We drive the Legion of Legends...

The story continues, but first the old story must be told. Hear the tales of the Legion from its beginnings in a series of audiobook stories. Pass the word around. The next installment is coming soon...

Here is where you will soon be able to hear installments of our audio book about Europe's most famous heroes and how their story continues to this day. #legi...

I have a project for India, getting the Pied Piper of Hamelin there for a visit. He's on tour in Russia at the moment. Maybe someone has an idea for a fairytale cooperation?


Hello followers! With this new popularity, I may have to relaunch the website.
Hope I have some time. The shoemakers children go barefoot, you know.

Always help the customer. My restaurant mandate was getting bad online reviews. Research revealed that the Troll is another restaurant owner in the city. Tacky, for my taste.

Greetings to new friends and followers. We appear to be big in India, that's as good as "Big in Japan".

Kopf in die Fremdprojekte. Marketing geht bald wieder weiter.

Projekte Projekte. Eine Kunde gibt seine Website auf. Andere steuert relaunch an. Business as usual. 😉

Projects projects. A customer gives his website. Other controls relaunch. Business as usual. 󾍇

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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” John Ruskin

Eine kreative Gedanke von Heute: Bilder von Senioren mit dem Text "Ich habe kein Facebook, ich geh auf dem Wochenmarkt!"

"It is a mistake to ignore the creativity needed in an analytic professional. It is a good idea to probe whether or not a candidate for a job has some sort of music, art, or other creative activity in their background. The talents that enable those activities are also required to generate great analytics." - Keep Your Data Scientist…Send Me A Data Artist! BY BILL FRANKS

Triune Marketing updated their cover photo.
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Nicht effektive Werbung. Hunde können nicht lesen.

Not effective advertising. Dogs can't read.
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Triune Marketing updated their cover photo.
May 22, 2012
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Get ready for our newest event, Comedy in Hameln.