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Ullulator Dub session 2017

Hi Folks :) Just a quick update to the Remastered 'Share a Clam' release.
The Full length version of 'Eternal Now' has been added to the album on Bandcamp as a bonus free download to all who purchase, or have purchased the Album... Heads up to Richie Garner for pointing this out.... Too many tracks on the desk here!!

Regarding CD versions of the remasters...... Please read the Album notes on Bandcamp for share a clam... Thanks :)


Dear Friends.....

Well... THAT day has arrived.!!.. Finally!!! The first of the 3 original tapes, 'Share a Clam With The Ullulators' is now available on Bandcamp. Lovingly restored and remastered to the best possible quality :) Follow the link or click on the 'shop now' button to go there.

We are in full swing with all the remastering now, and the following 2 tapes shall be finished and available in the next couple of weeks. They will be followed by the other less known rele...ases from the 90's.... And of course, The new Dub album that is making swift progress and sounding epic :)

Enjoy, and we thank you for your support .... and the boundless patience we have asked of you over the last few years :)

Regarding CD releases of these remasters please read the liner notes for Share a Clam on the Bandcamp website... Thanks :)

Peace, Gavin.

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The Ullulators updated their profile picture.
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The Ullulators updated their cover photo.
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Dear friends ... Times are busy... Selling my house... Being an intercontinental taxi driver for my daughter... And writing a lot of music...
But I wanted to update you all on what is occurring relating to Ullulators... And other projects:
Gig wise... I am playing an ambient / backtrack/ world orientated gig with Gabriele (Thunderdogs bass player)... 'Land of dreams' new project ... Think system 7 meets Nodens Ictus... Meets squarepusher...meets Aphex twin... But with live g...uitar (me) keys (Gabriele)and percussion (paul hankin) first gig is next weekend at Cosmic puffin festival in suffolk. We are on mychoons stage at 7.30pm Saturday evening... And I am invited to jam with a band called 'You & me and Alchemy'on the main stage at midday Sunday.
Thunderdogs just got invited to play Glastonbury,.. Wango Riley's travelling stage... Headlining Saturday night in the 'unfair ground' field... Where mutiod waste and lost vagueness were...
Ullulators playing Kozfest... Our first gig for .... Hmmm.... Many years😃 new Ullulators dub album in the making ... Hoping it is finished by summer... Sounding amazing already✌🏼🌟✌🏼 all backing done... And Joie's parts done... Just need some tasty ethnic toppings and a good fun dub mix.... And I have promised myself I will blitz master the 3 first tapes in May and get them out digitally on Bandcamp by the end of May... With CD to follow... Budget pending.... Then the dub album on Bandcamp ...For the mastering of all the above I am using pure analog chain to remaster ... Using the best I have : Neotek élan desk - Manley massive passive eq... 'Decca 2' mastering eq ... One of only 5 in existence ... Re- engineered from 60's mastering desks by Neil perry of raw state ... It is a beast... And Cranesong stc-8 compressor limiter... Amazing device.... So should sound pretty cool😃 and original
To the era😃👍🏼
That is the update so far.. Roll in summer... Be happy folks😊 in these crazy times every cloud has a silver lining ... Remember that😏🙏🌟🌈🌟 peace and love😊

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Dear All, I am pleased to announce and confirm that the Ullulators shall be performing live this year at a select few festivals and venues. However, Please all be advised that the various potential line ups for the new incarnation of the Ullulators being posted by various parties are all provisional at this stage. The gig listings are confirmed and we shall be performing where advertised. However, The live performing side of the project is still a work in a very early stage... of progress, and consequently any line ups posted should be deemed provisional at this stage. The final and correct chosen performer line up for the band shall be revealed and confirmed HERE by myself in due coarse 😊🤘🏼 Many Thanks for your patience and understanding. 😏
We are very excited at the prospect of performing a set with a true "Ullulator" heritage filled 'vibe' and are keen to honour our musical heritage whilst injecting new and exciting elements😊🤘🏼Gavin. 😊🙏🏼

