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Adam Case
· February 16, 2018
This is by far the worst service I have ever had. I had to bring in outside parties to get things resolved once for a transmission issue. Then I take it in for exhaust work done and they had my vehicl...e for 7 days with a 1 day rental. What kind of shit is this. They lie they cheat and scam you out of your money. They have yet to fulfil one promise they have ever made to me. And keep making excuses to as why things keep happening or on the other end why things aren’t happening so fast. I have called multiple times about my vehicle and I get told by a lady named Danielle that she will pass a message on and it never seems to get to where it’s supposed to be leaving me in the dark. And if that’s not enough on top of all of this I go to get into my truck and realize they broke a piece inside my truck. And they came out and said well things get brittle. Idc if they do or not I didn’t break it they did. And they told me to leave it so they could fix it. Like no thanks Larry h Miller you will never see me again. And I will Be definitely giving you guys a bad rep on all the people I wanted to send to you guys. Beyond pissed off See More
David Larson
· November 26, 2017
Worked with Jordan in sales, went in thinking we were only looking, (I had a car to trade, but wanted to fix it before bringing it for a trade eval.) they ended up offering to buy car as is and pay of...f remaining loan, got me into a new car. Also made us feel at home even with our two crazy kids running around the whole time. At the end of the day, we rang the bell and took home our new grand caravan. : See More
Lou Ascarrunz
· February 5, 2018
I went in for an oil change on my 2012 Dodge Ram 1500, and wound up driving home with a 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn from LHM Tucson because they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I love my new truc...k, and LHM has been very fair with me. Like any car dealer, they are a business that sells cars. It's up to you to negotiate the best price for you. See More
Emily Lopez
· February 1, 2018
***less than 1 star!!!!!!!!

I would like to share my thoughts on something I’m going through. I purchased a 2017 Dodge Ram Sport in March of 2017 from Larry Miller Dodge of Tucson. Since I’ve taken possession of the truck, I’ve only been treated like “Shit” by the dealership, and by Dodge customer care. Neither one of them should be in business!! They don’t believe in customer service or customer retention! Everytime I get my vehicle back there just so happens to be “lot damage” dents, scraps and dings in it!
I’m going to tell everyone not to buy a vehicle from them or any Dodge product! I will never buy another Dodge or Chrysler product ever again!! If you do, you will be sorry!!
I have engine problems, transmission issues, and my brakes squeak. Larry Miller Dodge has removed my cylinder heads twice and the engine noise is still there, they keep trying new software updates for the transmission that do nothing, they have done nothing for the brake squeak. I’ve sent them videos of all of my concerns. Why should the consumer have to send them videos? They know that all of these problems exist, so why did they need proof.

A brand new truck, that had paint problems when it had 0 miles on it, had to have the paint redone in the front door, front pillars. And redone AGAIN after I picked it up because they damaged my front fender by bending it to fix the front door paint!!!! A brand new truck, that now has thousands of dollars worthy of paint and body work, from the factory and from the DEALERSHIP, but yet we are the bad guys because we purchased the truck and put our trust into Larry Miller, it’s our fault as a customer? I think not. I think Larry Miller needs to have a huge overhaul of their employees who lack any customer service skills.

If you bought a brand new truck for over $50,000.00 would you want to have paint and body work, new lifters (3 times), squeaky brakes, and an erratically shifting transmission? I think not. Get it together Dodge!

