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Amymi Lee
· September 15, 2016
These signs keep us up !!!!!!! From 11km sign to the Trolltunga, for return we need 23km! We started at 7am and arrived the top at 12pm. Sit there and enjoyed lunch with Trolltunga which is a awesome ...view. At 13:30pm we started our way back to carpark.We walked slow and arrived before 18:30pm. Coz the connection Odda taxi schedule, so we just walked back slowly and slowly !!!
Reminder : First 1 & 3km are hard and last 3km for return are not that good too !!
Anyway we did it !! WE DID IT on 14 Sep ��������������
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Theresa Martin Farrell
· August 17, 2016
Amazing scenery. Beware. It's muddy, wet, snowy and very slippery. One must step from one stone to the next. Easy to slip and fall. First and last kilometer are the most difficult. My 25 year old daug...hter called it a death march. Never do dangerous unsafe stances, jumps, or stand sit near the edge of the trolltunga. You have everything to live for. Do not fall off a cliff and die because you are trying to take a picture to post on Twitter or Facebook. You can't see your face anyway from the distance pic is taken. A picture like this is not worth it. See More
Amy SG Lam
· August 26, 2016
This number was in my bucket-list that nearly put me in the bucket... !!! but it was well-worth the tough-hike (expected and prepared). Mother nature and the elements were kind and the weather was bea...utiful when I got there Sun 21Aug. Took me 3days and camped for 2night, and yes I am the white-hair lady with the full-pack :-) See More
Boris Kisov
· August 25, 2016
That was Absolutely STUNNING!!! Everyone should VISIT THIS INCREDIBLE PLACE!!!! Be prepared for 4-5 hours of hiking one way! First KM is very difficult ;) Best time to visit is summer!
Oh! Yeah! And ...the queue to take a foto on Trolltunga about 30-60 min ;) But it's worth waiting! See More
Leonardo Lima
· September 2, 2016
One of the most beautiful hikings that I've done in my life... even raining the landscapes are amazing. You should go up there. I really enjoyed!
Anne Mod
· November 23, 2016
One of the most amazing place in the world!
Петър Хамбарлийски
· May 21, 2017
It was so hard for that part of year, but we make it....
Dans Hadanonoks
· September 13, 2016
My dream come true��... Thanks to all the worlds angels to make it happen! Beuatiful, Amazing, Inspirutal. Feeling blessed and proud to make a hikeing of 22 km. Huppy�
Наталія Микич
· August 28, 2016
August 25, the weather was great , 9 hours of trip. It was very hard but great experience !
Jin Seong Jeong
· September 12, 2016
If you want to see nature made by god, it would be definitely right way.
Albinna Kalyuta
· September 12, 2016
It was incredible.
Delia Zavala
· September 15, 2016
Sin duda un lugar expectacular, al que me encantaria regresar. La caminata hacia Trolltunga es dificil por eso hay que ir muy bien informados y preparados para el clima que puede cambiar de un moment...o a otro y llevar agua y comida. En la caminata de 11 kilometros el mas dificil es el primer kilometro que va muy cuesta arriba, almenos es lo que a mi me parecio. El esfuerzo de la caminata vale la pena porque cuando llegas a Trolltunga sabes porque lo hiciste y el cansancio se te pasara jaja. See More
Nadine Forest
· October 25, 2017
♡ Sau anstrengend aber das ist eine Wanderung die MUSS man gemacht haben ♡ ich würde es immer wieder machen, super schön!!!! ♡
Mathis Meinders
· November 8, 2017
Auf jeden Fall keine Wanderung für Warmduscher. 23 km hin und zurück. Oben war es echt kalt. Aber der Blick entschädigt für alle Qualen �
Diana Claudia Misiewicz
· May 19, 2017
Fysiskt krävande vandring, såklart. Vädret kan växla om väldigt snabbt påväg upp till toppen,
Så var väl förberedda och pålästa dvs. Vandringsskor, vattentätakläder,underställ, ryggsäck med mat ect. V...äldigt lerigt och halt på många ställen därför rekomenderar jag vandringsstav som ger stöd under turen.Det är utmarkerat på stenar med TT i röd färg så att man lättare hittar. Något av det bästa jag gjort :). Overkligt vackert !!! See More
Mariana Vazquez Del Mercado
· September 8, 2016
Es un paseo precioso e inolvidable, pero SÓLO si se tiene el equipo adecuado. Subir con lluvia es frío y peligroso, hay niebla y se forman ríos y lodo que hace muy lento y difícil el camino. Ir bien p...reparado para una caminata muy difícil y pesada, los kilómetros son casi todos de montaña cuesta arriba. Sólo 2 kilómetros de los 11 son planos. See More
Morcinek Pełszyn
· September 13, 2016
Jeden z dłuższych spacerów w górach na jakim byłem, przez ciagle skakanie z kamienia na kamień, kolana bolały strasznie, ale jest to cudowne miejsce do którego nawet dłuższa droga poszedłbym, oczywiś nie na drugi dzien;) See More
John Coltrane
· October 25, 2016
Wspaniałe miejsce a trasa dosyć wymagająca, szczególnie zejście. Spędziłem tam 2 noce, jedną w namiocie a drugą w kabinie ratunkowej. Mimo dobrego przygotowania sprzętowego, pogoda dała nam w kość. to spotkaliśmy na trasie kilka osób totalnie bez wyobraźni. Zimą w dresach i bez rękawic w lekkiej kurtce. Straszne. To może być ostatni rok by zobaczyć trolltunga taką jak jest teraz. Budowana jest droga na górę. W tym roku odwiedziło język trolla 100 000 ludzi. Gdy powstanie droga zaczną się pielgrzymki. Nad tym ubolewam � See More
May-britt Hestetun
· September 23, 2016
Fantastisk tur og utsikt opp til Trolltunga 1100 MOH og 700 meter over Ringedalsvatnet i Skjeggedal ved Tyssedal i Odda Kommune.
22 km Krevende tur tar 8-10 timer.
Magisk opplevelse.
Patrick Huang
· December 20, 2016
Experience The Mountains
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Trolltunga Trail Information added 2 new photos.