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Greetings from the Dub drum session :)

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Nick Van G Jamming over one of backing tracks at the drum session for the upcoming Ullulator dub Album.... It's gonna be a Goodie :) :)

Dark Nights In Paradise by The Ullulators. Fondly remembered festival band returns. Record Collector is the world's leading authority on rare and collectable records

Our amazing Fiends (😃😂😃👹👹👹) The Oroonies have an astounding new album out!!! There are no words😃😃😃 listen, watch, and enjoy here:

2017 release. Track listing: It's Not an Option - Nobody Understands - Stranger and Stranger - Nothing is True - Dripping with Ecstasy - Everything's All Wro...

It's Real!! And I just played the whole CD start to finish... perfect... sounds amazing .. full rich and top

Dear friends. CD update. Dark Nights in Paradise has now Arrived!! Sorry for the delay ... the manufacturers said a bunch of dates.. finally delaying to 16th of December due to 'an overload of orders'. So apologies and thanks for your patience!
Signed copies will be in the post to fulfil all current orders Monday am.
I will mention that I am living in Germany, so it will take 2-3 days max.. and I am absorbing the extra cost of shipping, which is 3€50 a pop for a CD in a jiffy👍🏼
Opening 'ceremony' dutifully filmed by Grace, my daughter, just now!!:

Posted by The Ullulators

Hi Folks,

CD update: all files went off to the factory last week and were passed for production within the day. They first told me I would have them on 6th Dec ... but now say due to high workload will be 12th Dec. I will have all postage in place and send them out the day I get them... so confident you will all have them well before Xmas. Any hanged will be updated here immediately ... in the meantime we are now working on a brand new dub album... and those 3 tapes are almost remastered ...again!!!

CD release: Hi Folks, Just to say that all files have gone off to the copy house to get the CD's made up. It will be a digipak with 12 page booklet, pre replication from a glass master and properly printed etc... no CDR's!!
The replication people are telling me they are rushed off the
their feet, but have promised to be as quick as possible... so all in their hands now... I shall be posting 1st class the same day I get them to fulfill all orders :)

Thanks for your patienc...e... but it will be worth the wait... really pleased with the artwork :)


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Dear Friends... Remaster Update.
Firstly.. thank you all for your kind words, interest, and purchase of our latest offering... your support means the world to us, and enables us to feel good!!.. be inspired!!... be fed!!... and DO MORE MUSIC!! So friends... We thank you ALL!! :) :) :)

Remaster update... we found that the quality of the 'Off - site' mastering to be substandard... Sadly.. SO we are faced with a list of 53 cleaned and.. in all cases possible.. remixed...tracks f...rom the first 3 tapes needing the 'final touches' .. So I am now going to go full power through all of them... and give each and every nanosecond the love that it deserves... ONCE HAPPY... WE WILL BE RELEASING THEM ALL IMMEDIATELY AS 'SEPERATE ORIGINAL ALBUMS -AS WAS" ON BANDCAMP... AND I will also do a single 4 CD digipack with the 3 original tapes.. complete... in original track order.. across 4 CD's.. I am afraid it is the only financially viable way to present them... I will investigate a 4CD 'Box set' format... in outer case... but I fear the budget will not stretch that far.

I will then re release all the later 'tapes'... banging bones, Yet nam Lai etc... on Bandcamp... We will see if there is demand enough for physical CD's....

I am fully aware that this project has tested all of your patience protons to the max... Please bear with us... we are nearly there!!

We also have a lush semi acoustic 'world' album half done... and I have just set in motion a pure dub / space album... to be recorded with myself on bass and Nick van Gelder on Drums this December... It will be PURE King Tubby meets Prince Fari Meets Dub Syndicate Meets Lee Perry.... on acid...AND steroids :) :) Watch this space... it will NOT take long to emerge....... 12 tracks for 12 tribes :) Thank you all. Peace and love. The Ullulators :)

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