If you or anyone you know has been incarcerated at Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility please share your experience on this page or privately message me. The public needs to know that ANYONE can be arrested, sometimes falsely, and subject to abusive treatment during their incarceration.

I made a promise to the women that I met that I would expose this facility in an effort to change their horrid practices. Thanks to KATV and several other entities they are being ex...posed. Lawyers are starting to take notice and lawsuits are being filed. Do YOU have a claim?

Were you pregnant and denied treatment? Food? Prenatal vitamins?

Did you have a pre-existing medical condition and denied your medical prescriptions? Did you have an asthma attack and left grasping for breath because you were denied your inhaler? Did you suffer an epileptic seizure and left to injure yourself as you convulsed on the concrete floor?

I witnessed all these things while I was incarcerated there. The inmates were not even allowed to assist the helpless women as we were always ordered to get back to our cells as the women busted their faces and left bleeding.

Please pass this message to anyone you know that has suffered in this facility. Together we can stop this abuse!

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LITTLE ROCK – The Pulaski County Detention Facility is the target of a civil rights lawsuit alleging a lack of oversight into how the medical staff routinely abuses pregnant inmates.

NEWS ALERT! KATV did a follow up on the treatment of pregnant women at Unit C. Attorney Sutter has filed a lawsuit and is preparing to file others. Maybe policy can start to change. Yes!!!

I am removing the posts that specifically refer to the treatment received while in PCRDF. Today I received information that leads me to believe that the inmates are being harmed as a result of these posts and I do not want that to occur. It is clear to me that this page is being monitored by the deputies. I am asking you, the readers, to do the same. Thank you for your support and comments. I will leave the page open to update you on further development with respect to the petition and change.

If you missed the interview, here is the link! Please comment so we can get some awareness to the inhumane treatment of this facility to it's often innocent inmates.…/female-ex-inmates-claim-mistreatment-…

LITTLE ROCK - Pulaski County Jail conditions have come under fire from a mother who says she was ignored while going into labor, despite reassurances from the sheriff's department that its medical sta

KATV.COM for those of you who do not reside in Arkansas. Follow KATV.COM for a live stream at 6:00 p.m. You may have to modify the time you watch depending on where you live. It will be the interview of the young lady that went through labor at Unit C and was denied medical help even after begging for some.

NEWS ALERT! KATV reporter Matt Johnson will be doing an interview with Stephanie about her having to go through labor alone and without any medical treatment as she was temporarily housed in Unit C of Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility where she was being held for a failure to pay a fine when she was 16 years old. Please join in my fight for humane treatment while waiting to see if you are 'innocent or guilty'. TONIGHT AT 6 PM!

Never been truer than today!

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Jeffrey Platts is with Danielle LaPorte.

You're not going to die.

Unit C: Pulaski County, AR updated their cover photo.
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