Extrafoxx for your Friday night

Music video for The Beatles Were Right by Extrafoxx. Starring Megan Robinson, Jared Prestwidge, Conwae Burrel & Extrafoxx. P.J. Duval - Director, Camera Op L...

I'm filling in as host of Camping on 4ZZZ today from 3pm. It's been 6 months since I gave up the radio thing so this will be a nice one off. Guests in the studio are Peter Pit of legendary Brisbane punk band The Pits and also Robert Vagg to talk about his exhibition at Jugglers this Friday night - Robert Vagg: Lingering Thoughts of Sadness. Will also be playing lots of new music from NZ, Australia and will probs open the show with Watery Love. Tune in to 4ZZZ for a solid arvo.

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Jun 3, 2016 - Jun 5, 2016Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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Always a UA favourite, Hobart's HEART BEACH play Brisbane this Thursday at The Foundry Brisbane

From the Counting / Relief 7". Available here:
Shot and produced by Julie Bennett. Edited by Danny Harris. Oceans Of Love out now through Tenth Court. Order here:
Founding member of Brisbane underground bands Clag and Scrabbled will be remembered for her courage, mischievousness and flying her freak flag high

Possibly the final interview with Bek Moore (Clag, Scrabbled) that I conducted as part of 4ZZZ's 40th birthday celebrations in December. A really nice in-depth talk about her long history with 4ZZZ and a few great stories thrown in for measure.…/interview-with-bek-moore-december-…

Interview with Bek Moore (Clag, Scrabbled) about her early involvement with 4ZZZ. Featured guest as part of 4ZZZ's 40th birthday celebrations. December 9, 2015.

New music video from Bent for Skeleton Man - Essential band, essential Brisbane! Mandatory viewing.

Directed and Edited by Heidi Cutlack Shot by Marek Rygielski From the Bent (self titled) 7" record out thru

If you plan on listening to only one song about Dugongs this weekend, make it this one.

Underground Australiana #152. January 27, 2016 playlist:

Elli And Bev - Already Gone
Rebel Yell - Never Perfection
Omen - Suffer...
Satanic Rockers - Eviction
Secret Valley - You Will Never Be Satisfied
Raw Prawn - None Left
Nun - Evoke The Sleep
Ghastly Spats - Kid
Lower Plenty - Nullarbor
Orion - Turbulence
Body Horror - Honey (Sweeter Than Blood)
Brainbeau - Vat Brained Visions
Low Life - Dogging
The Backstabbers - Internet Friends
Martyr Privates - You Can't Stop Progress
Bitchratch - Sick
Bent - Skeleton Man
Heart Beach - Holiday
Angie - Parallels
All The Weathers - Beans
xNoBBQx - Blood And Bone 4
Multiple Man - Body Double
The Friendsters - Revenge Is The Best Revenge
Wonderfuls - Relapse
Workshop - Repeat After Me
Scrabbled - Good Enuf Cunt
Gerald Keaney & The Gerald Keaneys - Complete
100% - Phantom Game
Tralala Blip - In My Natural way
The Shifters - Captain Hindsight
Mad Nanna - I Wanna See You
Scraps - Electric Ocean

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Underground Australiana #152. FINAL SHOW.

A retrospective look back at the tracks that have made the show what it is over the last 3 years as I farewell radio land.

3 to 5pm (QLD time) on 4ZZZ. 102.1fm Brisbane or listen online.


- Matt

Pictured: xNoBBQx (photo by Yasmin Nebenführ)

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After 3 years and over 150 shows I've decided to call it a day with Underground Australiana. Tomorrow's show will be the last and as a finale I'll be playing all my favourite tracks that came out during the shows run that I feel sum up the spirit of the program. Thanks to all the regular listeners for supporting the show week after week/year after year. Thanks to 4ZZZ for giving me free reign to do the show I wanted to do without compromise (in a drive time slot!). And thanks to all the bands/musicians/artists for making the sort of excellent and unique music I care too much about. I hope the show helped advance the cause in some small way.

- Matt

Underground Australiana #151. January 20, 2016 playlist:

Mysteries Of Love - Wasted Love
Gerald Keaney & The Gerald Keaneys - Watch The
Video Instead...
Bad Bangers - Kanga Bangaz
Wonderfuls - Loneliness Is Fun
Bent - Where's The Fire
Gravel Samwidge - Get Your Shit Together
The Screaming Abdabs - We Don't Wanna
Scattered Order - Bastard Harry Loop
Spike Fuck - Tomorrow We Get Healthy
Theta - Male Authors
Wives - Buried
Lower Plenty - Go Down
Brando's Island - Liquid Soul
Roman Nails - Thirteen Murders
Royal Headache - Garbage
Dry Finish - String Me Along
Bitchratch - Fox Mulder
Gentleworms - Pearl Brain
Chugga And The Fuckheads - Smiling Politely
Pink Mouse - I'm In You
Omen - People
Statsmen - Candy
Stark Lane - Outsider
Wasted Idol - Hourglass
Ghastly Spats - Stagnant
Sex Tourists - Birthday Party
Pillow Pro - Be Calm
Raus - Out

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Underground Australiana #151. 2nd last show!

New music from Gerald Keaney & The Gerald Keaneys (pictured), Mysteries Of Love, Lower Plenty, Scattered Order, Raus, Theta, Bad Bangers, Spike Fuck, Chugga And The Fuckheads, and more.

+ special guests in the studio.


3 to 5pm (QLD time) on 4ZZZ. 102.1fm Brisbane or listen online.

- Matt

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Underground Australiana #150. January 13, 2016 playlist:

Dry Finish - String Me Along
Tyrannamen - You Should Leave Him
Cold Meat - Banter...
Bent - Skeleton Man
Aloha Units - Dispirin
Theta - Bruised Fruit
Pink Mouse - My Storm
Skim The Rim - Swampy Rhythm
Rites Wild - Now Where
Second Sight - Pure Form
Four Door - Refresh
Wasted Idol - Figure Six
Bad Intentions - She's Onto It
Infinity Shroud - Second Spring
Exek - Theme From Judge Judy
Progression Cult - Death Of Innocence
The Garbage And The Flowers - Love Comes Slowly Now
The Deadnotes - Such A Ghost
Terry - Talk About Terry
Liam Kenny - The Problem Is In My Mind
Steven Wright - Coexistence
The Ranghouls - Inside The Walls
Bad Bangers - I Live Here Too
Empat Lima - Bowie On The Beach
Pillow Pro - Beyond The Rave
Vintage Violence - Spiritual Exit
Snotty Babies - Sicko
Tommy T & The Classical Mishaps - Perfection
Sacred Product - Sitting On Seats
Whitney Houston's Crypt - Hatoful Boyfriend
Ghastly Spats - Of Course Evacuation

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