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Brian Shutt
· May 6, 2014
Drove in from champaign on tuesday just to try yalls food...was not disapointed in the least! Was lucky and got the last order of steak kabobs, the sticky rice with curry sauce was phenominal! The ste...ak was retarded good and the slaw was awesome! My wife got the fish tacos...and i stole about half of hers too...they were also spot on! Soft and flaky with a crunchy shell, pickled veg on top done perfectly, sauces that were on them was just spicy enough to add that much more to it, black beans were also amazing, cooked perfectly and awesome flavor...will definetly be back to order everything off the menu several times over! Well done blokes! See More
David Williams
· July 14, 2014
I finally tried this place out to see what all the fuss was over, and have to admit: it's disappointing. The menu doesn't give a real description of dishes, so when I ordered something I thought woul...d be safe, it ended up rather spicy and inedible. Add that to the high prices, and I doubt I'll be back. See More
Sarah Eich
· July 16, 2014
Just had one of the most amazing burgers ever today. Love everything about this place. It's the bee's knees. The people are super friendly, if you eat upstairs the atmosphere is unique and fun and all else the food is absolutely fantastic. See More
Jaynie Hilton Herger
· September 15, 2013
Funny story: When I was a little girl in Scotland my Gran took me for rides on the double deckers all the time. I was not allowed to go upstairs because "I was too little". Well I finally got to go up...stairs for a yummy lunch of fish tacos with my daughter. It was such a treat that I forgot I was actually in Bloomington. The staff is great! See More
Brianne Larke
· September 17, 2013
I love Two Blokes and a Bus, great food (even my picky husband likes it) and AWESOME service, love see you for lunch when you are over at only suggestion...could you make an album of pic...s of your food items, I'd love to try something new but kind of need to see it or at least have a good description of it! See More
Benjamin Soon
· June 10, 2014
YOU NEED TO EAT HERE! There is no place with better service than Two Blokes. Sadly we are leaving the area and will no longer be able to visit this great local food (hopefully we can get someone to se...nd us steak kabobs or the delicious pulled pork sarney). Everyone that comes to visit in town, we take to Two Blokes and they love it! See More
Alex Freshour
· June 27, 2014
Chef burger was one of the best, if not the best burger I've ever had. Cooked to perfection. Can't wait to try other things on their menu.
Kate Hartnett
· March 13, 2014
Seriously delicious food. I'm in taste bud heaven. The guys are so welcoming and can turn an ok day into an awesome day just by stopping by their bus to say hi. I would recommend stopping by and tryin...g the steak cabobs and bread pudding. LOVE IT! See More
Bruce E Clark
· September 10, 2014
Always delightful, from the quality of food to the quality of service! The staff is great and the bus is brilliant. The only Class A food truck in BloNo
Blake Armstrong
· April 30, 2014
Amazing people great atmosphere and amazing food! And Victoria is drop dead sexy. What else could you ask for! I was honored to have a part in creating your dream and what a success. Keep it up guys!
Christopher Eric Rude
· July 23, 2014
Steak kabobs and sticky rice was phenomenal. Recommend if you need to bad day and make it better.. Or a good day and make it great!
Dace Long
· September 18, 2014
Drove by and seen the bus and wanted to try it.. Had a da burger it was da best. Definitely worth it.
Catalina Rodriguez
· November 14, 2013
Best fish and chips that melt in your mouth and very very tasty apple crisp perfect for a cold day
Deann Pignotti Moran
· March 6, 2014
Amazing fish and chips with mushy peas! Such a great dish. Use the malt vinegar and you won't be disappointed!
Jaclyn Marie
· May 24, 2014
Love these guys! The food is amazing, always fresh, and unique. Eating ln the bus is such a neat experience. And the service is always great!
Sarah Katharine Steidinger
· June 3, 2014
Every guest that comes o stay with me, I ALWAYS take to Blockes.... It's like a Bloomington attraction, not to mention the food is unbelievable and the service is always great!
Tisha Matthews Van Horn
· July 24, 2014
Ate tues. Night at Shakespeare festival. Sad they ran out of food. We did get to try the burger which was tasty. Had to wait 25 min for it though.
Jamie Atchison
· November 27, 2013
YumO - I finally tried your food, my first time!!!! Loved the Philly Cheesesteak, the best I've had!!! And the apple bread pudding was so delicious! I will be back & bring friends ;)
Danny Horn
· June 6, 2014
Amazing fusion food and fast, friendly service. Two Blokes On A Bus is a favorite of my family
Melissa Perschall
· January 18, 2014
Delicious street food you don't want to pass up! Steak kabobs with sticky rice is my absolute favorite!
Two Blokes and a Bus updated their cover photo.
Image may contain: bus, sky and outdoor

Remember these? I know you do. Tell us some other old favorites you're looking forward to? #TheBus2015 , #springishere

Image may contain: food

Chef Jon is hard at work, developing new recipes and finalizing the spring menu. Stay tune for more updates and this year's schedule. Victoria can't wait to see everyone! #TheBus2015

Image may contain: one or more people, indoor and food

We would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! We can't wait to be back in action in 2015, and to see all of you. In the interim, enjoy the holidays, eat tons of amazing food, and be well. Thank you!

