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Ashley Schriener
· April 9, 2018
Where do I begin? As a long time business owner AND graphic designer, I have never had so many problems working with a company. Both on the customer service and design side of things. I started by upl...oading a high dpi pdf per the instructions on their site and was told Id hear back within 6 hours. A few days later I had to reach out via live chat to see where my proofs were which is when I was told specifically to upload layered PSD files. So I redesigned these in PSD and sent back. Two days later, still no word back so I had to reach out yet again. This time they wanted a Vector. Wow, really? Why didnt your site just say this to begin with? SO I redo them one again in AI and send off. Still no word back from customer service (its now been 10 days since my order) so I reach out again. The design team was having issues with the Vector. Its a small file, there shouldnt be issues. Long story short, I had to ask for a refund and am now 9 days from my companies launch party with no business cards. I must say Kenneth, one of the managers, was the only one who was remotely helpful or apologetic about the situation.

There should be no reason a customer should have to reach out repeatedly to see where their order is in the que. If there are issues, why doesn't someone call or email me? How does someone with no design experience order simple print jobs through this company? It doesnt seem like their design team knows what they are doing. The prices look appealing but I guess you get what you pay for. Im not even one to write reviews but the time wasted dealing with these people has been a nightmare and Id like to warn others if I can.
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Silvia Ferrari-Palmer
· April 24, 2018
Congratulations, you lost another customer!
Last week I wrote to you asking why, with the same zip code, the shipping cost at the check out was 30% higher than on the previous page?
I wrote to you twi...ce and you didn’t have the courtesy to reply and explain the issue. My deduction is that you are looking for every possible way to charge customers extra for shipping - hoping they either overlook the lower cost OR just settle for the higher cost and figure it's just something they don't understand....
I work too hard for my money to be willing to support such an unprofessional business. Good for me there are plenty of alternatives!!
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Elexis Gaines
· April 28, 2018
Beyond annoyed that your company has removed my brochure from my account. This stops me from updating images on my own as now you are demanding you do all the changes. I have 1000s if photos and I wan...t to create my own brochure not continue to send photos to you just have a sample sent back we do not like. Time is of the essence and after 6 seasons using your company for our summer business I believe it’s time to cut ties. Your service is horrible and I’ve had many frustrating calls in the last 4 weeks! Why try and fix what worked so well for us for all these years. Both Minted and Vista print are better options now!!! See More
Julie Wilson
· May 18, 2018
I just ended a chat with U Printing where I attempted to place a custom order. I need the small order to arrive in 11 days from now. First I was quoted one price and then a much higher price because t...hey would have to "2 day print" instead of their 3 day guarantee. When I showed them on the FedEx Ground map that 3 day printing means that it will still arrive on time, I held for 5 minutes for them to come back and tell me that FedEx doesn't run on the weekends. I give up! It is ridiculous basic math, so I happily ordered with another more reasonable company. See More
Thaddeus Wilkins
· March 31, 2018
There products are more than adequate, however, they gouge you on shipping prices which negates the reasonable printing costs. My last experience I questioned the shipping costs of almost $70 for les...s than 1 pound of 2 inch by 3 inch labels. Shipping that was to take 4 days. They offered to let me use my own shipping when I was uncomfortable giving them my shipping account number they placed my order on hold. I paid the order in full and they never released the hold. They still charged me for 2 day shipping which they could not deliver and I paid the same price and I am scheduled to receive the order days later than I paid for. No offer for a reduction in price for the shipping or expedited printing. Looking for a local printer now. See More
Christopher LaFauci
· April 25, 2018
