Today's swim at Lau Lau got me out of the "blank diver" status. Thank goodness!

Yap, back in November 2017 was a wonderful dive experience. The mantas and sharks did not disappoint.

FAD FF Adventure
Today's dive at Obyan Beach was just another dive in blue water over white sands. It was completely overcast all day long. But I still managed to find a few goodies.

Long time no see! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

This video was shot with a GoPro 5. All of the sharks are either blacktip or gray reef sharks. The dive site is called Vertigo.

I joined some friends at Lau Lau for a quick swim. I just love swimming in the warm waters around Saipan.

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Diving in YAP is incredible! I hope to make it back someday.

Down & dirty edit of a manta ray at Stammtisch cleaning station.

Veteran's Day dive was chocked full of turtles! And atulai~

The vis at Lau Lau Bay was pretty awful today. But it was a nice swim nonetheless.

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Just a couple snapshots from a swim today at Lau Lau Bay.

Lau Lau Bay yesterday was ok. Glad I got there early on. Didn't see any atulai. But that rabbit fish school was as big as I've ever seen.

Today was the first time I have tried shooting with 2 strobes. The learning curve is not as steep as I'd hoped. Fingers crossed things will improve. The vis at Lau Lau Bay certainly did NOT help my efforts this afternoon.

Another 2 minute re-cap of our diving adventure yesterday. Again, thank you Jimmy Pruitt for making the dives happen (for a forgetful me).

Diving at Dimple for the 1st time in probably 3 years, it was awesome to see the parrotfish spawning. These small sized parrotfish were gathering in small gr...

Today's adventure was pretty sweet. We witnessed a large accumulation of red snappers at Dimple, while some parrot fish were mass spawning. And then on down to Pipe to see some awesome Spotted Eagle Rays. Excellent day, except for the forgetting my BC at home part. Sorry Jim!

Video to follow, in a day or so~

Obyan Beach again today, macro mode, with batteries fully charged. Diving in Saipan sure doesn't suck.

And here's the snippet.

These 2 eels were occupying the same rock/coral. The one on top was pretty agitated, I believe. It would not stop moving around, coming out more than halfway at…

Obyan Beach was nice. It rained almost the entire dive, and my strobe batteries died. Good thing these pics were taken before the strobe was useless. 😉

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The colors are bad. But the action was pretty cool for a few moments. I don't see eels out swimming very often. This one was cruising around a lot.

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I had to remind myself why I don't go to the Grotto after 9am, ever. Never again will I make that mistake. The crowd was manageable, but oh so not worth it. 😥

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