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When shopping, consider making purchases that help victims of rape see justice.

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You can support UniteAgainstRape by simply shopping via:...
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"The anti-abortion policy agenda is not pro-life, and its dear leaders are blatantly sexist. If they get their way on Roe and abortion rights, why would they stop there? New data suggests what pro-choice activists have long suspected: that opposition to abortion is not just about hostility to abortion or even discomfort with women’s sexuality. At its core, opposition to abortion is about keeping women from having power in the public square. Though they express it differently,... anti-feminism unites Trump and Pence. Together, they are a dream team that agrees with their anti-abortion base ― it’s better for men to be in charge.

The State of the Union on Gender Equality, Sexism, and Women’s Rights study shows voters who want to see Roe v. Wade overturned have markedly different views on gender roles than voters who do not. Nearly two-thirds of anti-Roe voters agreed they were “more comfortable with women having traditional roles in society, such as caring for children and the family.” Only 31 percent of pro-Roe voters agreed with that statement. Two-thirds of anti-Roe voters agreed that “male politicians can represent the interests of women as well as female politicians can.” Only 27 percent of pro-Roe voters agreed with that statement.

There’s more. Nearly two-thirds of anti-abortion voters disagreed with the statement that “men should not have a say in legislating what women do with their bodies” and almost half of them disagreed with the statement that “the country would be better off with more women in political office.”

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A recent poll shows that anti-abortion voters harbor other deeply sexist views.