After years of using this company as a professional graphic designer and as a multiple company business owner for every type of item, I can gladly say vistaprint has stepped up their game to replace t...his excuse for a company. I have spoken to someone everyday for 20 days and have been assured after my first order was incorrectly made that my replacement would be in time for my next business trip. So far I have't received my replacement which was due -2 days ago. This would be the second time they failed to produce and all managers involved have nothing more to say than my business cards will be here tomorrow... everyday for a month. Unprofessional. Try your luck elsewhere because after my last 6 orders were messed up there cant be any more excuses one can actually come up with. If you own a business, you definitely know you do not have the time to spend trying to figure out what happened to your orders day after day. Also FEDEX is the worst shipping company out there. Every order I've had to pick up because they are full of excuses as well. You should probably use UPS. See More
Julie Harvey-Irwin
· April 16, 2018
We needed some marketing materials for my son's business. We purchased car magnets, a banner and magnet business cards in three separate orders.
Setting up each design was easy on the Uprinting websi...te. They offered custom car magnets which other sites did not. The pricing was excellent, feedback and proof work of staff wonderful and shipping was quick and very reasonable. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs business materials. Thank you so much!!!! See More
Michael Swanson
· March 16, 2018
If you’re looking for business cards, UPrinting is definitely the way to go, as they are affordable and produce a high-quality card. I designed my own card from scratch using their designer and found ...the range of tools useful. My only suggestion for improvement is to have better alignments to the dimensions of the card edges and not to another piece of the design, so check the alignment of everything before ordering it. Definitely will use UPrinting again in the future. See More
Ben Bell
· December 26, 2017
I have purchased from this company a lot over the past few years and recently they have changed how they do shipping. The quality is good but I feel like they are extremely high on the shipping rates.... I ordered 3,000 catalogs and they only offer 1 day shipping as an option that was almost $200. When I order multiple labels they charge you almost $15 in shipping fee's per label run. So if you need 20 different labels you are paying more for shipping than the item itself. I feel they are making more money off shipping that printing. See More
Shirley Estes
· February 7, 2018
We have been using UPrinting for years and have always been pleased with their printing and service until this year. We order a minimum of 50 full color 11x17 posters monthly in addition to smaller it...ems. The posters are very time sensitive because they are advertising a different monthly music concert. We have yet to receive the posters for a concert on Feb. 18th and our window to get the word out is now nearly nothing. They used to ship by UPS and it was always on time but, now they are using DHL which is notoriously unreliable. The posters started in Arlington, Texas over a week ago...went to El Paso, Texas(3 hours from us) and we’re to be delivered by the USPS today. Checking the tracking number this morning i discover they have sent the posters back to Arlington, Texas(8 hours from us) and who knows when they will get here. It’s time to find a new printer who won’t give their shipping to such sloppy service. See More
Melissa Palmer
· 12 hours ago
Ordered 2 truck magnets last year, and they are doing great on our trucks (so we know how to install them correctly). Ordered 2 more truck magnets a week ago, and they both flew off on the freeway, so... we couldn't retrieve them. Contacted customer service and they said the best they could do was a 20% discount on a reprint. I just want a refund. Poor quality, as they obviously don't stand behind their own products. See More
Laura Gisi
· May 15, 2018
If I could give this company zero stars, I would. From problems with the site and inability to save a design to working with customer service who kept telling me they were going to do something and ne...ver did. Not once did I get any of the emails that were promised to me, nor were they able to resolve my problem. I wasted a lot of time designing a product that I won't even receive. Needless to say, I won't be using them for anything, ever. See More
Brian Warner
· April 22, 2018
Placed an order for a customer on Sunday night. Paid extra for the 2 day turn around and 2 day shipping. Promised my customer they would get it by the following Saturday. The order didn't arrive for 1...1 days, costing me time and money and an unhappy customer. Don't promise a service you can't provide and no response on multiple attempts to contact. See More
Debra Lusk Johnson
· January 30, 2018
I wish I’d found reviews before ordering. I ordered 2 identical banners to be hemmed with grommets. They arrived with NO HEM & NO GROMMETS. I called and at first they wanted to charge me to redo them I said no I would just run a chargeback in my credit card. Their “manager” called me and said if we returned them they would redo them. I returned them and about a week later I got abot 3 different calls stating 3differenr things. One told me they’d received them & they could be fixed, then was told they received them & they would have to reprint them because the couldn’t fix them and yet a third call telling me they hadn’t received them yet.