We have been in the Automotive business combined total of over 25 years, I would never imagine treating one of my customers the way Larry Miller does business! If you come here for service, look around- do you notice that there is ALWAYS new employees in the service department? Yep... that should tell you everything about this business.
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Dayna Troutman Head
· October 6, 2017
My husband purchased a front air deflector for our 2010 Chrysler Town & Country touring edition. He started the order August 29th, it didn’t get processed until August 31st. We received it on Septembe...r 15th broken in the box. The box itself was not damaged only the deflector. My husband contacted Jonathan Fischer to request a replacement part or refund. He refused to pay the return shipping. He’s been waiting on Fed Ex to see if they’ll refund the shipping. It is October 6th and we still don’t have a replacement part or full refund. The inspection sticker on this product showed it had last been inspected in 2015. Even after taking pictures and sending them to him, he’s not refunded all of our money or just sent a replacement part. See More
Danielle Marie DaVault
· November 19, 2017
Will never go back here again !! Absolutely horrible service. Went in for an oil change got in my car and when u drive off it was shaking and pulling to the left none of which happened when I brought in. I've never enjoyed going here but after this time I'm done! Bunch of crooks See More
Dawn Cowan
· December 2, 2017
Thaddeus was awesome. We ended up paying a bit more than we originally wanted to but that was mostly because we got a lot more car than we had originally thought we could get! The financing with Jose ...was also awesome working hard to find us the best deal possible. Thank you Larry H.Miller Dodge! See More
Paula Winter Allen
· August 29, 2017
I tried to contact your Service Department every day last week to make an appointment for a service recall. Phone rang and rang.

I was assured via your website chat person that I would receive a cal...l from your service department. Not!

Then I left messages with the operator asking for a call from the Service Department. Nothing.

So tomorrow I will drive down to Nogales for repair. They answered the phone the first time I tried!

I'm considering trading my Dodge van for another make just so I can get service locally!

