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Jill Stein meets with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board

The resignation of Northern Illinois University President Doug Baker is another reason to consolidate this state's public university system.

Demolish this state's Balkanized higher ed bureaucracy and replace it with a streamlined system geared to stronger oversight and designed to boost student learning.

One side says the party must abandon "identity politics" and appeal more to working- and middle-class whites, who feel left behind by economic and cultural change.

The other side says, no, giving voice to traditionally left-out women and minorities is a core belief. Who's right?

Democrats are divided but must get back to addressing working-class concerns, regardless of race or tribe, writes Clarence Page.

Sugary drinks — which backers of the sweetened beverage tax say can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease — can be purchased with SNAP benefits.

Why is the federal government perversely subsidizing the creation of medical problems among low-income patients?

If sugary drinks are so unhealthy, why is the federal government subsidizing them?

Day Two of the Illinois General Assembly's special session wound down Thursday without passage of a state budget. Surprised?

Illinois lawmakers waste another day of their special session without working on a budget.

"If you trust teachers, then you should trust their democratic voice — their union. Unions make schools, both district and charter, work better."

The Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff voted to merge with the Chicago Teachers Union to help all public schools and Chicago charter schools.

Pot, meet kettle.

Gov. Bruce Rauner is blamed for running television campaign ads, but Democrats are campaigning too.

Signs that Donald Trump has uncomfortably close relations to Russia have been hiding in plain sight, writes Steve Chapman.

President Donald Trump and his allies say there's no evidence he colluded with the Russians, but they're overlooking the obvious.

Gov. Sam Brownback's supply-side experiment failed in Kansas. Are you paying attention, Mr. President?

The Kansas legislature's rejection of Gov. Sam Brownback's failed supply-side tax program is relevant to discussions of President Donald Trump's tax plan.

Obamacare customers can expect hefty premium hikes for next year's policies. Yes, again.

Obamacare customers face another rate shock, in Illinois and across the country.

A foreign adversary meddling in a presidential election is a punch to America's gut, and we're glad lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are realizing it.

Congress wants to sanction Russia for meddling in the presidential campaign — President Donald Trump would be wise to endorse the punishment.

"When he jokes about firing me or mispronounces my name, what I hear him saying is, I love you."

I, too, have no idea what is going on in the White House, which makes me a perfect replacement for Sean Spicer.

"Governor Rauner cannot seem to get his head around the fact that an elected state governor does not give orders regarding millions of people’s lives."

Gov. Bruce Rauner has done something that I didn't think could be done.

If the Chicago Teachers Union opposes the very existence of charter schools and laws that would benefit charter school teachers, why is it interested in being the sole representative of these teachers?

Because if completed, the merger would be a boon to the CTU.

If the union representing charter school teachers merges with CTU, Chicago's charter school movement will be threatened.

There's a hint of campus-style intellectual coddling at play in the attacks on Sun-Times critic Hedy Weiss for her review of Steppenwolf Theatre's production of "Pass Over."

Sun-Times critic Hedy Weiss had legitimate criticisms of the Steppenwolf Theatre's production of "Pass Over." The job of critics is to produce criticism.

How much worse could an elected board perform? Much. Here's why:

Handing control of Chicago Public Schools to an elected board drains accountability from a system that needs more, not less.

"How will the NRA's anti-government message resonate in the absence of a gun-grabbing bogeyman, and when its own A-rated politicians are targeted by gun violence?"

The idea that the NRA speaks with one voice for America's 100 million gun owners has never really been credible.