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In the middle of Southern Miladhunmadulu Atoll of the Maldives, lies the island of Kudafari — home to a community of some 500 people. Kudafari, like many of the islands of the Indian Ocean archipelago, is at the forefront of world’s most serious global issue: Climate Change. Kudafari was once a home to a beautiful coral reef system with a lively and colorful marine ecosystem. But today, this island is at its own war against climate change. Rising temperatures, unpredictable weather patterns and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami have severely affected the island’s coral reef — onto which the entire livelihoods of the community once depended on. Here is our photo story on #Kudafari!
#Throwback to when we had #YLP2017 in Haa Dhaal! From learning about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to exploring the mangroves, we had a fun filled week of learning and inspiring each other to contribute to our communities and protect our environment. In the end, it is the passion of our youth, their creativity and team work that will help develop our small nation in a sustainable manner. Check out our YLP journey in the video below! #haadhaalunhello Dhiraagu
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Aisha Hussain
· July 10, 2017
Got great ideas in todays sessions. ��
Ali Shifaaz
· October 6, 2016
kuda kuda osheh, biya gas thakakh badhal kolla dheyne insaajun thakeh tharaggy koh dhey, gulhi laamehifavaa dhuniyeah anna badhal thakaa mi rajje ah eygeyn kuraa asar dhaskohdhey, kaarisy hiraas thaka...h thayyaaru koh dhinunuga eheetherive, plan kuraairu vashaigen vaa vettah anna badhal thakah riaayaiy kuraane goiy thah dhaskoh dhey baiveiriyaa See More
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· December 8, 2015
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How is our changing lifestyles contributing to the escalating waste issue?

Find out in this story from Hussain Firushan, who with his team at Hoandedhoo Island Development Society - HIDS and Nadella Island Development Society(NIDS), is working on addressing the waste issue in the islands of Nadella and Hoandedhoo.…/garbage-in-garbage-…/

As a child, Firushan would often go to the beach to play. Back then, the beach used to be covered in leaves that were swept there from the streets.


It's a New Year, and we are thrilled to introduce a new face to you from our team.

Meet Fathun Saeedha, who says

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Deadline Extended!
Here's your chance to tap into your creative side while, at the same time, experiencing the beautiful mangroves up-close. We're looking for:

A local consultant to develop photo stories on the 'Mangroves For the Future' Grant Projects (Deadline 24 Jan 2018)

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Mangroves as ecotourism sites! Nadella Island Development Society(NIDS) and Hoandedhoo Island Development Society - HIDS are about to begin the ground work to develop designated wetland areas of their islands as ecotourism sites. Both these NGOs are working with IDEAS - Island Development and Environmental Awareness Society who won a Mangroves for the Future (MFF) Small Grant to undertake this initiative.

The partners are seeking to make footpaths and information boards along with viewing platforms of the island mangroves, to promote appreciation of these important ecosystems. These mangroves offers services such as flood water control and regulation and replenishment of ground water.

With over 160 geographically dispersed inhabited islands, sea transport plays an important role in the lives of every individual in the Maldives.

Little changes we make to the transport service can ensure that every person living in these islands are able to travel effectively from one island to another.

An inclusive city is one that values all people and their needs equally. Let’s work together to make our cities smarter. #BeSmartBeInclusive #LeaveNoOneBehind

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Don't miss these great opportunities! We're looking for:

A local consultant to develop photo stories on the 'Mangroves For the Future' Grant Projects (Deadline 14 Jan 2018)


Logistics and Organisational Support Consultant for the Civic Education Project (DEADLINE EXTENDED to 14 Jan 2018)

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It's the final Meet the Team Day of the year! And we're thrilled to introduce our very own, Aishath Rizna​.

"Go with the flow and life will surprise you."


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Thirteen years since the tsunami of 2004.. How prepared are we for a similar disaster?

Lying barely one metre above sea level and having no higher ground or inland to run to, tsunami response in the Maldives is unlike anywhere else.

This year, with support from the Government of Japan, we have initiated assisting schools in the Maldives to assess tsunami risks, develop emergency evacuation plans and conduct safety drills.

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Until the 2004 tsunami, people in the Maldives did not know what a Tsunami was. Lying barely one metre above sea level and having no higher ground or inland ...

Our Mangroves for the Future grantee, IDEAS - Island Development and Environmental Awareness Society is finalizing the GIS maps developed for G. Dh Hoandedhoo and Nadella as part of the ongoing small grant project. These maps will include information about the mangrove ecosystem in these islands gathered through several surveys such as the biodiversity and other features of the mangroves and the islands. Along with the GIS maps, land use plans of the islands are also being updated. In addition to enhancing the appreciation of the mangroves, IDEAS is also working on collecting information and dissemination to promote better planning and management. The GIS maps and land use plans are an important addition to this endeavor.

Yesterday our Mangroves for the Future - Maldives (MFF) grantee, Hoandedhoo Island Development Society - HIDS completed the willingness to pay surveys for waste in Nadella. HIDS along with Nadella Island Development Society(NIDS) and Secretariat Of the Nadella Council is working on introducing a holistic waste management system in the island. The willingness to pay survey and information gathered will help in deciding a fee to be charged from the households in the user pay system that will be established to collect waste from the door steps and for managing it at the center through composting and sale of recyclables. The project is being implemented by HIDS through an MFF small grant and shows what can be achieved when CSOs take lead in addressing challenges with island development.

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Families are the fundamental unit of society and issues such as domestic violence disrupt families and communities. The effects of domestic violence is detrimental to families and the society as a whole. The repercussions are felt for many years. Statistics show that domestic violence is a prevalent issue in the Maldives and women, children and elderly people often fall victim to it.

Last week, we concluded the ‘Training of Trainers’ on ‘Combating Domestic Violence’ in partn...ership with Family Protection Authority. The primary focus of the training was to enhance service providers’ interactions with survivors, enabling them to provide proper and efficient aid to the survivors of domestic violence. UNDP has been working with FPA and other stakeholders to strengthen the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act since 2012. Increasing awareness to prevent these acts of violence and ensuring quality and effective services are provided to survivors of domestic violence is crucial.

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There is a significantly high number of people with disabilities in the Maldives. Let’s make protecting their rights our responsibility!

Stay tuned to learn more about “Be Smart, Be Inclusive” campaign as we will be releasing new videos every other Sunday.
Housing Development Corporation Limited Ooredoo Maldives MAPD Maldives Deaf Association #SmartCityMV #BeSmartBeInclusive

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GEF Small Grants Programme Maldives added 30 new photos.

GEF SGP Maldives has recently concluded a 5 day Capacity Development Workshop for the shortlisted NGOs responding to its call for concepts in September 2017. A of 29 NGO’s from 15 different atolls were shortlisted under Operational Phase 6. The workshop focused on assisting the proponents develop full proposals based on their concept notes, and included sessions on project management and one on one sessions with technical experts. Global Environment Facility GEF Small Grants Programme UNDP MaldivesUnited Nations in Maldives

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Last year UNDP Maldives launched its first ever Private Sector Partnership Platform – ‘Make My Island’ to connect local communities with the private sector.Building new networks, that would lead to local solutions for local problems.

This past year has been an incredible journey for us and our partners. The project which started out as just an idea (on a notepad) has flourished in to a successful collaboration with multiple private sector partners, who are very committed tow...ards sustainable development

This week we are celebrating the very first anniversary of the “Make My Island” journey with our partners. Take a look at what we can achieve when we work together.

Join Us To Be Part of The Solution

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Working with the local communities has become an important factor in the development of the country. By creating the right networks, communities have come to...