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Tom Hilton
· September 28, 2017
A liberal church has with the new rector gone so extreme it is now wholly Far-Left and radical. What they did to St Paul's is a disgrace. It has the antiseptic quality of a hospital. You purged Washin...gton's historic pew - and I do not care if "it was not the original". That is not the point. You then added in that location some Social Justice BS about Michael Brown suggesting this thug who attacked a cop was murdered. A total lie. (Eric Garner WAS murdered, btw). I can only expect the Episcopal Church will be losing more and more members. You've lost half in the past 40 or so years. Extreme radical Leftist fanatics who may do OK in Manhattan, but that's about it. Too bad. See More
Michael Russell
· January 21, 2018
Shameful! A church that advocates their parishioners wearing pussy hats? What has the world come to??? This church will have to answer to Jesus one day. This so called church makes a mockery of Ch...ristianity. See More
Dominique Pauyo
· December 15, 2017
So lucky to be attending tonight’s performance of Handel’s Messiah in your beautiful church! Just an amazing and unforgettable cultural and musical experience! Even better than Lincoln Center’s perfor...mance I attended 2 years ago! Bravo! ��������� See More
John Parks
· September 15, 2017
Trinity is a religious and cultural icon for the United States and, frankly, the world. It a spiritual epicenter that is still making history! Alive, dynamic and beautiful - go experience it. ❤️⛪️☮️
Elizabeth Howard
· December 4, 2017
My daughter and I attended the First Sunday in Advent service yesterday. We are members of St. Michael and All Angels in Dallas. Very special experience, and the sermon was phenomenal.
Al DiRaffaele
· June 2, 2017
Yesterday, the Start of Gay Pride Month, I had the honor to raise the Rainbow Flag at Trinity and St. Paul's Chapel, a proud moment for me and all our LGBTQ family at Trinity and around the world... ...Equality for all...
Thank you Rector Bill Lupfer, Rev. Winnie Varghese and all those in attendance, for making this possible... + + + It literally was a picture perfect day! + + +
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Karen Wang
· November 15, 2017
People really good here , just got baptized in this church in Saint day
Cecilia Arana-grant
· October 18, 2017
Beautifully inclusive. Everyone is welcome. There are no strings attached, worship as you will. Community is everything.
Daniel Sigman
· May 22, 2017
My wife and I come to New York for a weekend about once a year to have dinner, see a show, and take in the sights. We almost always worship at Trinity Sunday morning. I love the diversity of the comm...unity and the sense of inclusiveness. I love the liturgy including the excellent music. The choir is wonderful. Although folks aren't jumping up and down like they're glad to see us, I feel welcome and that we're genuinely accepted as part of the community. Gods Word is truly proclaimed here! See More
Nick Oddo
· September 15, 2017
Historical. New York. Peaceful. Beautiful. Quiet. Serene. No visit to lower Manhattan is complete without spending some time at Trinity Wall Street. 💟
Peter Hudec
· May 20, 2017
"Church is, where people come together as one big family". --- Public Figure / The Legend President PETER HUDEC the Greatest lover of every church ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " listen seriously to music and to perform it are among our most potent ways of learning what it is to live with and before God". --- Roman Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, "A Ray of Darkness" See More
Wendy Hawa
· December 25, 2016
We visited for Christmas morning services, and it was lovely. The choir, church decorations, and congregation were so nice, and the pastor gave a very interesting sermon having to do with a story by T...olstoy. The story was about the archangel Michael, and I found it interesting and edifying. They also had a welcoming table of hot tea, coffee, juice and pastries for people. Very beautiful experience. See More
Milton Grey
· November 27, 2017
If you grew up in this parish, if you were baptized here, you are now unwelcome. The people who "worship" here are disgusting, sub-human savages. This church was stolen, from us.
James David Bliek
· December 18, 2017
Beautiful as always - what a gift to the nation.
Hank O Tuell IV
· June 15, 2017
Trinity Church Wall Street is an amazing community doing God's work not only in the church but around New York and the world. If you can't attend a service please check out their website to watch thei...r services live or watch previous services. See More
Alfred J. Pappas
· April 9, 2015
Why does a church own stock in walmart? Why aren't you giving that money to the poor? The sick? The homeless? Why are you buying securities and attacking our rights when you are supposed to be serving... God and his people? Why are you upholding one constitutional amendment but attacking another? Unless you have some very, very, good answers you should stick to what your mission is, serving God and his people. See More
Lynn Field
· August 3, 2016
This church is a truly a place where they show the love of Christ towards others. The ministers are always welcoming and kind towards people in the community. I am better person because my encounter ...with the ministry. See More
James A. Jenkins Jr.
· September 9, 2017
I attended every 911 memorial service for five years. In honor of John Perry NYPD. Lt. NYG.
Pastor-Maxwell Odyek
· May 13, 2017
I always feel to say that I am more than happy because of Trinity Wall street,
And I also pray very hard to God for trinity to also open their branch here in Uganda Africa and we move together as bro...thers and sisters. See More
Grace Chu Yang
· October 18, 2017
Spiritual space for prayers and meditation on Wall Street.

