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My first kickstarter...please have a look, even if you are unable or don't want to pledge support, it would be wonderful if you could share it on your social media. Thank you! I

Cocoo the Coconut always lived in the tree until a storm blew him down into the sea...I am seeking funds to pay a great illustrator.
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The Pacific Aviation Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii is one of the top new(er) attractions on the island of Oahu. The
Spam alert. There’s a big black market product which is shaking Hawaiian daily life to its core. Spam. Canned meat. Here’s the lowdown – the people in the state of Hawaii eat more Spam than in all the other 49 states combined. It’s everywhere. There are more than six flavors of spam last time I … Co...
Travel hasn't always been widespread. During the ancient times, it was much more limited. Back then there were no cheap flights, no budget hotels, no round the world tickets, and no organized tours. Still, people did travel.
Right off the bat, let’s get it straight – The Waikiki Aquarium in Honolulu is not Fishtanbul or even The
Sea Life Park on Oahu, Hawaii is a must see destination for families with young children. We loved it. Open
Long ago, before white people came to Hawai’i – the area called Kaka’ako which now sits between Honolulu Harbor, Downtown
Makapu’u Point. One of the most visually striking places on the island of Oahu comes as you head around the
Fred Kamaka Sr and his brother Sam Kamaka, Jr – the sons of legendary ukulele maker Sam Kamaka, Sr. All
We all know the problem. The world we’ve built – the human civilization we’ve built – it’s making us insane. The pressure is too much for simple primates like Homo Sapiens – ding ding goes the car alarm, the phone, the app, the timer on the fridge, and everything else. We have this awful tribalism …...
Day before yesterday was my last day woring as an underpaid contract archaeologist. The good news is that I’m still an archaeologist – but not employed as one. Maybe there are archaeology jobs out there that wouldn’t make me scramble to pay my bills or question my self worth with fry-cook pay on job...
People seem surprised that we live on Oahu and when we have time off that what we choose to do
There are few places that can inspire awe and contemplation as those where important historical events – and thousands of
I love being a tour guide. I always have…so despite landing a job as an archaeologist in Hawai’i (which sounds