Please don't advertise something you simply can't deliver!
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Kezia Slaughter
· December 19, 2017
Misleading “no hassle” prices. Was willing to pay for a car yesterday but they not only denied my offer but the whole “no hassle” promise is false advertising. I thought “no hassle” meant no hassle. W...aisted two plus hours of my evening for them not to sell me a vehicle when that is precisely why I visited. See More
Joretta McCoy
· February 7, 2018
We bought a brand new 2018 dodge van it's beautiful the salesman SHOES was wonderful the experience was wonderful and he answered all our questions. We would recommend him to help you buy a new card n...o money down no payments for two months. Go check them out tell them I sent you See More
Celina Nelson
· July 30, 2017
I bought a 2014 Dodge Dart GT, 6 months after owning the car I started having electric problems. My Windows and sunroof would not roll up and a week later it wouldn't start. After the next day it star...ted working. A year later my car did not start again. I was in a public parking lot and my doors would not lock due to a failure in the electrical issues. My car stayed in a bad neighborhood insecure. I called for a tow truck the next morning since the dealer was not open, this was Friday morning at 9:30 AM. The tow truck arrived at 1pm mind u not the towing service for dodge, I find out that my car didn't arrive to dodge until 4:30pm and they could not look at my car until Monday morning. Once they got to my car they told me nothing was wrong it started after sitting for 4 days. That's great a few months later same issue, I take it back to the dealer and they tell me I need a new battery � only a year and a half, ok they covered it for free cool. Another year and a half later my battery dies again, a few months out of warranty, I miss work to purchase a new battery from auto-zone with a 5 year warranty since Dodge offer crappy and cheap parts. A few weeks later my car stalls � I take it back in and the code reads an air hose leaks � after my car sat at the dealer all day, I made many phone calls to get a status, apparently I would get a callback but never did. Finally I just go down to the dealer right before they close and they tell me my car is done. Well thanks for the fucking phone call. All they had to do was reprogram the module that said I had a leak and turns out I never had a leak. Well wtf why is my car always shutting off and not starting, why do I need to take my car in every year for the same issues. Working for GEICO and being that we offer a warranty, when I talked to them the agent told me they get many calls about the dodge darts having issues. So never will I ever buy a dodge or Chrysler again. Not would I ever recommend anyone to Larry H Miller because the sales agent tried to screw me over on the sale and they didn't give any discounts for serving in the military. See More
Nuni Ibarra
· September 26, 2017
Don't believe the big prices they put on the rear view window. Apparently this dealership is like Verizon and they live to nickel and dime you. Those prices are just base model prices and do not refl...ect the vehicle you're currently looking at. It's not advertising fraud because of the fine print at the bottom. And one of their managers has a sarcastic attitude, specifically the one they're honoring. So I prefer going to Jim Click at the auto mall. I still want to buy Dodge, but will never visit these clowns again. See More
Isabell Franchi
· February 20, 2018
Poor customer service! Staff was rude and the dealer has been blowing me off regarding my tire issue!Very disappointed! Will not recommend or ever get another car from that dealer!
Christina Carlos Dillon
· July 19, 2017
So we have had several issues with this particular dodge dealership. It took you guys 3 times to fix our cruise control. We also had an issue
With our DVD player it complete broke. I made 4 visits t...o get it resolved with no luck and all this was around a 5 month period (ridiculous) to get our radio fixed, which by the way ended up with your guys coming to my work to get my van and to fix the issue. That was a nightmare. Then y'all begged us not to leave your store. So today we came out had an appt and we're told it was going to be a 3 hour wait on top of that it took someone 25 mins to even come out to get us checked in. Needless to say we didn't get our oil changed with y'all we went somewhere else. All that being said I'm done with Larry H. Miller. We will go visits Jim Click from here on out and hopefully his company will be better. The sad part is I love my van and I love the Dodge Ram trucks but with this issue we will NEVER buy Dodge again. See More
Katie Parrill Liddle
· December 29, 2017
Your commercials at 10 pm are horrible!! I'm quietly watching the news until your commercial airs and next thing I know there is a loud scream occuring in my house. Loud enough to wake the sleeping neighbors.
Paige Magelky
· July 14, 2017
If I could leave a zero star rating I would. Since having service performed here we have received numerous phone calls, emails and snail mail about trading in/purchasing a new vehicle though them. On ...two accounts when speaking to two different sales reps they have asked if we've completed the online opt out form (which we have), then state that they cannot find us in their system. We get snail mail from them almost every day and this company is too inept to remove us from their sales campaign. We won't be returning. See More
MiguelAngel Nava
· August 29, 2017
Worst place! Had my car for 4 years and it's been great! They have been calling me for the past year or two to trade my car in and when I finally decided to do it! It was the worst mistake. I got to the bell and I was signing paper work when the manager comes and tells me they put the wrong info and I won't be taking the car! Such an embarrassment! They act like little kids! Never again! Don't even bother trust me! See More
Mike Robinette
· July 1, 2017
We just purchased a 2017 1500 Laramie Limited from Larry H. Miller. Jose Navarro was our sales representative and exceeded our expectations and met all of our requests. Specifically, we hate the portion of the buying process and before coming in, chatted with someone through their website. I received an email from the General Sales Manager, Rich Smith, with three short questions that I answered outlining our expectations. Jose Navarro was assigned to us prior to us going into the dealership and was aware of our expectations. Because of this, this was probably one of the least stressful car buying experiences we've had. He answered any question we had and ran all over pulling trucks up for us to look at to keep us out of the heat. He definitely hustled for us and we greatly appreciate it. When you factor in there was a trade-in involved, it was a very smooth process. The only stress that day was the heat outside.

Thanks for the great buying experience.
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Alex Valencia
· January 31, 2018
This place is a joke!! Service department allowes'kids from near by school and homeless stroll around in sitting area grab popcorn and refreshments with dirty hands and walk on out. Not to mention 2 Wait for oil change. :/ my last time giving them business!!! See More
Betty Bitgood
· August 30, 2017
I represent a ministry that helps the homeless and disadvantaged folks of Tucson. Your company, along with Omar Guevara and Chris Corbally and their excellent help, is allowing Hope of Glory Ministrie...s to pick up more more folks and transport more supplies and equipment! We purchased a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan and we wish to thank you for your excellence and consideration in all aspects of the sale! See More
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