Come celebrate lunar new year with your UNF Asia family! We're going to do many traditional activities such as crafting origami, dragon tag, and some newer stuff like playing Mafia! Also, we're a potluck so bring anything you guys can offer. There will be a sign up sheet so you can see who's bringing what.…

Thu 7:00 PM ESTStudent Union Room 3703A

Come out tomorrow for a little taste of Hispanic and Black history! It'll definitely be worth your time.

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Take Back the Night
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King Herod Johnson III
· November 4, 2014
The Road to Asia is so great, awesome people good camaraderie and very distinctive representation of the different cultures surrounding asia!!! Great Food too!!' Kidding aside, hope that this will alw...ays continue to give us a trip to Asia even just for a night!! See More
Kien Tran
October 26, 2013
Cozy family where you can express who you really are

Come chill with us as we discuss future events and play some riveting games like cornhole!

Thu 6:00 PM ESTStudent Union Room 3703D
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Sign up for vocal auditions! We know you got talent~ Scan that fancy QR code to take part in our Road to Asia event.

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Asian Students in Alliance at UNF added 7 new photos — with Tiffany Smith and Nikki Aguirre.

1/24 - Our Tamil Thai Pongal event was colorful, bubbly, and chill. Thanks for hanging out!

Come hang with us as we celebrate the Sri Lankan holiday, Tamil Thai Pongal! We'll be doing trivia and creative drawings based off Tamil Thai traditions.

Wed 6:00 PM ESTAsian Students in Alliance at UNFJacksonville, FL
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Good morning Ospreys!

As you know, Road to Asia is coming up soon, and as always, we need your help to make sure we give people a show to remember.

If you'd like to be part of the show, we are having SINGING/SPOKEN WORD auditions Feb. 12-13th from 5-7pm at The Spot Bldg. 2 Rm. 1400


Click the link for more information or email us at…/1FAIpQLSfAbEagLoTNiw22vh…/viewform

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7th Annual Road to Asia Audition Sign-Ups. This is for VOCAL auditions ONLY. If you are interested in doing a dance or teaching a dance, please contact us at SONG CRITERIA - can be in another language (Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, etc.) - If in English, try to pick a song relating to...

Come out today Bldg. 2 Rm. 2100!

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Join us as we continue to celebrate diversity during YouNF Week with today's upcoming events.

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1/11 General Body Meeting - Thanks for coming out!

🙌 Welcome back! 🙌
Did we even have a break? If you feel the partying ended too soon, come celebrate our beautiful differences next week for diversity-focused events.

Our biggest event will be YOUnity Fest, so definitely check it out!


Here are all the events and schedules for YouNF week:

BSU Latin American Student Organization- LASO UNF

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Returning to UNF? Let us welcome you back fam!
Brand new to the campus? Let us welcome you to your soon to be home away from home with your fam away from fam!

Connect with friendly faces, find out how to become an officer, make new memories, and make a difference. Hope to see some new faces!

Thu 6:00 PM ESTAsian Students in Alliance at UNFJacksonville, FL
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Now that the semester's over, just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday and to have a safe break. We'll be back in 2018, so keep on the lookout!

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What’s up ASIA fam! Just wanted to let y’all know that tomorrow from 2PM-4:30PM there will be a Courageous Conversation about intersections of identity! So if you’re interested in discussing about your social identity and talk to other about theirs, come out!

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