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Twelve Inch Voices is my on-again, off-again project that I use to explore electronic music, visual design, imaginary soundtracks and other concepts that pop into my mind. With the results, good or bad, being a means to an end.
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Here's the second track off of my new split EP Cold and Clean / Waiting. If you haven't heard yet(or even if you have), give it a listen! Thanks again to everyone for checking it out and downloading etc. More to come....

B-side release from the Twelve Inch Voices EP - Cold and Clean / Waiting Video and WAV download: (

Thanks for the Likes everyone, it's much appreciated! There's more to come...hope you enjoy.

Wow I can't believe it's been so long, but I just relaunched a new Twelve Inch Voices website and released two new songs! If you get a chance check out and there's more to come...

ps - lemme know what you think!

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Cold and Clean / Waiting EP

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Check out my first music video for Lessons Learned from the War. Chris and I shot this video in CT and Brooklyn, mostly during the month of October and the beginning of November. We posted the video on YouTube, Vimeo and soon Chris' personal site--his site will have the best quality. If you happen to have a YT or Vimeo account could you, you know, be awesome and favorite it and rate it 5 stars. Pretty please? Here are the links:


P.S. Also here are some shots from the shoot in CT. Yea it was dark...

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Here is the music video for my first single/song "Lessons Learned from the War." Christopher Chiang Fiorentini helmed. Let me know what you think!

Twelve Inch Voices "Lessons Learned From The War" Produced by Niles Rowland Contact: Directed by Christopher Chiang Fiorentini


2008 was a good year for me/Twelve Inch Voices, in that, I actually started putting out music. Yea! Aside from myself, '08 was a great year for music, in general(or at least I think so). So to show my appreciation for all 26 (anyone know who wants to be 2-7??)) of you that took the time to listen to my music and sign up to become my "fan", I th...ought I would put together a list of tracks that I thought stood out this year and give you the links to d/l them too. Think of it as an early arbor day present. Enjoy.

Oh and let me know what you think….


(In no particular order)

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream -

Grouper - Heavy Water/ i'd rather be sleeping -

Inviisble Conga People - Cable Dazed -

Metronomy - Heartbreaker

Kilometer (donovan Remix) -

Air France - June Evenings -

Paul Kalkbrenner - Azure -

Pluxus- Kinoton -

Why? - Close to Me (Cure Cover)

Gang Gang Dance -House Jam

Kleerup- Thanks for nothing -

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I recently finished the new album artwork for Ransom Note. I guess I like grey or is it gray? Who knows these days...

Oh! And as you might have noticed I'm officially up across the internet. You can find me at or at Myspace. You can download the songs for nada from or if you're feeling rich you can PURCHASE my songs on Myspace. Don't make me beg. I need a new keyboard or keytar, I haven't totally decided. I priced them at .98, too much?


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First album cover in the series. A view out Andi's window.

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Recording Ransom Note.

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I just finished the vocals to my new song called "Ransom Note," of course none of you know that because I can't publish this page until I'm verified. So I'm really just talking to myself. Anyways, by the time you read this check out my new song.