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Pamela Jo Lopez
· August 1, 2017
It was an amazing experience to watch so many people start a new life and be baptised last night at The Union Gospel Mission. The love of Christ was flowing to all. It allows me to see that we are no...t seperate even if we have separate churches, separate opinions, separate beliefs, and separate upbringings. When God`s children come together and chose to love one another and lay all differences aside, God smiles, looks down, and says, "Now that's better my children, all I ask is that you LOVE one another, and have forgiveness, patience, gentleness, kindness, and long-suffering, towards one another " I felt the love at the UGM baptism last night. The love of Christ, and that fulfills his greatest of commands. Thank you UGM and all the others there that showed that love. See More
Windy Gail Short Mountain
· October 13, 2017
Wonderful People. Amazing LOVE. This place is awesome! Love their Thrift Stores. I'd rather shop there because I know the money stays local to help local people. They train for jobs. House people. Fur...nish jobs. And so much more. See More
Matthew D Baker
· July 25, 2017
The Family Altar, July 25
And there he builded an altar unto the Lord, and called upon the name of the Lord. Genesis 12:8. HP 213.1
Abraham, the friend of God, set us a worthy example. His was a life ...of prayer and humble obedience, and he was as a light in the world. Wherever he pitched his tent, close beside it was set up his altar, calling for the morning and evening sacrifice of each member of his family.... From Christian homes a similar light should shine forth. Love should be revealed in action. It should flow out in all home intercourse, showing itself in thoughtful kindness, in gentle, unselfish courtesy. There are homes where these principles are carried out - homes where God is worshiped and truest love reigns. From these homes morning and evening prayer comes up before God as sweet incense, and His mercies and blessings descend upon the suppliants like the morning dew. HP 213.2
We must have more religion. We need the strength and grace that are born of earnest prayer. This means of grace should be diligently used in order to gain spiritual muscle. Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to Him. It makes us realize more and more our great needs, and hence our obligation to God and our dependence upon Him. It leads us to feel our own nothingness and the weakness of our judgment. God has made earnest prayer the condition of the bestowal of His richest blessings.... HP 213.3
This is a daily matter. Each morning consecrate yourself and your family to God for that day. Make no calculation for months or years, for they are not yours. One brief day is given you, and that one day work for yourself and your family as though it were your last. Surrender all your plans to God, to be carried out or given up, as His providence shall indicate. In this manner you may day by day be giving your life with its plans and purposes into the hands of God, accepting His plans instead of your own, no matter how much they may interfere with your arrangements nor how many pleasant projects may have to be abandoned. Thus the life will be molded more and more after the divine Model; and “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” HP 213.4
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Azlorn D. Magus
· October 4, 2017
It's a case by case basis. Everyone deserves shelter. A lot of our homeless are homeless because they don't want to stop using drugs and a lot of programs drug test; or they don't want to play make be...lieve with religious people and part of the program to have shelter is to claim you think fairy tails are real.

There's all kinds of ridiculous stipulations like you gotta go to bed and be inside the shelter by like 7:PM and shit. Who wants to live like that? Curfews, drug tests, religious indoctrination....

If I was on the street I wouldn't do any of that shit either....I'd rather be free.
No one chooses to be ostracized and refused shelter based on their religious beliefs, personal habits, or desire to be able to go outside past 7:PM like a big boy and girl.

It's the shelters that are fucked off or more people would use them. I mean, how shitty does an ideology have to be when masses of people would rather turn down FREE shelter than put up with peoples' ridiculous belief systems?
What a person's belief or habits are should have no bearing on whether or not they qualify to be treated as humanely as others.

Maybe if people could provide shelter, provide rooms for the homeless then leave them the fuck alone with their bullshit programs we'd see less people sleepin on the street.

I think it's the most disgusting and disgraceful, desperate thing in the world to dangle a person's food and shelter in front of them to force them to conform to your religious ideology.