What does it mean when it says that Jesus is the Son of God in Mark's Gospel? In his sermon on Sunday, February 18, the Rev. Phillip Jackson, Vicar, follows Jesus into the wilderness and finds that the man is the message.

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Time lapse of Communion at St. Paul’s Chapel

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Trinity is sponsoring a Manhattan-wide exhibition of art depicting the fourteen Stations of the Cross during the season of Lent, from Ash Wednesday until Easter, Sunday April 1. The 13th station, a work of art called “Stations,” created by G. Roland Biermann, will be displayed at Trinity in the south courtyard. Learn more at

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On February 15 the Rev. Alfred Loua was invited to give the invocation at the New York City Council Stated Meeting, where he noted the diversity of the city and invoked Trinity’s core values. “Holy and undivided Trinity, one God, I thank you for your presence among us and in our hearts here at this moment. Please, look upon us. In the City of New York, we are women and men with different sexual orientations; we are citizens, immigrants documented and to be documented; we are ...believers of different faith traditions and non-believers; we are from different horizons, we are people of color and white; we are of diverse opinions; but you have brought us together to live and work with you… I ask your blessing upon your trusted servant-leaders, the Council members of New York City, as they gather to do the work you have given them to do. May their meeting be governed by your pastoral spirit of righteousness, inclusiveness, compassion, social justice and stewardship!”

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Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison

On #famfriday we'd like to thank Trinity Wall Street for hosting our alumni gathering last night and for hosting so many of our events. Trinity Wall Street is l...ike a home away from home for #HudsonLink. It's also always a sincere joy to spend an evening with so many of our former students; as our #alum Fred remarked when he addressed the room, "for those of us who did time together on the inside, #family means something a little different to us on the outside." ...

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With whom are you eating? Father Alfred Loua explores that question at the midday Eucharist Friday February 16. Watch the sermon. The readings are Isaiah 58:1-9a and Matthew 9:10-17.

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A statement from the Rev. Dr. William Lupfer, Rector: “Deborah Danner was one of us, a beloved member of the Trinity Church Wall Street community. Her death was a tragedy that could and should have been avoided.

As those among society’s most vulnerable, mentally ill people deserve to be treated with compassion and understanding. And those who engage with the mentally ill in highly charged situations require adequate training and resources to do so. That is why we join the Right Rev. Andrew ML Dietsche, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, in his call for the New York City Police Department to provide Crisis Intervention Training to all police officers by the end of 2018. We believe this additional training, applied department-wide, could help avert more tragedies like Deborah Danner’s death.”

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A newly-refurbished Noack Organ Co. organ has been installed at St. Paul's Chapel, completing the restoration of the almost 252-year-old chapel. You’re invited to hear it at many upcoming concerts:

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Service of Comfort for Deborah Danner: In Prayer and Witness. Chapel of All Saints, February 15, 2018, following the acquittal of the police officer charged with her fatal shooting.

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Reflecting on the headlines from Florida, Father Frank Hakoola reminds us we all have a role in rolling back evil. Watch the sermon. The readings are Deuteronomy 30:15-20 and Luke 9:18-25.

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A connection between Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday? Yes, says Father Mark Bozzuti-Jones. Watch the sermon. The readings are Joel 2:1-2, 12-17, Psalm 103:8-14, 2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10, and Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21.

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The Bell of Hope will be rung tomorrow, February 15, at noon, in remembrance of those who died or were wounded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

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“Deborah Danner was a child of God. Whatever happens with the verdict tomorrow morning, what’s indisputable is our city did not protect Deborah.” Statement from Episcopalians outside a Bronx courtroom.

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The trial of Sgt. Hugh Barry, charged in the fatal shooting of Deborah Danner, continues today with closing arguments. Members of the Trinity community, many of whom were friends of Deborah Danner, have been attending the trial, along with others from the Diocese of New York.
Here's the latest news coverage.

Taking the stand at his trial, Sgt. Hugh Barry said he entered the bedroom to grab Deborah Danner, 66, but “she was too fast for me.”
Trinity Wall Street updated their cover photo.
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