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Cristina Guja
· February 16, 2015
Interested in adding a little color to your resume? S-MUNOB 2015 gives you the ultimate international experience: the chance to participate as a delegate in a diplomatic conference, the possibility to... improve your debating skills and to share your experience with people from all over the world.
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See you in March at S-MUNOB 2015!
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Mihai Adevar
· February 5, 2016
acsest liceu nu e bun mergte-ti la leonida

Simtiti ca aveti nevoie de un nou inceput in viata profesionala, dupa ani de zile ca angajat? Va doriti sa va incepeti diminetile fara lehamitea rutinei? Vreti sa construiti un business al vostru, dar aveti nevoie de putina inspiratie si indrumare?

Miercuri 14 Martie de la 18:30 vorbim cu trei oameni care au lasat joburi corporatiste pentru proiecte proprii (unele mici, altele din ce in ce mai mari): Alexandra Druta - Molcush, Florin Daniel Cioaca - TRADERION. The game you ca...n put on your résumé., Ioan Istrate - XPRIZE Visioneer.

Daca va intereseaza genul asta de nou inceput (si poate va da tarcoale gandul sa incercati si voi), va asteptam la Commons. Mai multe detalii in pagina evenimentului. Nu uitati sa va inregistrati pe Eventbrite

RisersNet este comunitatea construita in jurul profesionistilor cu experienta, care vor sa porneasca businessuri noi si-si cauta coechipieri si un punct de plecare. Un proiect inceput de Adina Bigas, Miruna Girtu, Sorin Axinte, Claudiu Vrinceanu si Andrei Brad.

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Wed 6:30 PM UTC+02CommonsBucharest, Romania
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All it takes to play one is a rudimentary understanding of the major scale, and brushing up on your do-re-mis. (via Circuit Breaker)

The AR-7778 musical calculator is a fun toy you can use to play simple tunes.
Users with Alexa-enabled devices have begun reporting hearing strange, unprompted laughter.

While the process’ potential has been immediately correlated with the medical industry, one can only imagine its effect on manufacturing as a whole.

3-D printing is slow; it’s really just “2-D printing over and over,” says chemist and material scientist Joseph DeSim...
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The US intelligence community is still worried about Chinese tech giants’ government ties.

Huawei? No way, say US spy chiefs.
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Epoch Times Romania is with Cristi Danilet.

"Deci eu, omul legii, condamn o persoană şi publicul cu drept de vot se duce şi o votează să ajungă în fruntea ţării unde ăla să-mi facă mie legi. Aici am ajuns... în România din cauza lipsei de civism, de moralitate și de cunoştinţe minime despre cum trebuie să funcţioneze un stat" - Danileț

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"As with all technology, it's important to understand it and measure the cost-benefit for our organization. Smart Contracts and cryptocurrencies are hard and complicated. They're sturdy and jaw-dropping, but they're also dangerous, unstable and volatile."…/2…/01/smart-contracts-why-technology/

I've been a big fan of Blockchain technology for a while now. Some years ago I wrote a guide to the Blockchain protocol that is still being referenced today. Despite my admiration for the unde…

"We also need regulatory fixes.
Increasing awareness of the threat posed by platform monopolies creates an opportunity to reframe the discussion about concentration of market power. Limiting the power of Facebook and Google not only won’t harm America, it will almost certainly unleash levels of creativity and innovation that have not been seen in the technology industry since the early days of, well, Facebook and Google.
it’s hard to be optimistic that we will solve ...the problems on the internet, but that’s no excuse for inaction."

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An early investor explains why the social media platform’s business model is such a threat—and what to do about it.
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Posted by Great Big Story
Great Big Story

There's beating a video game, and then there's stumping the game's creators as to how you did it. Billy Mitchell did just that to the creators of PAC-MAN by getting a perfect score in 1999. Now, he's the "video game player of the century." Here's how he did it all...

$160 can get you all the same features as Apple's $1,000 smartphone.

The Oukitel U18 has a notch, Face ID, and an edge-to-edge display — just like the iPhone X.
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9GAG Geeky

I heard you guys like realistic graphics.

By GAMEOST | Youtube

Crossover organizeaza un prim Turneu de Angajare pe 2018, pentru profesionisti Java, .NET si SaaS. Jobul este FULL TIME si 100% Remote. Inregistreaza-te acum si poti primi o oferta de $100k/an

1 Day Testing for a New Java, C#, or SaaS Chief Architect Remote Job Crossover is searching for world-class developers who will be expected to demonstrate both a mastery of the technical skills associated with the projects at hand, as well as the ability to motivate, build, and contribute to their t...