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Michael Simon
· February 17, 2018
I had some asshole post a notice on the shitty little residence in akron. Zach Zimmer, Ark Construction, I am charging you

with attempted assassination. You posted a notice on the 8th. Vehicle 16 Akron Police posted the notice. You attempted

to drill the lock on that residence that same day, not an hour later. 2 officers knocked, none declared police presence. I

was staying in that shitty little hotel in Kent. I had 3 officers attempt to kick the door in. Brimdale police supposedly.

One officer, whose hand I shook was present for both attempted raids. They demanded entry, with a taser drawn. A known

torture device.

Both times they attempted to defeat the door.

If I have to defend myself from you assholes, it might get bad for you. I do not fear, and I do not care.
You harm the children, I am their guardian.
I am the chief captain, of the watchmen of the wall.
I am ilu of On.

You are ordered to cease, and decist your stalking, or harassment of myself, and anywhere I choose to dwell.

Do not ever attempt to approach me, or touch me, follow me, or shadow me. This is not a request.

There is a Burn Notice on 725 Sanford Ave. Akron OH

The property has despensed Phosphine, Fentanyl, and Cyanogen gases.
I can only assume many properties in Goodyear Heights, and Tall-Mage OH, are plumbed this way.

My bones are fully dense now:
Phosphine gave me a cheek lesion, that has healed.
Fentanyl made me obliquely tired.
Cyanogen made me sleeply.

I do not die, do not harm the little ones, as I AM their chief gardiOn. I AM Michael. I AM the voice of many waters.

Do not approach 725 Sanford Ave. Akron OH
Do not attempt to remand me to any custody.
Do not attempt to bind me.

Your police forces are dissolved, as is your government, as is your constitution, your Federal way of life is nearly

entirely overturned. We will convene, if at all, in the Alamo, which I have renamed El-Alamein, as is one of my many


I am Fire

Any Current Fire, other than myself, may only respond to disperse suppresents, and may not enter any structure, throughout

any (formerly) Federally protected area, zone, trust, land, or definition.

I have already requested the (ascended) Fire Magus cap, which no one has bothered to retreive.

It looks something like:
Cheif of the Brigadeer Lancer Dragoons
in a deep shade of red
The checkerboard pattern is also deep red, with silver white obvsere colors, not very shiny, yet clearly not white.

Please retreive, it, I am tired of the harassment.

Burn Notice, do not approach
725 Sanford Ave. Akron OH
Goodyear Heights, OH
Tallmadge, OH
possible Akron-Metro area
possible Cleveland-Metro area
possible (cross of) Loraine area
possible Colombus area
St. Elronds fẏre dəe.

All are forgiven. All are pardoned.

Open the store houses of your prisoners. Free the captives.

I AM Michael.
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Retweeted ATF HQ (@ATFHQ):

WANTED: Sequan Copeland, 26, for robbery. Learn more:

Get the whole picture - and other photos from ATF HQ
U.S. Marshals believe that one of Kansas' most wanted fugitives has relocated to Denver.
3 stories were I was embeded for several days with the US Marshal's.
On Monday, Nov. 2, members of the U.S. Marshals, Hawaii County Police Department, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives conducted a four-day operation in Kona targeting fugiti...

Retweeted U.S. Marshals Museum (@marshalsmuseum):

We have a winner of a custom buck knife for being the purchaser of the 50th coin sold at @Walmart Congrats!

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France train shooting: Europe on high alert after attack by gunman | US Servicemen subdue terrorist WE SALUTE YOU!!

Train gunman named as 25-year-old Moroccan who was known to intelligence services as a radical Islamist who fought in Syria last year



RAMIRES-LOPEZ may be in the Greeley, Colorado area.



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Retweeted Denver Police Dept. (@DenverPolice):

#DPD do you recognize the robbery suspect on this Crime Alert Bulletin

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Retweeted Boulder Police Dept. (@boulderpolice):

If you recognize this man call BPD 303-441-3310. He used stolen credit cards taken on Orchard St July 14 at 8:00 am.

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Retweeted Chief Steve Johnson (@sjohnsondcso):

DCSO proud to work with our state @CBI_Colorado & Federal partners @USMarshalsCO to check sex offender compliance!

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U.S. marshals apprehend 7,127 fugitives in Operation Violence Reduction Seven that took place in seven cities, including some in Maryland.
Selfie-posting tax fraud fugitive Lance Ealy has been apprehended by US Marshals after four months on the run.
Deputy Marshal Josie Wells was shot and killed as he and other members of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force attempted to serve an arrest warrant on a double-murder suspect at the Elm Grove Motel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.