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Jam Lovell
· December 20, 2017
This is my go to place for Mexican food lately. The service is always wonderful, the food is delicious, the prices are reasonable, and the bloody Mary's are fantastic (I'm not even a bloody mary perso...n). The server most often is a young, kind, guy with a headband. He remembers us, he always gets the orders right, he is on it with refills on chips and drinks, and he's just a delight!
Best place in town.
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Stephanie Vaughn
· July 7, 2017
Soooooo what had happened was.... No I'm kidding I come here every Friday and some Mondays for just maybe an hour. It's my little "me" time moment with my coworkers. The"old" mechanics got me coming! ...Miss Jen but Taylor and the awesome waitress with brown hair and the nose ring are very personable and they are moving quickly to take care of ALL our needs. Owner isn't the most personable but..... He hires good workers so that saves him lol See More
Marc Villa
· July 30, 2017
1.) Please never change the al carbone nacho, it reminds me of eating in California, and the fact that's there's real good cheese and not that queso cheese sauce makes it so much better!
2.) everyone... bashing because the service must have had a bad day because our service was great, and made sure everything was okay or if we needed anything else.
3.) you'll see us more often!
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Logan Erin
· May 5, 2017
I have never experienced as disrespectful service as I had experienced at Tres Hombres. I will never ever go back. I would suggest you not to either. I paid three dollars to get into the door. I walk...ed straight to an open section at the bar. I was right in front of the bartender with my card ready as she was making drinks. I did not say a word while she was making the drinks because I was waiting for her to acknowledge me. But she never did. At first, I thought it was because she was busy and I understood that, but then she started acknowledging other customers who were not in front of her. When she walked back over to me she still refused to acknowledge me. I then asked over the loud music if she could make me a margarita and she STILL refused to look at me or acknowledge me and walked off. I wasn't asking her to make it right then I was literally only asking her to take my money and make my drink when she could. After that, I asked a bar hand to help me get her attention and he said he couldn't help me. I asked another bartender to get the manager and she refused. After that, I then asked her to give me my 3 dollars back because I didn't pay to get disrespected and she refused to do that too. I then see her walk over to the original bartender and tell her what's going on and she admits to ignoring me! After, that I said I deserve a free drink for awful service and then the bartenders proceed to have me kicked out! I was totally sober had not had one drink at all because they refused to serve me as soon as I walked in the door. I was understanding that they were busy and as polite as could be in a situation like that. I was able to talk to the manager on my way out and explain the circumstances. But then the bartender comes out and says she refused me service because I was yelling at her! To ease the situation the manager did give me a free drink. But it's about the principle. It was really hurtful and disappointing how unprofessional the bartenders were towards me. I have never been treated so poorly and if it could happen to me it could happen to you. See More
Jenna Giglio
· November 24, 2016
Best place in town to get some mexican food and maragritas as well as various other drinks! Every night there are awesome drink specials and Tuesday- Friday they have happy hour and 1/2 price apps fro...m 5-8! They even have a late night menu for when the restaurant is closed on busy nights. Live music every weekend and open mic night every Tuesday! I highly recommend the late night tacos See More
Allison Lisa
· January 1, 2017
Went out for dinner and drinks last night. The food was pretty tasty, and I especially loved the queso! I was surprised at how cheap the drinks were, and the bartender was very helpful with picking a ...drink that I could handle since I am not a heavy drinker. I had a pretty good night last night, thank you!! I especially loved the champagne, since I never had it before. See More
Mona Spanos
· October 15, 2016
The shrimp fajitas were tasty although first time with mushrooms? I liked it but no rice and beans with it was odd although looking at my husbands rice, I wasn't missing anything. His Chile Rellenos... were more of a deep fried but all in all huge and delish. Good margaritas, friendly attentive waitress. Bar side was slower to wait on us but waitress there was polite also. See More
Lora Downs
· January 10, 2017
Ive been going to tres for many years. I was there with friends last night for my belated birthday dinner! Our server was amazing! She was extremely efficient, knowledgable, funny, and put up with our... quirky (yeah, we know it, haha) personalities!! She was awesome!! Thank you to all at tres that made my bday dinner so wonderful! Much love!! See More
Ryan Pointer
· January 9, 2018
Best bar in Carbondale! Too much fun, too many awesome folks, and awesome service!
Robyn Laur Russell
· October 22, 2017
Love Tres! Always good food and great margaritas!
Live at open mic!
Talk about some guys who have been rocking the scene! Slide on in tonight and watch an ice-melting performance by The Magnatones!
Ethan Taylor Stephenson, ladies and gentlemen. Our Tuesday nights are full of talent.

Happy St. Patrick’sDay! We’ve got a nice crowd! We’ve also got so many giveaways and prizes tonight, Crown Royal primo tonight with swag and of course Jameson swag! Come out!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from your favorite Jameson bar 🍀🍺

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A little preview for your St. Patrick’s Day ...

Yeah we know, we’ll see you tomorrow ...

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Southwest shrimp tacos. We do it all here folks!

One taco $7.25
Two tacos $8.95

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Have you heard? St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday.

Tres margaritas $3.50
Guinness $4.50
Irish Car Bombs $5...
Crown Royal $4
Jameson $4

See you Saturday!!

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Stepping up our game!! Come test out our new Touch Tunes and have a drink with us!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Come out and see us for amazing drink specials, corned beef and cabbage, and live music!!

Tres margaritas $3.50...
Guinness $4.50
Irish car bombs $5
Jameson $4
Crown Royal $4

Alex Kirt kicks off at 10 pm!

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A HUGE thank you to Damian Decorating for cleaning our patio this morning!! It looks amazing and is ready for some patio sitting on this gorgeous day!

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Image may contain: people sitting, table, outdoor and indoor
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Our line up for this weekend!!

Don’t forget tonight is open mic!

Complimentary chips and salsa if you know who the bartender is in this picture! 🙈😂

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Burrito con Chile Verde: it’s what’s for lunch! A diced pork burrito with white cheese and seasoning served with rice, black beans, cilantro lime sour cream and guacamole

Get it while you can!! 🌯

Also it’s taco Tuesday where you can get hard shell tacos for just a buck! 🌮

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During March Madness, we are teaming up with Corona to raise money for the Jimmy V Foundation! Donations will be taken during through the tournament during these 5 promos. Making donations will make you eligible for prizes and giveaways during the championship game! See you for the games! 🍺🏀🌮

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Happy National Women’s Day!

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Do you know what pairs perfectly with patio weather?! An Aztec Salad

With black beans, fresh corn, tomatoes, red onions, bleu cheese crumbles and crispy tortilla strips, this salad is as fresh as the air outside! Come enjoy this delicious Tuesday staple

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Come show out and let's sell more margaritas than we did last year! That was over 300 margs!!


Help us beat our goal and have a good time doing it! See you Thursday!

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