part 1 Philadelphia Trans Health...
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Alice Sofiasdiakonos
· August 26, 2017
The "Being Brave Together" workshop by Transfaith is a careful, explicit and encouraging guide for community leaders (and community members who had not previously dared to see themselves in a leadersh...ip role) to engage in the transformation of our communities to bring about much-needed healing and lay paths for just and effective operation. See More
Bruce Keith G. Wright
· December 29, 2017
Fully supporting and filled with much love towards our Transgender and Transfaith
Jamie Alexander
· September 12, 2017
the people, programming, & spirit of those associated with Transfaith Singlehandedly made Philly Trans Health an enriching, validating & welcoming environment for me

Our own Louis Mitchell quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer this week!

"Our Bible" is a new app that includes more than 300 devotionals, podcasts and essays geared toward LGBTQ Christians and progressive people of faith.

There have been some click bait articles floating around lately about God-language in the Episcopal Church. Our friends at TransEpiscopal compiled this helpful blog providing more context on what's going on...

What language works for you in talking about a Higher Power or Helping Spirits?

"This conversation about God, language and gender isn't newfangled, 'politically correct', cultural capitulation. It's old theological news.... And it's a conve...rsation TransEpiscopal wants to see deepen not only at General Convention this summer but on the ground in congregations."

There have been several stories following up on two of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington's recently passed resolutions (re: God and gender expansive language and re: fully embracing trans people) and many of the reports have been inaccurate and/or inflammatory and click-bait-y. For those of you looking for a different perspective, here's one from TransEpiscopal situating the resolutions in a longer theological and ecclesial conversation about God, gender, language, and trans justice.…/new-voices-in-an-ongoing-co…

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On January 27th the Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington passed two resolutions that have received much public attention of late, particularly from reactionary, conservative...

A joyous time was had at Being Brave Together, Los Angeles!

We've got Los Angeles, too! Please spread the word!

Sat 8:30 AM PST9608 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90003-3929, United States
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Delighted that BuzzFeed included a question about religion! Yes, religion (or non-religion) is for everybody!

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BuzzFeed LGBT

Real people answering questions you've asked google about the trans experience.

With so much resistance to honoring the self-knowledge of transgender children lately, this is lovely to see!

About a year ago, Jonah and Dani Gabriel’s daughter came to the couple with an announcement.  The 8-year-old announced he was a boy.

Help us to support Black Trans Women! In loving memory of Minister Bobbie Jean Baker (1964-2014). Give today. Give monthly. Take an offering in your congregation.

Four years ago today, many of us woke up to the news that Minister Bobbie Jean Baker was tragically killed by a drunk driver on her way home from Watch Night services. BJ touched the hearts of so many and was passionate about supporting transgender women of color who had fa...ced struggles similar to her own.

The Bobbie Jean Baker Memorial Fund is established in her memory. A Task Force is currently in the process of developing an application process to make awards in support of the leadership of Black Trans Women in Christian ministry.

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In memory of BobbieJean Baker's robust Christian leadership, the BobbieJean Baker Fund supports the leadership of transgender women of color in Christian faith communities, especially in the United Church of Christ and the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries where she served so faithfully.

Many organizations are filling your in-box and mail with asks for your support. I want to invite you, encourage you, and convince you to move Transfaith to the top of your giving list!

We provide actual and practical support to trans people of every description and many spiritual and energetic practices every day!


Please give today and pledge to give monthly or quarterly!

Our survival as an organization and our abilities to continue to reach deeply into our community depend on your support!

Yours in service,

Louis J. Mitchell
and the entire Transfaith Team

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Transfaith updated their cover photo.
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While we are a national organization, it my desire that we grow to be multi-national. If there are folks that you know of that we should be connected with, please share our page and my information! Also, since you've liked our page - please also check out our regional facebook pages for support local to you!
(type in transfaith in the 'insert your region')
Looking forward to being in touch with you throughout 2018!
Peace, Louis

As we get closer to 2018, I hold positive energy for all of us as we continue to navigate systems and institutions that don't seem to care about us. One of the things that I've observed over the years, is that we are strong and resilient. We are more powerful than we know! Lean in to community, as best you can. And know that we are here with you! Peace! Louis

News from Transfaith's board chair about shifts in our executive leadership, Chris Paige and Louis Mitchell!

Transfaith's Board President, Jamie Goddard, announces shifts in our staff leadership

Loving this preview of the upcoming Trans Buddhist Anthology!

For the past two years the two of us -- Kevin Manders and Elizabeth Marston -- have been working on an anthology of essays by trans, genderqueer, and non-binary Buddhists, relating their experiences of gender