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Jeff LaPlant
· April 5, 2018
I recently completed an online course called A Mindful Environment through University of La Verne. I took the class because I believe Mindfulness exercises are important to incorporate in the I was looking for specific strategies to use in the classroom. In reality, the book focused more on the science behind mindfulness. For the course, you had to read 2 books and then complete other assignments. I completed the assigned work but received a low grade. When I contacted the university to question what I did wrong so I could improve as an educator, I was told I a broad statement that I did not answer the questions well enough and my some of my other assignments were lacking in detail. I asked if I could see what answers I got incorrect and said they cannot share the information to me. I took a different class a few years ago and had a positive experience. It was just disappointing to hear their response, especially we are teaching our students for mastery and always looking for ways to improve. I was just surprised an university would do such a practice. See More
Samuel C. Griffin
· January 14, 2018
I am eternally thankful to have had an education at this quaint, private institution! The program at the main campus is very well coordinated, and the staff are helpful when you are unsure of what to do.
Becky Ingle
· January 4, 2018
I attended the Bakersfield extension and it was the most poorly run, exhausting, and discouraging experience of my life. They hire incompetent teachers and admit incapable students. I am not Run away. Run far far away. See More
Robert Hollandsworth
· April 1, 2018
I recently finished my BA requirements and I feel privileged to have completed it at this very old and private institution! Woohoo!
Bob Bland
· September 22, 2017
I am very proud and honored that I have recently completed my last class at this exceptional University. As a CAPA student, finding the time to attend and complete homework was quite challenging at ti...mes.

Thankfully I had the best network of supporters cheering me on to completion! I could always count on my family and friends, instructors, but one person in particular, Ms. Patti Noreen, my advisor. Due to her direction, guidance, and friendship, I was able to dig deep and will graduate with a Degree in Organizational Management and a concentration in Human Resources!

To anyone who is thinking about attending the University of La Verne, I strongly urge you to go for it! This will be the best decision you could ever make. How could you go wrong with exceptional instructors, advisors, and fellow students all cheering you on to graduation?
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Simon Bouie
· October 17, 2016
The University of La Verne has had a more profound impact on me than any entity or organization has had upon me during my life. I can say with complete honesty, without reservation or hesitation and w...ith a clear conscience that I am not embellishing what I know to be true and is the fact that I would not be the person that I am today, I would not have the perspective on the world that I do, I would not do what I do for a living, I would not have achieved what I have and I would not have many of the friends that are most dear to me had I not made the choice to attend ULV.

I have yet to find the words that appropriately express how much this institution means to me. I've yet to find the words that appropriately convey the extent of my gratitude to the University and to the professors and staff that shaped and molded me into the man I would ultimately become and still inspires and drives me to continue working on becoming the man that I strive to be.

The University of La Verne is a special place that affords its students the opportunity to do as much as they are willing to work to achieve. It will give to you what you put into it and if you allow it, it can be a magical, impactful and life changing chapter of any students life.

Thanks to the University for what it has done for me and for the lifetime of positive memories and relationships it has provided me that still bring me joy.

Proud to be a Leo yesterday, today and forever.
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Skyler Verloop
· June 9, 2016
I am really hoping the university changes its decision to close the Women's tennis team. For a school that says it strives for equality it seems to be going backwards. Going off this years data the sc...hool does not look equal. Out of the 18 remaining athletic teams that will compete next year, there are only 4 female coaches. Not to mention the huge disparity of male athletes to female athletes. If you count the amount of players listed on the rosters for each team there are 283 male athletes and 157 female athletes. (This is not including women's tennis or athletes that play both sports). So next year there will be about twice as many male athletes as female athletes at La Verne even though females make up 57% of the student population. See More
Lynn Francisco Casella
· October 16, 2016
Visited campus for 40 year celebration of the founding of the Communications Dept. It was a time to see professors and friends, enjoy hors'deurves, a slide show, a presidential welcome and a group Food was great; George Keeler was as animated as usual and I'm thinking of donating to the Dr. Esther Davis Scholarship Fund, because she was my counselor in my MA in Communications degree. But, I didn't know she drove around her black Caddy to pick up her department instructors to drive around and set them on the right track when needed. She always seemed to set me on the right track. Party favors were thumb drives, pens, pads, LaVerne Magazine and newspaper editions plus a nice white university notepad. We had fun! See More
Henry Sauceda
· October 30, 2016
Many thanks to the organizers of the 2016 Latino Education Access & Development (LEAD) Conference this pasted Saturday, October 29, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM and to the U La Verne for hosting my da...ughter and her pal Sierra Cohn. They both attended the Middle School Students/Groups to learn about the A-G college entrance minimums, T zones in the classroom, and other helpful advise. Averi & Sierra loved that it was in our backyard. They missed the Aztec dancer due to a soccer game but did enjoy lunch in the courtyard with DJ providing entertainment. We appreciate your efforts and applaud your good will. See More
Ron Hurst
· August 31, 2017
I love ULV. Not much more can be said, one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. Love the campus, love the faculty (CBPM) so glad to be alumni from this school
Ron Sillo
· July 30, 2017
I'm not so sure I would have made it through any other college, especially with my major in chemistry. It was an important combination of teachers, students and personal help, now and then, that made... an important difference.

I wounder if those same factors are there, but it's sure worth your consideration.
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Mike Digger
· April 8, 2017
Overpriced and lame. We had one teacher for five of our classes who simply stated the obvious. There were some good teachers for sure. But the communication with main campus left us feeling out in the... cold and over billed. See More
Tracy Lee
· June 21, 2017
The University (once La Verne College) had an impact in ways that were not measurable simply by the degrees we earned. We grew up there. That was important back then. It should still be. Plus, we ...earned our degrees and had the opportunity to begin our careers... See More
Ruth Rivera
· September 30, 2016
I am proud to be a University of La Verne student. The professors there are good. They have helped me grow and have helped me come out of my shell. My counselor is awesome. She has been there f...or me since day one. I will continue in my endeavors and take what I have learned with me. Go leopards! See More
Dawn Gerardo
· April 11, 2015
I am so proud to have gone and still going to ULV both as an alum and as a graduate student! It makes me proud to represent an institution that challenges you on an academic and professional level, so... we can succeed in life! Go Leos! See More
George G. Woo
· January 30, 2016
Honored to be doing my fourth commencement as the keyboardist/accompanist at ULV. Drop by my piano and say 'hi' after the second or third sessions today if you're attending or graduating!
Vonetta Harris
· June 14, 2017
The University of La Verne is a beautiful campus. The faculty and staff are supportive and knowledgeable. The educational and social environments are top notch.
Cory Cruz
· October 16, 2016
One of the best decisions I've ever made. The faculty and staff are amazing, and our fearless leader President Devorah Lieberman is leading the University in a remarkable direction.
Ramesh Romiee
· June 30, 2016
I love la Vern university , staff are very friendly and helpful. And great thing is silk eye brow threading- Pamona gives a free eyebrow threading services to la Vern student.. That's really cool.
Nora Dominguez
· October 16, 2016
The University of La Verne's head and heart have been spot on for 125 years! I know it because I live it.

The Latinx graduation ceremony is on! What a beautiful class. Felicidades! #commencement #ulaverne #graduation

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