Image may contain: text

If reality television has taught us anything about body work it's that you need time-lapse photography to make it go by quickly. We have experienced a few delays, mostly in material and equipment procurement, but things are looking up and we should start seeing new body panels formed by the weekend. After the raw aluminum is shaped then it's off to paint! We'll keep it bright red, don'y worry.

We are absolutely bummed about not being out for the holidays this year. We also wanted to assure you all that any Two Blokes gift cards you have floating around will still be honored into 2015.

A simple thank you is not nearly enough to communicate our gratitude for all your support, but thank you! Finally, a picture of the bus before the damaged structural support pieces were removed.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! And to post an update on repairs. The Bus is currently being dismantled to get at the structural areas needing repair and to make patterns for new sheet metal. Our generator mechanic has given our "trusty" generator a clean bill of health - now it just needs a structurally sound home.

We will try to post some progress pictures for you all over the coming weeks (for now enjoy a pic of her in warmer weather and better repair). Thank you all again for your continued support in our food trucking venture, and have a great Thanksgiving!

P.S. Share pictures of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes! We would love to see any Blokes-inspired, or otherwise, dishes you came up with for today's feast. We hope to see everyone back on the street soon!

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

The word from our bodyshop is that the bus will be down for at least a month. They will have to remove a significant portion of the rear to access the damaged areas and structural components, including our staircase. Unfortunately that means no lunch or dinner services for a while.

We will be sure to share our repair progress when we can, and keep all of you regularly updated.

We look forward to puttin all this mess behind us. Thanks again for your continued support!

We will not be making it out for lunch service tomorrow. We are still working with local bodyshops to get a timeline on bus repairs, and with our generator mechanic to evaluate its status.

We will have more updates for you all tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy this image of our tasty steak kabobs. We can't thank you all enough for your understanding.

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Let's hope this sunshine equals warmer temps! Lunch is at Grieder's today, 11:30-1:30. They are at the corner of GE and Towada Barnes. As a reminder, and apology, the upstairs remains closed due to hit-and-run stair damage. Thank you!

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Dinner service was in fact cancelled for this evening. We apologize for not posting that in a timely fashion. We are trying to assess the damage done to our on-board generator by the hit-and-run.

We are swapping breakfast for lunch tomorrow as well. This wreck has been a bit disruptive to our schedule on the bus and in the kitchen. No breakfast tomorrow. Lunch is still at Grieder's, and still 11:30-1:30.

Thank you all for your understanding!

Lunch today is at Naturally Your's. 11:30-1:30. Just a reminder, upstairs dining is still closed pending repairs to our original 1958 steps. Thank you for your understanding.

No automatic alt text available.

No dinner service this evening. We will be out for lunch tomorrow though! Over at Naturally Your's on College Ave. 11:30-1:30. We'll be looking for that sunshine the weathermen are promising!

Repairs to the bus are looking increasingly lengthy, so we have decided to get out and serve while the weather is not completely terrible. Lunch is at the Alamo II today, starting at 11:30. The upstairs is closed because the stairs were damaged. Thanks for your understanding. See you there!

No automatic alt text available.

Our insurance has advised us to get some repair estimates as soon as possible to help us get back on the road. So we have to cancel service today and limp our bus around town finding how much it will cost to fix a fully customized 1958 Leyland Diesel. We hope to be back out as soon as possible! Thank you all for your understanding and support!

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Nobody said food trucking was going to be easy, but this recent string of bad luck presents us with a real existential crisis.

This morning our bus was rear-ended in a hit-and-run on Market Street. The vehicle responsible was a mid to late-ninties Ford Explorer, dark green, with a large white sticker in the rear window. Bloomington Police have been contacted and are investigating.

This hit-and-run has put us out of commision at least for today. Please check back this evening when we will know more. Thank you.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

Some good news, and some bad news. Bad news, no dinner service for Saturday night. Good news, Two Blokes' Breakfast is back!!!

That's right, you heard it here first. We took a short break, and now we are back serving up everyone's favorite meal. So for all of you who could not make the Farmer's Markets this season, be sure to come try our breakfast menu on Saturday morning at Grieder's.

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