George stream on right now!

Exploring the Expanded Universe

New image specs for all you modders out there!

Starting with 1.7 and The Vault of the Galaxy, we recommend using a single fixed scale for all 3D models. Instead of changing the size of an object to fit the viewport, we zoom the camera until the viewport fits the object.

(RPC) Forum theme got updated!

As always, drop by Discord or the forums to discuss!

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New Mod: Close Quarters Combat!

Try duking fights out with melee!

(RPC) Hey guys, the Transcendence Discord channel is up and running! Get help from vets to get to the Core or modding with TLISP and modeling help on Blender!

(RPC) George Stream is live! Watch the dev shoot some particle beams!

Exploring the Expanded Universe

(RPC) Twitch stream by George every Thursday at 4PM PST!

The first Alpha build of the 1.7 stream is ready:

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Transcendence updated their cover photo.
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Added Charon and Pluto texture from @NasaNewHorizons. Will show up in Eternity Port when 1.6 releases next week.

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Ares Orthodoxy ships in Beta 3.

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Working on improved art for the Commonwealth Star Carrier.

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Transcendence 1.6 Beta 1 is ready for download!

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