That's not charity, that's abuse, It's shameful.
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Dominic N Barbara Garry
· January 25, 2018
This ministry was one piece of the puzzle in giving my kids their parents back! Thank God and thank you for helping us to live a life devoted to Christ.
Patrick Mueller
· May 17, 2017
Thank you for what you are doing, UGM! This organization has been a huge blessing in my life, and I am encouraged to see how you are a light in this world, helping the broken and forsaken out there wh...o have nowhere else to go. You are the hands and feet of Jesus for so many out there, showing them God's love and reaching out to make this city a better place and help people to find healing and new purpose in Christ. I am very thankful that I found UGM! God bless you all See More
Victoria Proctor
· February 10, 2018
I love UGM.. This program has helped me change my life it has been such a blessing for me and my kids.
Ashlee Rowland
· May 17, 2017
Union Gospel Mission is an incredible organization that is in good standing for one reason and that reason alone: dedication to Jesus Christ. They hire incredible staff and take on wonderful volunteer...s that love children, the community and Jesus. Thank you UGM for your commitment to this town. See More
Bob Whittlesey
· June 26, 2016
We needed a dependable used car after a road accident totaled our beloved older vehicle. We had an obligation to take an 800-mile trip leaving in a week. The staff at the UGM used car lot took us unde...r their wing and provided us with the right car at the right price. And they did it with professionalism, above and beyond service, and most importantly to us, with grace. We didn't know about UGM beforehand, but they are Christian folks, and they have our highest recommendation and deepest gratitude. (BTW, we arrived at our destination safe and sound.) Thank you UGM!! See More
Adina Schaffer
· February 10, 2018
This program has changed my life and I am forever greatful. I'm clean for 3 yrs now.
Jill Eberley
· August 5, 2016
My son recently attended camp in Ford WA with the Assembly of God church, I cannot say enough how wonderful the staff and counselors are, my son had never been away from home over a night and struggle...d being home sick, but their caring counselors and staff supported him and he had an amazing time Thank you !! See More
David Nicosia
· August 14, 2015
UGM saved my life. The program here is so amazing, I am learning how to live not just survive. I can make mistakes and instead of being kicked out, I get to be in so many ways reparented to learn and accountable for why i made a mistake. The counseling the classes the life lessons we learn here are invaluable. God being the guide the holy spirit convictions are alive and very powerfull here. Anyone who wants and is ready to change please take it from me , check us out. Its free a gift from God and all those who donate to the mission. I will be forevor gratefull. See More
Paulie Ostrander
· August 16, 2014
Hello all I just want to say I am eternally grateful for the help and growth that I have changed when I was there at the mission. now I know I went back out for a while threw Christ to the curb but he... never let me go I'm truly blessed And honored to say that I was part of the Mission. I am am extremely grateful extremely humbled and would ask your forgiveness 4 doing what I did I love you all would be okay to say that I'm still loved there by everyone I will be in Tuesday to do the accountability meeting which is what I should have done three and a half years ago but my mind was not on that .I took my focus off of God I took my focus off my Bible and I fell back into the worldly ways ,but God never let me go he always held on to me he always let me through the dark times and when the time was right he pulled me up out of that hole, he never let me go so I'm happy to say today I have a little over 60 days clean I'm back in church I'm back with God I'm back in churchso Phil Randy Lori jim Kurt everybody I'll see you soon God bless See More
Eric Bretz
· June 21, 2017
Monday Night Celebrate Recovery Is powerful - Randy Altmeyer is blessed and will speak to your heart. Join in the singing with music provided by The Radiaters, Family of Faith Community Church, and ma...ny others. See More
Patrick S Connelly
· March 13, 2017
UGM has been absolutely amazing for me. I came to Spokane because my life was a wreck. God lead me to UGM for a reason and ever since so many things have changed. Thank you God &UGM.
Zachariah Zech
· June 1, 2014
Woops ment to hit all the stars. The UGM is a beautiful ministry that helps many people in all types of walks. I am proud to say that God brought there through the doors and opened a new chapter in my... life. Being a servent to others has brought new meaning to my life and hopefully for others as well. UGM, you rock!!!!!!!!!! See More
Marchauna Rodgers
· October 17, 2015
Love Union Gospel Mission Inland Northwest. It is amazing to see the way so many different programs come together to benefit the marginalized and vulnerable in Spokane. And God uses UGM to bring trans...formation into so many lives. It is a treasure to have such a fantastic organization in our city. See More
Phil Humphrey
· September 3, 2016
I was saved in a union gospel mission in Omaha, Nebraska in 1981. This is more than a charity. This is eternal. The greatest work on earth is saving souls. Give to the Union Gospel Mission.
Cathryn Brown
· July 18, 2017
Ugm womens and Children's shelter also AOH, along with Danny Green at Family of Faith thru the UGM I've been so blessed, I thank God he lead me to all of them....ty
Kandace Rose Kootenay
· April 17, 2017
As a Canadian shopper I was happy to learn all proceeds returned to homeless, great staff, awesome stuff, good prices, reasonable​ than the Village down the road.

