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[MAJOR WINTER STORM] Our 3rd Nor'easter will be impacting the region today with lingering impacts tonight. Expect very hazardous travel conditions today. Blizza...rd Warnings and Winter Storm Warnings are in effect until 8pm. Find the snow totals for your town here:

Snow will be heaviest in SE Mass where up to 2ft is possible. Snow is ongoing and will move out late this evening. Strongest winds will be across the Cape & Islands as well as the eastern MA coast. Area of concern is across Cape & Islands where heavy wet snow along with strong, damaging winds could lead to downed trees & power outages.

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Potent snow storm, potential blizzard Monday night → Tuesday; heavy snow w/ @ 6-12" accum, strong to damaging winds w/ gusts up to 60 mph, coastal & ...marine hazards & impacts; impacts to the Tuesday AM commute; potential for difficult, near-impossible travel

Heavy snow, potential blizzard; Monday Night → Tuesday; forecast @ 6-12"; 1-3"/hr snowfall rates possible + high winds, near impossible travel conditions around Tuesday AM commute w/ white-out conditions forecast

With the offshore storm rapidly deepening down to 970 mb, N/NE winds ramp upwards of @ 60 mph along E MA coast @ Tue morn; watching areas @ SE MA where snow is expected to be wetter, heavier ... potential downed limbs, power outages

While astro-tides are expected to be low @ Tue morn, a roughly 2-3 foot surge w/ N/NE winds gusting upwards of 60 mph & offshore wave action 20-25 feet, minor coastal impacts / splashover, esp for ocean-facing beaches & those made vulnerable by prior storms

Offshore low down to 970 mb @ Tuesday, N/NE wind gusts forecast upwards of 60 kts; waves building on the outer waters 20 to 25 feet; concern for ALL MARINERS as hazardous wind and sea conditions will exist

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Eastern Connecticut Fire School

OK ... Another shout out to all my fire service brothers and sisters. We need your help again at the fire school. This time we are not cleaning up after an arso...n and vanadium!

We need your help in getting ready for a bright and exciting future for the school. We will be packing up, moving out and getting out of the way for the bulldozers and construction equipment to move in.

YES it is true!!!! Weather permitting by the end of March work at the site. We will be on our way to having a training facility that will provide state of the art fire service training in Eastern Connecticut for generations to come.
WHEN Sunday March 18th. : Time 07:30

What do we need. Hand trucks, a couple of UTVs would be of great assistance in moving equipment across the grounds to the storage containers. Pick up trucks , trailers. and a bunch of great firefighters who are excited about our future.
Message me if you can help. Again Sunday March 18th. : Time 07:30.

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Stafford Fire Department No.1, Inc.

Ever wonder how much weight a firefighter gains and loses? In little less the 2 minutes we gain an extra 147 lbs. Only to lose 150 to 155 lbs 2 hours later. Some diet......

Venture Crew 83 - Union, CT

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Venture Crew 83 - Union, CT

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Connecticut State Police

***Valuable Lessons for Motorists After Troopers Save A Life on I-91***

This video shows the dangers illegal heroin use can have on not only the user, but the m...otoring public and first responders as well. Operating Under the Influence of Drugs is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous for everyone.

The first responders (troopers, DOT, fire fighters and EMS) that responded to this incident were also exposed to further unnecessary danger as they were forced to work in the gore between highway lanes as traffic passed by them on either side. This is also a good example of why you should obey the Move Over Law. The Move Over Law requires motorists to SLOW DOWN to a speed below the posted limit and move over one lane if it is safe to do so. Regardless, you MUST slow down when passing first responders stopped on the highway.

What do troopers -and all first responders- want you to take away from this?
# 1 - when you see first responders working on the highway or roadway slow down, and move over one lane if safe to do so.
# 2 - heroin use is illegal and dangerous.
# 3 - when you see first responders working on the highway or roadway slow down, SLOW down, and move over one lane if safe to do so.
# 4 - operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs is illegal and dangerous.
# 5 - when you see first responders working on the highway or roadway slow, down, SLOW down, SLOW DOWN, and move over one lane if safe to do so.
# 6 - like you, at the end of the day first responders want to return home to their families. First responders are also someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, mother or father.

