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Calli Andrews Ross
· December 1, 2017
A big shout out to the fire department. We had to call 911 the other day (lil dude was having trouble breathing; not an uncommon occurrence and doing much better now). As we were loading up, the fire ...department asked if they could stay and fix a few things for us. I come home a few days later to upgraded fire detectors (installed) and a brand new wheelchair ramp. This goes above and beyond- I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Thank you � See More
Sarah Gedney
· August 17, 2017
A few fine gentlemen caught me struggling along at the Beaverton Town Center Fred Meyer's, carrying groceries and ushering my three young children out to the car. They offered to carry my bags to the and treated my little ones to their TVF&R badge stickers.
These guys brightened mine and the kid's day with a simple act of kindness. Thank you so much for your chivalry!
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Gary McNicholas
· September 11, 2017
TVFR is a great fire department. I was assigned to T67 for 3 months and I was assigned to E67 for two weeks when I was a PCC student firefighter at Portland Community College and I was assigned to the... fire station 67. Thanks to my PCC fire instructor Dennis Katz! I loved hanging out and working with the firefighters at the station 67 for 15 hours at 07:00 to 22:00. I will never forget TVFR. See More
Dee Carlson
· November 12, 2017
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Renee Eckert
· February 3, 2017
One of these guys saved my bacon today. I put my son's homemade birthday invitations in a ziplock on the top of my car while I hustled him into his car seat, immediately forgot about them and drove aw...ay. A fireman found them in the street, picked them up out of the wet and rain, and called the RSVP number to let me know they were at the Fred Meyer customer service desk. Talk about a random act of kindness! See More
Leslie Shaw
· February 12, 2018
They are very courteous, helpful . Glad they added Newberg to the mix.
Molly Wryn
· March 26, 2016
I'm so grateful to these compassionate heroes who flew to my rescue in the wee hours of the morning when asthma took my breath away. There's a remarkable calm that settles in one's heart when in the m...idst of these expertly trained professionals. It comes from their reassuring strength and steadiness of purpose: to ensure the survival of those in their care. I am in awe of the men and women who choose Fire and Rescue as their life's calling, always prepared and willing at a moment's notice to rescue their fellow human beings, even at the risk to their own lives. Thank you Tualatin Fire and Rescue for your selfless devotion to your community, and for helping me breathe! My husband JD offers his heartfelt thanks as well! :-) See More
Crystal Lynn
· September 16, 2017
My car caught on fire while I was driving today. You guys were so helpful and kind. Thank you �
Jessica Brown
· December 16, 2016
Stopped by to drop of toys and to tell the crew thanks for all that they do. They were kind enough to let our kiddos check out their truck.
I'm so happy to hear how the community came together to hel...p them out after all that they do for us.
Keep up the good work, y'all are appreciated.
Merry Christmas.
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Thomas Ray Odaniels
· March 24, 2017
Early this morning I found out the ring I had put on my finger last night was wayyyyy too small & it had swollen up quite a bit......I rode to the Fire Station & rang the bell....The fireman helped me... greatly by cutting the ring off my finger.....It was a hard type 316 SS ring but they got it off.....!! Thanks alot!! A long time resident of Tigard.....!!! See More
Alexa Craig
· May 3, 2016
Hopefully I don't need you guys for any emergencies but you just stopped in Wilsonville and my 4 year old was amazed. Thank you for the sticker! He says he was just shy but that the sticker is "so ama...zing!" Put it on his fire truck and everything. :) Thanks for taking time out to make a kids night! See More
Cam Iyam
· October 16, 2017
Thanks for coming out to California to help us out with the #TubbsFire! You are appreciated ��
Lane Browning
· July 8, 2017
Thanks for putting out the fire in my office without leaving ANY water or foam behind! Appreciated the call too. Short trip from the station across from the library! Thanks again.
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· July 4, 2017
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Evelyn Montano Hillsman
· November 13, 2014
I want to thank the Tualatin Valley fire dept for their fast response to a fire to an upstairs apt balcony that was on fire with the winds blowing so hard that day it could have gotten out of control of the fireman asked who called them I told him i had he thanked me I couldn't believe it they are the ones that face danger everyday you just want to say thank you and you guys are great See More
Jenn Myers
· December 23, 2015
Thank you tvfr on the 7th my son had some issues and a team responded so fast I could barely wipe the tears from my eye. Thank you thank you thank you a million times for all the work you do.
Debbie Norman
· February 4, 2017
Thank you for getting the fire alarms turned off on Jaden drive. After being on for the last 18 hours, it is very much appreciated. You are our heroes.
Heather Smith-Cannoy
· June 18, 2016
Just wanted to say thank you for taking a few minutes to make my 2 year olds day. Some of your firefighters were kind enough to let him check out the engine, really can't thank you enough!
Trinity Lynn
· February 13, 2017
Truly our heros. They all have huge hearts and care so much. Thank you for caring for our baby and our family so much.
Zubaidah Alrubaye
· June 1, 2017
There are not enough words in the world to describe how great these people are!!!
Recruits of the 17-01 academy take the oath to serve our community.
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Pipes & Drums stopped by our Command and Business Operations Center in Tigard to spread some St. Patrick's Day cheer! Their next stop is All-Ireland Cultural Society of Oregon.
We are proud to be honoring 24 survivors at our third annual Cardiac Arrest Survivors' Breakfast. These individuals are a testament to the importance of learning CPR, EMS training and a strong emergency response system. #HeartMonth #TVFRHeart

Over the weekend, we were honored to celebrate 24 survivors at our fourth annual Cardiac Arrest Survivors Breakfast. These individuals are a testament to the importance of learning CPR and having access to AEDs, EMS training and a strong emergency response and healthcare system. It was inspiring to see our new survivors reunite with the people who took action and helped to save their lives. #HeartMonth #TVFRHeart

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Join in the fight against heart disease. Learn hands-only CPR and download PulsePoint for free, so you can be notified if someone nearby in a public place needs CPR. #TVFRHeart #HeartMonth

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