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If this gets pushed through, it would be an unfortunate decline in the power of the US passport.

New requirements for Americans could mean the end of easy-peasy travel to Europe.
A cat staying at the amazing PERADAYS in Istanbul routinely knocks on our door to be let in. He'll go straight to our faucet and request fresh water. Talk about room service!
Cappadocia, Turkey at Sunset. #tbt. #cappadocia #turkey #travel
The ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis, lcoated in Pamukkale, Turkey, are set in a stunning mountainous backdrop that rivals the environment of the more popular Ephesus. The city also features a necropolis (one of the largest in the world) with sarcophagi that are largely intact. More importantly, the are virtually no visitors to Hierapolis. This was a refreshing experienced compared to Ephesus, which fields well over 2 million visitors annually. Being able to hike the grounds of an ancient city without navigating through throngs of tourists is priceless.

Afar Girl — In 112°F heat, a young girl approaches us cautiously at a military check-point in Danakil Depression, Afar Region, Ethiopia. Her piercing gaze scans our unfamiliar faces, searching for some common ground. #ethiopia #afarregion #danakildepression #girlportrait #desert

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A cat enjoying the warmth of a late afternoon sun at the entrance of a residence in Gondar, Ethiopia. #ethiopia #gondar

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Earth's Fury | A 6-hour trek in the dead of night leads to Erta Ale, one of the few remaining active shield volcanos. Deep in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression, we commit to a pilgrimage that pays homage to the underlying power of our planet. Seated before Erta Ale, she beckons forth the voice of an unsettled earth - churning lava and billowing plumes of sulfuric smoke. The ground underneath vibrates as an intense heat stabs at us and challenges our ability to stay near. Our gaze settles upon an unfamiliar Earth as our thoughts retreat into a deeper respect for our home.

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"The Afar Salt Miner" - An Afar salt miner in Danakil Depression, Ethiopia takes a break from packaging and loading salt slabs onto camels. His caravan of camels will transfer the blocked salt from Lake Asale to Mekele on a 7-day trek. Working in sweltering heat that often reaches 140°F, the caravan endures this weekly trek through one of the most brutal inhabited environments on the planet. Villagers sell their salt blocks to companies at roughly 5 cents per pound.

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"Lead the Way" Erta Ale, a shield volcano in the Afar Region of Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression, beckons from the horizon. Our armed advance scout leads the way while the late afternoon sun throws long shadows. Our 6-hour trek ends in the dead of night, perched at the edge of Erta Ale peering into the fiery depths of an unsettled earth.

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The Caravan // The 115°F heat engulfs your body like a vice. Each step on the salt flats of Ethiopia's Danakil Depression in the Afar Region gives way to a muted crunch as the dry and baked earth beneath you cracks under your weight. Off in the distance, a salt miner leads his camel caravan, loaded with mined salt slabs, on an eleven day grueling trek to Berahile, Ethiopia to sell his goods to local traders. In the world's hottest inhabited area, it's business as usual.

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"Giving Thanks" | High atop the Simien mountain range in Ethiopia, Sorayah, a 9-year old villager, looks on pensively at the two weary, dirty and beaten strangers that her mother ushered into their home.

As her mother pulls injera from the hearth in the center of their hut, Sorayah’s apprehension with her unexpected dinner guests begins to melt away. Over delicious injera, we communicate roughly with a smattering of smiles and gestures. Grunts of our approval convey the de...liciousness of the basic staple that Sorayah’s mother has provided us.

Leaving the family’s hut, we turn around to wave goodbye to Sorayah and her mother. Sorayah’s stern face, which shows signs of hardship well beyond her 9 years of life, transforms into a giggle-infused smile.

As we walk away, I smile as well - overwhelmed and thankful for the unexpected and undeserving kindness of strangers who had so little, yet so much to give. Glancing sideways, I see my wife’s face melt into a smile and I know exactly what she’s feeling.

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Strangers, Kindness and Food (Travel Archives) | Deep in the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia and well above 13,000 feet, we enter Gich Village. My muscles, deprived of oxygen due to altitude sickness, barely permit me to walk. A Gich woman escorts me into her village with the help of my wife. She motions us into her family’s hut. Livestock penned up in one corner, thatched sleeping bunks in an other, she guides us to sit on the floor. A fire in the middle of the hut billows ...smoke against charred and soot covered beams, paying homage to fires that have spanned generations. She pulls a pan of injera from the flames and offers both of us our fill. Her 9 year old daughter peers at us shyly from behind a pillar, just off the frame of this photo, curious of the two strange-looking travelers that her mother has invited into their home. Strangers are united over kindness and the offering of food. #ethiopia #injera #strangers

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Bob Marley in Ethiopia | High atop the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia, a campfire surrounded by armed scouts huddles close for warmth. Old AK-47s are stacked to the left as one scout plays Bob Marley's "Stir it Up" on his phone. The orange glow keeps the cold at bay while the aura of Bob Marley's voice lives on through the expressions of the group.

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While hiking a trail in Soğanlı Valley in Turkey, we came across a local villager sitting on a boulder. The moment her hardened gaze settled upon us, the weathered lines on her face intensified as she smiled and ecstatically motioned for us to take a seat next to her. After taking this photo and showing her the results on the back of the camera, she gave embraced us with bear hugs and slathered our cheeks with kisses. My western cynicism embraced me to expect the worst - a demand for money or a request to buy something. Instead, she simply soaked up the beauty of being able to share time with curious-looking strangers. Her portrait shows steely eyes of fiery intensity. What you wouldn’t know, without meeting this woman, is that this intensity is fueled by a soul that lives joyously. #turkey #soğanlı #cappadocia #travel

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When we visited last year, the Golden Circle was littered with tourists. Get off the beaten trail and you'll still find pristine and untouched regions.

Ten years ago, 50,000 American tourists came to Iceland. This year, that number is nearly 350,000. What happened?

Conde Nast's annual top 15 cities list. And the winners are...

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Condé Nast Traveler readers cast more than 100,000 votes for their favorite cities in the world (outside the U.S.). Is your favorite on the list?

Hiking the Perito Moreno glacier in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina. This glacier is one if the few glaciers in the world that is growing while most are retreating. #peritomoreno #glacier

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More locations for the bucket list! #travel

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