Here’s what happened:
On January 16, 2018 at approximately 4:43 p.m., troopers from Troop H-Hartford and DOT Service Patrol responded to reports of a disabled motor vehicle in the left shoulder on I-91 northbound at exit 32A in Hartford.

Upon arrival, troopers and DOT found a small Ford pick-up truck stopped against the barrier with the brake lights illuminated. When troopers approached the pick-up they found the male operator unresponsive and locked inside with his foot on the brake. The pick-up was still running AND in drive. Troopers also saw suspected heroin in plain view near the operator.

To prevent the pick-up from launching into traffic if the operator's foot moved from the brake to the gas, DOT pulled the Service Patrol truck in front of the Ford pick-up to block its path.

Troopers banged on the pick-up’s window; however the operator was not responding so troopers broke out the driver's side window to render aid to the unresponsive man. After breaking the window, troopers reached in and put the pick-up truck in park.

The operator had a weak pulse and did not appear to be breathing. Troopers believed the operator was suffering from a heroin overdose.

One trooper returned to his cruiser and retrieved his NARCAN kit while another trooper and DOT removed the operator from the pick-up truck, placed him on the ground and began life-saving measures.

Troopers gave the unresponsive operator a dosage of NARCAN and oxygen. A short time later the operator regained consciousness and began talking with first responders. Fire fighters and EMS also responded to the scene and transported the operator to the hospital for further evaluation. The operator was later released from the hospital and arrested for DUI.

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Thank you to Phillip for shoveling the door out.

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Venture Crew 83 - Union is now forming! If you’d like to be a founding member, registrations must be completed by Early Friday! Crew 83 is chartered by the Union Volunteer Fire Department and is open to all youth ages 14-21 (from any town). Adult volunteers needed as well.
Anyone who wants to join: If you are under age 18, we need a youth application with your parent's signature. If you are over 18, we need an adult application, background check form and venturing protection training certificate.

If you paid in another council, you are a multiple (i.e. no fee) in Connecticut Rivers Council. If you are registered in Connecticut Rivers Council. You do not need to pay again - you only pay once.

You can e-mail Charlie Copeland at charles . copeland @ scouting. org -- if you are under 18 -- cc your parents.

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Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are 14 (and have completed the eighth grade) through 20 years of age. Venturing's purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and car...

A Major winter storm is upon us... Travel conditions will be difficult. If you do not need to be on the roads - STAY HOME.
Damage to trees and power lines is possible due to the wind gust. If there are downed lines - STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Be safe and warm.

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Heavy snow with damaging wind gusts and near blizzard conditions across eastern MA/RI Thursday into Thursday evening resulting in... power outages. Moderate to major coastal flooding across eastern MA coast.

Please share with friends and family in the region and stay safe!

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US National Weather Service Boston MA

[Power Outage Safety Tips] Given the likelihood of power outages on Thursday, especially across eastern MA/RI here are some very important safety tips. Please share with friends and family to spread the word and stay safe.

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Somers Fire Department

Please see the attached flyer for the upcoming EMR initial class we will be hosting starting in January.

Please be careful if you need to go out and dress appropriately for the weather.

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[5pm] Wind chill values tonight are expected to dip below -10°F for most of the area. Be careful if you're outside tonight and wear LOTS of layers!

Please get to know your Apple phone and watch.

“It appears many people made the "Nice List" this year. Newly gifted @Apple Watch users strike again with a post holiday surge in #AppleSoS false 911 calls. #WristDialing #KnowYourEquipment

Merry Christmas everyone

Stafford Fire Department No.1, Inc.

Ok the Chief is working on the ambulance tonight. Did you ever hear his Christmas Eve story? Here goes......