At any rate, about a week later I received their “new” box. When I open it I almost had to laugh. They certainly didn’t reprint them but didn’t even sew on a hem. They took the same banner and cut ou a little piece of vinyl and put grommets through it. Cheapest looking piece of crap I’ve ever ordered & I Order a lot!!! Not only will I NOT recommend this company, I will tell all of my colleagues & customers to not risk wasting their money. I will also post this review on as many places as I can find!
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Marc Arthur
· January 2, 2018
Seriously company has cost us thousands and more with refunds because of crappy labels. Was told vinyl labels would be find around water- completely not true they disintegrated off the base vinyl. Too...k forever to respond to email requests. Use executive labels in Florida or wizard labels before using this company- follow up review- resent labels after they tried to charge $275 upgrade and printed the same labels that disintegrated immediately- lady said that’s their water proof label -IT IS NOT- DO NOT but for anything liquid or supplements!! See More
Steve Kellmeyer
· May 4, 2018
Uprinting engages in wire fraud.
I made an order using their automated website form.
They took my money, then put the order on hold because they wanted more money....

They have spent the last month trying to extort me to pay them more, holding my print job hostage. In order to make my deadlines, I found another printer, and revoked the charge with my credit card company.

I've never seen such a den of dishonest thieves as this bunch.
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Shelby Pritchard
· January 26, 2018
Uprinting seems to be a company of extremes, however, by the end, this did work in their favor. And in the end, they made me a very happy, though tired, camper.

The prices are fantastic, absolutely ...without a doubt fantastic. I ordered wedding invitations here $100 cheaper than the other places I checked. Also, of the dozen or so times I had to go back and forth with customer service (more on that in a minute) all but one phone call was a refreshing experience of professionalism, understanding, and care. The manager that dealt with my issue went far above the call of duty or expectation.

The file "specialist" however, needs some help.
I fully understand that RGB to CYMK conversion can be tricky, especially with navy, but the whole point of a proof is to display the final product's color, which it certainly did not. (navy on the proof turned into bright purple on the prints) Also, I've never once had a single color problem from Walmart, Walgreens, Shutterfly, or any other printing service that I or my family has dealt with. If everyone else can easily, and accurately convert RGB to CYMK, I'm not sure why Uprinting still struggles with that.

They also lost elements of the picture on various proofs, completely ignored my comments on the proofs, and seemed unable to properly and accurately check a photo, or visually check a printed product against their own proof before shipping. I eventually gave up and emailed back and forth directly with the manager, and he was able to correct the situation, and did so well.

After a week of calling, emailing, and continually running into issues with their proof department, I finally have in my hands some brand-spanking new wedding invitations that look fantastic. They're a week later than I needed them, but hey, better late than never.

The final product is great, and they did gift me the reprints free, however the time and effort spend haggling with their system was wearying. Again, extremes.

Good: Costumer Service Reps, Prices, Final Products,
Bad: Inability to understand comments and concerns, inability to check work, inability to accurately convert color and provide accurate proofs.

If you can avoid the color drama, Uprinting is the way to go. And if you have issues, some patience and persistence can still net you a great product at a great price.
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Diane Vidmar
· April 11, 2018
Their prices seem reasonable until you go to checkout and you see the ridiculously high shipping cost! I don't know how they can possibly justify those shipping prices when 'actual' shipping costs ar...e less than half what they charge the customer. When I complained to the company, I was offered a 10% discount on shipping, mind you, that was a 6 dollar discount. LOL I'm taking my business elsewhere. See More
Angel Young
· February 28, 2018
I haven't received my custom business cards yet but I contacted UPrinting via live chat to confirm some specifications on my order which had several items. I spoke with Lydia and she was absolutely th...e nicest customer service representative I've dealt with in a long time. I'm hoping to be as equally pleased with the final products! See More
Annissa Murphy
· May 6, 2018
I will encourage anyone to stay clear of this company. I attempted to make a purchase and when I clicked for payment, the shipping charge doubled to $26+. That was a little over half the product The Customer Service Live chat representative was not helpful and exhibited horrible customer service skills. This bait and switch tactic is extremely unfortunate and disappointing. This would have been my first purchase with the company. See More
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