This SATURDAY, APRIL 21 IS A SPECIAL EVENT: Give the shirt off your back event. 2 cans or packages/cans of non perishables will be the entrance fee. ALL FOOD WILL BE DONATED TO A LOCAL CHARITY FOOD BANK. WE already have received a few reservations including a member from Florida. Indoor accommodations available. Please call 803.695-1937 or email

Reluctant partner brochure
Travelites Nudist Retreat & Club Published by Cheri Gould Dawson · July 7, 2017 ·
"So, your partner is interested in nudism..."
We have never met, but I am taking the liberty to write you because I understand your significant other has become interested in nudism or clothes-free recreation or living. You are wondering whether or not to share this with him. My husband and I are nudists, and like you, we both experienced all the concerns and uncertainties the first time we tried it. ...
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Larry Dawson
· January 1, 2018
We are upgrading the clubhouse furniture and will be putting up the ceiling over the insulation in the not too distant future. There will also be a club refrigerator in the main house as well as the in the clubhouse for use. See More
Mike Newt Lynch
· September 2, 2017
Had a great time for the Eclipse event. Met a lot of great nude people there. Definitely worth a visit!
Arielle Steele
· October 23, 2015
The best place to relax and de-stress. home page is travelites(dot)info