A Christmas Eve EMS Shift in Stafford

‘Twas the nig...htshift before Christmas and all through the town my partner and I stood prepared to respond to any person down.
TN Dispatch stood ready to tone out any calls. As we rested in recliners within Station 245 walls.
As the cold wind blew outside our fire station door, my partner was sleepy and started to snore. I turned off the TV and gave her a look. With that I knew it was time to dive into a firehouse training book.
The rigs were all ready and parked in a row. The EMS checklist was filled out with the lights turned down low. All equipment was ready to answer a call. The defibrillator, suction unit, flashlights and all.
As I settled in for some sleep, I found my self dreaming and hoping the radio would not beep. No sooner had my eyes closed, the radio sounded the alarm. It was near 257 Orcuttville Rd. the old Valley View farm.
The dispatcher gave us more information than we requested. She advised us that Route 319 was congested. But what caught us off guard was the additional information she gave. She said it’s a car versus sleigh, and the caller’s name was Dave.
We got into our rig and buckled ourselves in the seat. The doors rose up and we turned into the street. With sirens blaring and lights flashing, we responded to the scene. I’m glad I’m driving because the roads are icing and I can see the sheen.
And when we arrived and hit the scene light. We could see in an instant that all was not right. There were people screaming as they looked toward the scene. What took you so long, he needs to be SEEN!!!!!
Toys were strewn all over the ground. As a police officer stopped traffic because they were not messing around. The driver of the other car looked in distress, as he realized he was the one who created this mess.
Our initial assessment of Santa told us he was alert. His Glasgow Coma Scale told us he was not really hurt. He had a bump over his left eye that looked like a knot but otherwise he was OK and was the best of the lot.
The driver of the other car said he only had a few beers, but we’ve heard that same sad story over many of our years. His speech was slurred and his stance was weak and you all know of what he reeked.
After an assessment that included neurological checks Santa said something we did not expect: “I would like to sign a refusal would that be ok?” “I am not about to go to the hospital on this day.”
“I have toys to deliver, to every house this night. To good little boys and girls who always do right. I cannot delay for a ride to a hospital that maybe on diversion. I cannot be driven around in ambulance on an excursion.”
So we cleaned the wound on his head. We wanted to make sure that he no longer bled. As we stood face to face I glanced into his steely blue eyes. I was thinking this is one I will have to tell the guys.
The twinkle of his nose and kindness of his face, told me this man could not be replaced. A minor fender bender would not keep him down, from his calling to deliver toys all throughout the Town.
Santa walked to his sleigh like he was ready to pounce. He knew it was time to go, he needed to bounce. He hopped into the seat and to our delight; he raised his hand and wished us a goodnight.
He took the reins into his hands and then he gave the command “Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer and Vixen, Come Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen!” Away he went up over the trees, sailing along as light as a breeze.
We could see from a distance as he touched down on rooftops delivering toys, dropping gifts for good little girls and boys. We walked back to our ambulance parked near the scene.
We need to let the Chief know, that the call we went on was unforeseen. Our whole experience seemed so serene. What we witnessed here was not routine.
I picked up the radio to put us back in service. I looked over at my partner and she looked totally nervous. I told her our good deed was done this day So Santa could continue to roll with his sleigh. We heard Santa say in the distance, as we rolled away under the lights. “Merry Christmas to Stafford EMS, and to all a good night!”

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Move over and slow down CT.

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Police: 3 hospitalized after car strikes parked Connecticut DOT truck

December 1, 2017

Associated Press


WILLINGTON (AP) — Three people have been hospitalized after a car struck a Department of Transportation truck on Interstate 84 in Connecticut.

Authorities say the truck was parked behind a work zone and displaying a flashing yellow arrow when it was hit around 1 p.m. Thursday in Willington.

Police say a car driven by 47-year-old Kiran Shah, of New Jersey, moved into the right lane before striking the truck. The reason for the lane change is unknown.

Shah was taken to a hospital for evaluation, along with 2 DOT workers

Connecticut State Police are investigating the crash

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