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Andrea Watkinson
· March 15, 2018
We recently had two sick children that needed to be seen on a Sunday but the pediatric office only had one opening. The provider and staff were amazing and agreed to add on another appointment so both... children could be seen rather then us needing to take one to the urgent care. They were well into their closing hours after a busy day but they took the time with us that our kids needed to make sure that everyone was taken care of and sure to be on the mend. Thank you! See More
Amber Jordan
· February 28, 2018
We recently took our 10 month old with a cough and shortness of breath to the urgent care in Marion and saw Dr Richard Hodge. Dr Hodge saw him for 5 min, admitted he had something respiratory like RSV..., said his ears looked great and prescribed us a steroid. I asked multiple times if his breathing was ok because he was laboring very hard. He said he was fine and never tested his oxygen levels and sent us home. That night at 11 we went to the ER, our son had very low oxygen levels and was put on oxygen immediately, he also had an ear infection. He spent 3 days in the hospital with Human Metapneumovirus. We were also unimpressed that they had each person sign in on an ipad, as we saw it as a big way germs were being spread during flu season. See More
Matthew O'Dougherty
· March 13, 2018
Having worked for unity point health for 11 years I have to say that it is a wonderful establishment. The nurses and staff are amazing people who often work ridiculous shifts while trying to balance g...oing to school and/or working a second job. They are incredible people and make such a huge impact on everyone! See More
Stacy Lowry
· March 20, 2018
I signed my daughter up online for an appointment at Westside urgent care. When we got to the clinic a nice lady by the name of kathleen checked us in and we were called back right away. Heather was o...ur nurse and she was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and good with my daughter. Dr Urbi came in and introduced himself and checked my daughter over and explained everything very well. Great care all the way around. See More
Julie Freed
· March 13, 2018
Often many of the social media reviews posted for medical care are when someone is frustrated or disappointed, so I wanted to take this opportunity to do the opposite. We would like to thank and ackno...wledge Unity Point CR for the excellent care my husband received as a patient there this past fall/winter following a ischemic stroke which significantly impacted the left side of his body. We were soon introduced to a team of knowledgeable physicians from ER, hospitalists, neurology, cardiology and rehab as well as a host of excellent nurses. Unity Point became our home away from home for about two months. We were impressed not only with the quality but also the personalization of care and support we both received.

Special thanks goes to the the 6th floor in-patient and out-patient Rehab Teams. All we can say is that you were an answer to the prayers of many on our behalf! These rehab doctors, nurses, nurse/case managers, social workers, PTs, OTs, and SLPs were individually and as a team OUTSTANDING including our very own Mt. Vernon UP family physician for his ongoing support. Their wisdom, encouragement and rehab plans have provided critical guidance and direction during my husband’s ongoing recovery. As far as the St. Luke’s Physical Medicine and Rehab “facility”, all I can say is that if you haven’t been to the 6th floor at Unity Point hospital you are missing an impressive and quite frankly “HIDDEN JEWEL” in the Cedar Rapids community!

