How to use ACES to file service tax

The Department of Revenue has introduced the automation of central excise and service tax (ACES) facility, which enables users to register and pay their service tax online. If you offer a service for a fee, you must check if it is subject to tax. You have to pay service tax at the rate announced by the government, for which you need a service tax registration number. You also have to file service tax returns regularly, showing the tax paid.... ACES enables you to access all the compliance requirements at one place.


You can register online at ACES only after getting a service tax registration number. You will get a user name and password to enable you to file your return.


The service tax return has to be filed twice a year in Form ST-3. This can be done online at ACES, including filing of refund claims. The return can also be filed using the Excel download utility, which shows the format of returns on a spreadsheet.


The return can be reviewed and modified within 90 days of submission. After that, it moves for assessment and cannot be modified. However, you can file a revised return.

The payment of the due service tax must be done using the challan system described by ACES. Banks offer service tax challan services to customers, both online and offline.

Points to note

The return filed using Excel in the download utility option must be validated and corrected for errors before submitting it at ACES.

If there are errors, these will be highlighted and available for correction before uploading the returns.

Registered and trained accountants are available to complete the process of filing returns for a fee.

By: Girija Gadre

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Overwhelming Response to e-Filing of Itr: 123.03 Lakh Returns e-Filed till 5th August, 2013

Overwhelming Response to e-Filing of Itr: 123.03 Lakh Returns e-Filed till 5th August, 2013 Which is 68.3%
Higher than the Returns e-Filed in the Corresponding Period During Last Year: 6.92 Lakh Returns e-Filed on 5th August, 2013 Itself
The due date for filing of Income Tax Return for Individuals, HUFs and non-auditable cases for A.Y. 2013-14 was extended by the Central Board of Direc...t Taxes (CBDT) from 31st July to 5th August, 2013 as there was an overwhelming response to e-filing from every corner of the country. 123.03 lakh returns have been e-filed till 5th August, 2013 which is 68.3% higher than 73.11 lakh returns e-filed in the corresponding period during last year. 6.92 lakh returns were e-filed on 5th August, 2013 itself. The assessees having salary income can file return using ITR 1 or ITR 2. Up to 5th August, 87,13,493 returns were e-filed under ITR 1 and ITR 2 which is 85.8% higher than the 46,90,279 returns e-filed under ITR 1 and ITR 2 in the corresponding period last fiscal.

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What’s new with Income Taxes and e-Filing this year

As an Individual you are required by law to file your Income Tax Returns, if your

total income without allowing deductions (such as Section80C etc) exceeds the


basic exemption limit.

There’s good news for you because for this assessment year(2013-14), the

exemption limit has been increased.

For Individuals below the age of 60 (both men and women),the exemption limit is

Rs. 2 Lakh.
For senior citizens above the age of 60, the exemption limit is Rs. 2.5 Lakh
And finally, for super senior citizens (Individuals above the age of 80), the

exemption limit is raised to Rs. 5 lakh

There’s some more good news for Senior Citizens because the eligible age for

Senior Citizens has been reduced from 65 to 60 years for:

Section 80D (Deductions on Medical Insurance),
Section 80DDB (Deduction on Medical Treatment) and 197A

Changes in e-Filing this year onwards

E-Filing is compulsory for people earning more than Rs. 5Lakhs. This refers to

the total income amount after claiming tax deductions like section 80 deductions.
You will need to enter the IFSC code instead of MICR code while specifying

your account details.
For getting refund via ECS (i.e. directly into your bank account), you have to

specify an 11-digit number Bank Account Number.
If you do not have an 11-digit bank account number, then you have to request

your refund via cheque.
You will have to file the ITR-2 in case of exempt income exceeding Rs. 5,000.

Common examples of Exempt Income are PPF interest. Dividend earned from

shares etc.
Remember to claim Section 80TTA: Everyone should declare their Bank Interest

Income and then claim this deduction.
Section 80D (Preventive Healthcare Expenses)
You can claim up to Rs. 5000 for preventive Healthcare Expenses. (The

expenditure could have been in cash too)
Declaration of Assets and Liabilities for Business people:If you earn Income

from Business or Profession and your Total Income exceeds Rs. 25 Lakhs, you

have to provide the details of all your personal and business Assets & Liabilities in

Income Tax return itself. This is for people filling in ITR-3 and ITR-4 only.
Foreign Income declaration: Income earned from foreign countries has to be

declared in the ITR. This is in addition declaration of all
foreign assets in your I-T Return.

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Common Mistakes in Filling of Income Tax Return (ITR) Form - Asstt. Year- 2012-13

Reasons for mistakes in calculation of Income.The accurate and complete filling up of the relevant column or detail in the Income Tax Return (ITR) form is most crucial for correct calculation of income. In case the computation of Income or refund is different than what had been entered or what is expected, please verify the accuracy of the data entered by you in the ITR.

Except for limited numbe...

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Application form for TRPS Reassessment is available for candidates from Batch I and II,, who missed chance to attend training/assessment and want to become TRPs. Please share as much as you can.