Reflecting on our brother Billy Graham's life well lived on earth, we're reminded of the eternal purpose we have: to share the gospel and to teach people (as we continue to learn ourselves) how to live lives of obedience to God. As believers, we're all on the same team and we have a priceless hope to share.

In a sense recovery is all about discipleship – investing in lives, teaching the truth, demonstrating grace and challenging people to live... Read More >

Have you seen the billboards with the crossed-out labels? Here's what they're all about: "We must go beyond any labels that may be put on our fellow human beings to the ultimate reality of who they really are: marvelous creations of God Himself! As a created being, every human being bears in some God-given sense, even in a sinful state, the likeness of God Himself." - Sonny Westbrook

Every person has sinned. But every person also bears the image of God and is loved by Him. That's why the deserve to be treated with dignity

Heather came to Anna Ogden Hall confused and burdened. The world had placed many false labels on her and she had accepted them. Through Women's Recovery, she discovered her true identity.

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Meet Nick. Nick is signed up for the 2018 Hunger Run. Be like Nick!

Nick, 38 (yes, he is the youngest-looking 38-year-old we have ever met), finished first at The Hunger Run 5K in his age group last year. He is currently in phase 3 of the UGM LIFE Recovery program and has been running ever since high school. Currently, his favorite route is along the Centennial Trail - "lots of up and downs, no traffic, hard surface and beautiful!" Join Nick on April 7. Register here:

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Wishing Pat well as he moves out this week. He's been a great worker around UGM in the Employment Ready Program, and now he's got a job. God bless!

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“This most generous God who gives seed to the farmer that becomes bread for your meals is more than extravagant with you. He gives you something you can give away, which grows into full formed lives, robust in God, wealthy in every way, so that you can be generous in every way, producing with us great praise to God” - 2 Corinthians 9:11-12, The Message.

A blessing for every person who sits down for a meal in our shelters...

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Did you know when you have your car serviced at UGM Motors, you are working with experienced, ASE-certified technicians? Have your routine maintenance performed and help the homeless at the same time. Call 509.327.4357 to schedule an appointment today.

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At UGM, we get to witness this truth on display every day!

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Union Gospel Mission Thrift Stores

Huge sale at both UGM Thrift Stores on Monday: 50% off all winter clothing items!

What does a practicum opportunity mean to someone who needs a job? “It was so important for me to be able to start working again so I could provide for my children. I was intimidated at first. ... My boss was really encouraging, saying how good I was doing. Hearing that, I thought, ‘Maybe I can do this!’ ”

The partnership of businesses and organizations throughout the Inland Northwest is indispensable in getting residents at Union Gospel Mission back to work.

Sometimes helping the homeless is more complicated than it seems like it should be.

My personal attempt to help the homeless turned out to be complicated and messy.

Wise words on teamwork from Gayle Havercroft, UGM Facilities Manager: "We have this ethic at the forefront of all we do: Do every job to the highest standard we possibly can, so all we do is to the glory of our God and Savior Jesus Christ. ... Our relationship with Christ and with each other is the glue and the oil that keeps us together. Glue so we stick together and have each other’s backs, and oil so that if there are points of tension, we work through them."

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Want to make a difference and work for a Christian organization? We have job openings!

UGM employees do meaningful work in a supportive team – for an eternal purpose. If you have a heart for the poor and homeless, you can make a difference here.

Excited to have Joshua join our team at the UGM Downtown Thrift Store. Joshua is currently a resident at the Men's Shelter. This Employment Training Opportunity will provide Joshua with job training and help him re-build his work history. We're excited for your future, Joshua!

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