SNOW! This is the photos from the trail to Trolltunga today! It can be really dangerous to by yourself. Only go with a pro guide. Please share this to friends a...nd family that are going to this area. #trolltunga #hardanger #snow #sludd #safetyfirst #extremeweather #wind #winteriscoming #hikingnorway

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Ville du tatt deg eit bad?

Would you take a bath?
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Buarbreen - Folgefonna Nasjonalpark- Glacier is at Buarbreen.

Isbad i Reinanuten❄️

Isbad in reinanuten ❄️

Odda offers some mighty experiences!

Buarbreen - Folgefonna Nasjonalpark- Glacier added 13 new photos.

Seinsommartur i Reinanuten☀️
Turen til Reinanuten 1297moh, starter fra Buer og tusen høydemeter skal tilbakelegges. Det er en flott dagstur og bergnet tid t/r e...r omlag 6 timar. På denne tiden av året er fargane i isen på sitt flotteste og lufta er krystallklar. Under oppstigningen er det en storslagen utsikt. På nuten går du inn til isevggen, krono i Buarbreen. Her er 30 meter høge tårn og spir av is og et mektig og majestetisk landskap.❄️

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Seinsommartur in reinanuten ☀️ The trip to Reinanuten 1297 MOH, starts from the bows and a thousand altitude shall tilbakelegges. It's a great day trip and bergnet time t / r is about 6 hours. At this time of year, fargane is in the ice at its finest and the air is crystal clear. During our ascent, it is an epic view. On Nuten, you go in to isevggen, Chrono In Buarbreen. Here's 30 feet tall tower and spire of ice and a powerful and majestic landscape. ❄️

New route!

Trolltunga Active added 6 new photos.

Today Trolltunga Active started the construction our spectacular new Via Ferrata; Trolltunga Via Ferrata #trolltungaviaferrata"

This ultimate #Trolltunga experi...ence Will be launched June 2018. Booking opens soon;

Here are some pics from today's "day at the office".

#Trolltunga #visithardanger #visitodda #trolltungaactive #Odda #trolltungaviaferrata #HAPPINESS #visitnorway #norway #fjords #natureporn

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Another great option for hiking in Odda:)

Velkommen til Buarbreen.
Turen går gjennom et variert landskap inn mot isen. Gårder, rasteplass, mange fossefall, broer og tau å klatre i. Morsom tur!
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June 1, 2017
78 Likes, 6 Comments - Trolltunga Active (@trolltungaactive) on Instagram: “It has been a great spring with our #guidedtours #TrolltungaWinter. Please note that you only can…”
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Trolltunga updated their cover photo.
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This is not Trolltunga, but another secret place of Ålvik.

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Guro Aalvik

Professional climber: Magnus Midtbø.

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Not just Trolltunga. Enjoy Hardanger!

The Golden Routes of Hardanger - Norwegian nature at its finest.

Take a look at this project:)

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