Center is 99.9% complete! I'm looking forward to showing you all just how beautiful and functional our new lab is thanks to our generous College and Uwg!

NEW YORK—President Barack Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage comes in the midst of rapid changes in public opinion on what counts as family in America, according to Brian Powell, a sociology professor at Indiana University and author of Counted Out: Same-Sex Relations and Americans' Definition...

The carpet went in tonight!

The door to the Center, which will soon be adorned with a new sign.

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Do you recognize this room? Construction is moving right along in the Center for the Study of Social Dynaimics!

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some of the research being conducted in our lab:

Publications & Presentations | Dissertations & Theses:

Harris, Katie. 2012. "Better Than Before: A Charter School and the Rebuilding of a Community in Post-Katrina New Orleans."


Laplante, Justin. 2012. "Narrating Spiritual Development: Emerging Adult's Stories of Spiritual and Religious Identity."

Madruga, Jessica. 2012. "Police Perception of Officer-Involved Intimate Partner Violence."

Reece, Katie. 2012. "Dr. Internet Will See You Now: A Content Analysis of Prescription Drug Information On Line."

Sierra, Susanna. 2012. "Regional Dialect as Status Characteristic."

Stincer, Joseph. 2012. "Promoting Critical Consciousness in the Desert: An Evaluation of a Peace Corps Sponsored Program in Morocco."

Whalen, Jessica. 2013. "Technology-Based Stalking Among College Students."

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Lecture Series event today 3pm Ingram Library. Dr. Matthews will be presenting 2011 Regional Survey of Area Residents. Don't miss!
Our website contains information on student and faculty research being conducted in our new center!

The Center for the Study of Social Dynamics (CSSD) is located in the Department of Sociology at the University of West Georgia. CSSD's mission is to promote research enhancing the professional development of faculty and students in the social sciences. The center facilitates the development of propo...

The Center's director Pam Hunt and its managers Cambria Moon and Katie Reece welcome you to our FB page!