Hello my fellow stalkers! The end of the school year is not too far away, and that means graduation......which means it is time again to find someone (or some people) to run this page for future Seahawks! If you are interested, please copy the application below into a word document, fill it out, and email it to by March 31st. If you'd like to fill it out with your friends, please use one application, but indicate that it is multiple people. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us feel something.…/1alxWYbXFbAkO5NR-lN4OFSv3Kj…/edit…

UNCW Crushes & Seahawk Stalkers Admin Application This application consists of 25 questions to figure out your sense of humor and how well you could run the page according to how we’ve built it up and run it ourselves Be as much yourself as you can. If you can’t handle offensive questions or lan...

Crush #14537
"Audrey Wolff is so damn's ridiculous."

New year, new crushes...and maybe even the same crushes! Tell your friends, tell your freshman. We're back and ready to share your deep desires and attractions to the world! Start submitting your crushes here: Or you can submit them via Facebook Messenger! Happy Stalking!!
See you soon.
We're back, bitches!!

Crush #14536
"Caitlin Raab, you are sexy AF. Are you single?"

Crush #14535
"to the guy working at five guys, shoulder length brown wavy hair, I think I saw you in the film major building (king hall), pls tell me you’re single."

Crush #14534
"Kayla at Cfila is really cute and pretty."

Crush #14533
"Lily. German 2..... major heart eyes"

Crush #14531
"Adreanna from the Upp!"

Crush #14530
"Katie Douglas. I'm not sure if you're still at UNCW, but the first time I saw you I forgot to breathe. Let's get married. This is not a drill, I am pretty sure we are soulmates"

Crush #14529
"Who ever runs this page now sucks, good job on ruining a great thing"

lol then apply to run the page yourself

Crush #14528
"The tall blonde personal trainer with arm tats! You are like half the reason I go to the gym. You single?"

Crush #14527
"The short girl who works at the PCJ on Racine, she has a music note tattoo I think and brown hair. You are so cute and I wish I could order you instead of coffee"

Crush #14526
"To the girl who drives a dark red mustang. I will take you out to any place you want"

Crush #14525
"Don't know if she goes to UNCW, but crushing on the girl who drives a black MW3 Jeep with a black dog named Hunter I think"

Crush #14524
"Max McCaskill, are you single?"

Crush #14523
"All the ladies in moulin rouge. You all did a great job. If any of you are single and ready to mingle, I'd take you to any restaurant you like."

Crush #14522
"Rachel the chemistry grad student, So incredibly gorgeous, you can balance my equations anytime!"

Crush #14521
"Then Ksor. We may have different views on religion and have only really talked once or twice, but you seem really nice and I'd love to have lunch sometime."