Hey guys, here's a little remix we did that we are giving out for a free download. We've been hard at work on some other songs as well so look out ...

Hey! New free track under my new alias!

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Hey guys!

My EP came out under my new alias Oliver and Diano today!

Go check it out and buy it if you have moniez n' stuff!

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Alabama based duo Oliver & Diano strike the scene harder than ever with their bangin' debut release of the PRTYSTRTR EP. The duo's forthcoming release brings a massive electro vibe to the table that is not often seen in the genre. The PRTYSTRTR EP kicks off with the title track 'PRTYSTRTR', a grand…

Hey guys the debut EP under my new collaborative project Oliver and Diano is coming out on beatport tomorrow

Here are the previews

I'd love for you guys to check them out

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Debut EP out April 29, 2013!

Hey guys I just put out most likely my last track under this name..

And it's FREE

So you can get it here..


It also includes a remix by Wellumtomo so check that out it's on my soundcloud as well..

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Hey guys this free EP will most likely be my last set of tracks from me.. I have decided to do a name change. I did it because this name is ...

Hey guys.. I know this is probably going to throw you off and whatnot.. but I'm continuing my music endeavors under a new name.. Where I can take a more professional approach to everything with a fresh start.

So, if you could like my new facebook page "Oliver Gamble" I'd be very happy. woo!

Love u all <33

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Hey guys I am playing an event on on April 6th with Candyland, At Dawn We Rage, And a bunch of others

Hosted by EDM Sauce

Here's the event link:

Sat 7:00 PM
177 people went


So I wanted to like inform you guys of something.

I'm playing at the Imagine Festival with some of the headliners being Dieselboy / NERD RAGE / DJ Kid Cedek.


The event page is here:

And you can buy your tickets here:

But buy them soon because they are going REALLY fast!

peaze (─‿‿─)

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guys i promise I'm going to get some new songs out to you soon.

I'm just sorting some things out and what-not; I have had some seriously awesome opportunities proposed to me so I am finishing those off and bam.

New tracks soon I promiz

The power went out in my area/grid


Last night was so awesome!

Thanks to everyone who came out..

1,600 people..


So amazing

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Gotta free song coming soon!

It's an indie dance track I did with "Code 1"

I think you all will luv it


♪♫♪♪ ~ ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪ ~ ♪♫♪♪

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this melodic dubstep track is sounding so good ommqmqmqmq cant wait to show you all


Lucky Date - Freak (Original Mix) Available on Beatport MONDAY February 25, 2013 Warpath Group

eating animal crackers and making music

omq ≧◠◡◠≦

Thought i should post this again..

Tell me what you guys think?…/tuck-chesta-code-1-prtystrtr-2

Uhh so yeah.. new track that I did with a friend of mine.. It's almost done but yeah it's unsigned at the moment so just wait for it i promiz...

evry 1 of u

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