We have greatly appreciated all of the UP staff who have served and supported us during this challenging time. Please consider this our public “thank you” for the excellent medical care that you have and continue to provide for our family and many others in the community.
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Sharon Joy Hyke Vieth
· November 30, 2017
I had some trouble with my emergency room visit and hospital visit at Unity Point so I talked to Dena the patient advocate Who blamed me for how things were handled! Dena was snotty and rude to me ! ...Dena lacks compassion and empathy towards the patients. I am going to Mercy Hospital in the future and try to go to all Mercy doctors. Unity Point has a couple of excellent doctors but most of their doctors aren't the best. See More
Donna Frantz
· February 16, 2018
Wouldnt take my dog to that hospital! I had a hysterectomy there & the service, or lack thereof,
was the worst Ive ever experienced! Thank God my husband was able to stay with me overnight! My IV m...achine alarm kept going off for hours and no one & I mean NO ONE would come to shut it off and forget about even checking on me! It did this through out the night! Finally after ringinging the buzzer like "a million times" with absolutely no one answering it, my husband walked out to the nurses station to find them all playing some kind of card game! WOW!
Pretty sure this was not an isolated case. Then, this guy came in to fill my water pitcher & spilled water all over my cell phone! Really? If i hadnt been awake, he'd have just left it...i had to clean it up with kleenex as the water was dripping off the table when he just walked out! Never Again will i ever seek treatment there. There are even worse things that happened but it would make this too long to go into detail. Very UNPROFESSIONAL!
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Ashley Slater
· March 1, 2018
This review is for Unity Point Marion Urgent Care. We checked in online and were seen quickly once we got there. I really like not having to wait I the waiting room long. The visit was fast and effici...ent. The nurse and doctor were courteous and professional. See More
Linda Hannon Irwin
· March 19, 2018
Staff was friendly and nurse was friendly and cared. Apologized for the time it took to enter all my info. Dr. was very nice and cared. Took his time with me and didn't rush in and out.
Kris Kiekhaefer Dunn
· March 18, 2018
I went to Marion Urgent Care on Sunday morning. Checked in online before I went and had only a very brief wait before I was seen. Dr. Metzger listened to my concerns. Very good experience.
Angie Morrow
· December 2, 2017
The staff was amazing today at the Hiawatha clinic!
They were thorough and truly cared about my well-being. I would highly recommend going there.
Christina Goodwin
· March 5, 2018
we were in and out in less than 20 minutes they gave my son exactly what he needed and we left with him feeling better
Beth Still Combs
· March 16, 2018
My experience at the Marion urgent care was great today! Love the online sign up and staff, nurse and doctor were thorough and very helpful!
Kathi Sue Kerscher
· March 10, 2018
In and out today. My son just had to have stitches removed and fortunately no one else was waiting. Staff was very courteous.
Brandi Rose
· October 8, 2016
I want to go onto detail but will never set foot in that hospital again. We were treated so rudely and the Dr was a jerk and wouldn't answer any questions about why certain tests needed to be done. H...e acted like he was not top of the world and better than us then laughed at a situation about a test that was uncomfortable to tall about to begin with. First time back there in 6 years and will never go back for help from them again. I would recommend mercy hospital to anyone! See More
Amanda Morgan
· April 24, 2017
This review is specifically for the UnityPoint Home Heath Care medical equipment store on Blairs Ferry Rd. I went there a week ago to re-order a mask for my CPAP machine for the first time. The woman ...who helped me was very clueless, telling me I couldn't reorder the mask, then very confused about what I was trying to order, even though I had the old mask and box with me to show her. She finally called another employee over to help, but the order still got botched. 45 minutes later, I was told I would be receiving the mask in the mail in 2-3 days. It's now been a week and I still don't have a vital piece of medical equipment that I use on a nightly basis. I call in to ask if they can give me a tracking number, or look into why I don't have the mask yet, and they tell me it was never actually ordered. I paid for it and my insurance was billed for it at the time I thought it was being ordered. I am a new user to CPAP, with many more pieces of equipment necessary to maintain this therapy, and I will be taking my business elsewhere going forward. See More
River Lynn Caron
· January 6, 2017
Ok here's why I give Unity Point a 3 star. Their Birthing Center is AMAZING! They go above and beyond to make sure that mothers babies and their support people are all comfortable, the birthing center... in my opinion gets a 5-star rating. I did not have a chance to find a pediatrician for my son before my labor was induced and they went through sat down and talked to me and helped me find the perfect pediatrician for him based on my requests. Upon arrival to the birthing center I was asked if I had a birth plan I had had one but since I was being induced it was out the window my husband stepped up and touch base on a couple of things that I was hoping to have like delayed cord clamping the birthing center does everything that show signs of helping a baby like delayed cord clamping like 1 hour of skin to skin contact after first before getting cleaned up things like that absolutely amazing recommend them 100%.
Emergency department used to be amazing I've only ever gone to UnityPoint back when it used to be st. Luke's. So my son at a month-and-a-half old was constipated no big deal 9 p.m. at night 10 o'clock at night should have been the big deal they had other emergencies happen understandably. By the way this is a Tuesday night it took them until midnight to get my now screaming son into a room. I'm not sure what happened to their quality of care in the emergency department but it is definitely lacking the doctor and nurse were decent not even saying anything about them just the wait time was ridiculous.
Point 3 I have always gone to the UnityPoint Family Planning office upon my second to the last visit my 6-week postpartum check up I was informed that the office was closing with little to no notice. I've seen the same nurse practitioner in there for over 10 years now I have to attempt to find someone new I'm very upset by this especially since they were told that they were done they had to find new jobs they were all basically fired rather than being Incorporated in other parts of the hospital or what not.
So this is why I am only giving 3 stars. Birth Center 5 stars, ER 3 stars, treatment of the staff 1 star.
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Robyn Dickson
· March 4, 2018
I was very sick the wait was not long and the care and compassion was over and above. Thank you
Samm Forquer
· May 16, 2017
Went to the pediatrics and was seen by Dr. Bernhardt she was so rude to my children telling my son to get away from her bc he is sick.. my question is y r u a dr then?? My son started crying bc he was...n't doing anything wrong to that woman. I refuse to be seen by her again!! Ciara Lang is great and that's y Mary Ann Gureno referred her to me!! See More
Missy Guerpo
· January 30, 2015
So, I am officially a self-proclaimed spokesperson for Dr. Mary Hlavin! Altho not pain free, my back and leg pain is vastly improved, I'm free to lift up to 25 pounds on occasion, she gave me kudos fo...r post-surgery weight loss, she remembered my unique story and asked how I am doing with that, and she took the time to answer all my questions with a smile. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to help me and my kids thru this whole ordeal, especially to the woman took my life into her own hands and not only put me back together, but improved my quality of life! See More

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