Candidates can visit to fill online application form.

The TRPs will be authorized to prepare Income Tax Returns for individual and HUF taxpayers. The Tax Return Preparer Scheme [see Notification Number S.O. 2039(E) dated 28th November 2006 as amended vide Notification Number 84/2010 dated 22nd November 2010 on] was launched by the Inc...

Dear TRPs,

Please be informed that an Advance Learning content named as “Advance Learning on Direct Taxes II” has been uploaded as part of e-learning content for TRPs, which consists of Advance Learning based on “House Property”, “Basic Concepts & Residential Status”, “Allowances (Theoretical)” & “Retirement Benefits (Theoretical)” .

To access the same, kindly login to Resource Center > Learning Center > Advance Learning on Direct Taxes II


For more information on the same or in-case any assistance is required kindly contact TRPS Helpdesk at 1800-102-3738 (operational from Mon to Sat between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM).

[TRPS Helpdesk]

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Courses Enrolled
S.No. Courses Active Course Start Date End Date Course Type
1. Advance Learning-Direct Taxes Part II 04/19/2013 04/19/2015 Online

now.... above course is enable to TRP for learning.... in learning center... view it.. and learn it.

Double indexation would kick in if we invest in the first financial year and sell in the third financial year.

Dear TRPs,

Please be informed that the TRPs need to declare the count of return which they have targeted to file in that particular Month. To do the same, TRPs need to access the Resource Center and submit the expected count of return in Monthly Data Dashboard.

In-case any assistance is required, kindly contact TRPS Helpdesk at 1800-102-3738 (operational from Mon to Sat between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


[TRPS Helpdesk]

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Trpscheme added 2 new photos to the album: TDS.


All the TRPs are requested to create a Gmail id and update the same in their Resource Center Profile as soon as they receive User Id/Password for the same through email, on their registered email id.

[TRPS Helpdesk]

Loan For TRP - By Canara Bank Guide :



Loan scheme to finance individuals possessing a valid certificate to practice as a Tax Return Preparer (TRP) as per the scheme formulated by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India for preparation of income tax returns.


Purchase of computer, Printer and other peripherals/accessories i.e., necessary software, furniture, mobile telephone, tax books, technical literature etc.


Individual customers of the bank with satisfactory dealings possessing a valid TRP Certificate. For new customers, the account should be properly introduced to the Bank and should satisfy other eligibility norms.


Need based finance with a maximum of Rs.60000/-. (Rupees Sixty thousand only).


A minimum margin of 15% on project cost


Entire loan together with interest shall be repaid within 60 months in step up EMIs, with 3 months repayment holiday.


Hypothecation of the assets created out of the loan & Suitable Co-obligation.


A lumpsum amount of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five hundred only)


The assets created to be insured.

For more details, please visit our nearest branch or call to toll free no. 1800 425 0018.…/scripts/pblcanaraguide.aspx

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Loan scheme to finance individuals possessing a valid certificate to practice as a Tax Return Preparer (TRP) as per the scheme formulated by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India for preparation of income tax returns.
Fiscal deficit can be partially reduced if the tax authorities succeed in the recovery of tax arrears worth Rs 2,12,449 crore from four defaulters including Hasan Ali Group n(Rs 1,65,663 crore), Harshad Mehta Group (Rs 39,740 crore), Ketan Parekh

IFSC: India financial system code
What is it: An 11-digit alphanumeric (letters and numbers) code that helps identify bank branches. The first four numbers represent the bank’s code (alphabetic), the fifth number is a control character (0), and the next six numbers denote a bank branch. For example, the IFSC for HDFC Bank Ltd’s Colaba branch in Mumbai reads as HDFC0000085. This code is mentioned on your cheque. Different banks mention it at different places on the cheque.
It need:- When sending money through RTGS or NEFT, you need to know the IFSC of the receiving branch.

In a stern warning to those not paying taxes, I-T Dept said it is sending letters to 35,170 PAN holders in the first phase for not filing returns.

MICR: Magnetic ink char acter recognition
What is it: MICR code (pronounced my-ker) is a nine-digit number printed on banking instruments such as a cheque or a demand draft using a special type of ink made of magnetic material. The first three digits denote the city. The fourth to sixth digits denote the bank, while the last three digits denote the branch number. The code is read by a machine, minimizing the chances of error in cl...earing of cheques, thereby making funds transfer faster. For example, in the MICR code 400240019, 400 denotes Mumbai, 240 denotes HDFC Bank Ltd and 019 denotes the Colaba branch of the bank.

You will find the number on the right of the cheque number at the bottom of the cheque leaf.

When do you need it: MICR code allows money to drop directly into your bank account for payments such as salaries and dividends. Your tax refund will come to you faster if you remember to mention this on the refund form. Refunds of unwanted money in initial public offers, too, drop back if you put down your code on the application form.

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,Indian Express,Certified professionals who help people file tax returns should constantly update their knowledge and help taxpayers reduce the cost of compliance, Minister of State for Finance S S Palanimanickam today said. - Popular.