Who would you like to be at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando pool with on this beautiful day?

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Grow Bolder at Universal Parks and Resorts
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Jade Marie
· February 16, 2018
It was my bday! I can’t say i didn’t have fun, but it wasn’t the best time ever. My family was with me and where really disappointed as well with the service of the team members. Many times they were ...rough and disrespectful. Specially in this store, the name was Honey Duke, in the Harry Potter part (hogwarts) Kathy, the one that was in the cash register, had a really horrible attitude towards me and my family. My mom was in a wheel chair and i gave her somethings i was going to buy so she could hold it up for me because i was still seeing something’s at the store. My mom and my sister went in the line and we’re going to pay the things separetly and the lady named by “Kathy” kept looking in a bad way towards my mom and asked her in a bad way for the things that she had on top of her. My mom told her kindly that my sister was paying for her stuff separetly and that what she had on top of her was her other daughter. I came and the lady was looking at me really badly and i ask her if everything was okay, and she looked me badly and continue to charge me. For me is disrespectful what this person and the other members did, because she just needed to ask kindly and if she tought she was going to steal something, that wasn’t the way of managing the situation. First of all I don’t need to steal anything and second of all, people that work in the parks should have a nice attitude and be welcoming etc. I had various encounters similar to that attitudes in different atraccions. It was my first time here and i really had high expectations and honestly it wasn’t the best experience. For the cost of the two parks and the closing time is definitely not worth it. See More
Claire Jones
· February 21, 2018
We are currently staying in Orlando and have a 5 day pass to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.
The rides overall are fantastic but the wait for the majority of rides are terrible as you are ...segregated and made to feel like second class citizens over the people who have paid more for their Express Pass.
We found the people working in the rides let so many Express Pass people through compared to the regular line (e.g. 14:6 on Kang & Kodos Hurl and Twirl).
We still have 2 days left on our tickets and will go to the parks as we paid enough for the tickets but will probably not return in the future due to being made to feel like less important guests and having to explain this to our daughters when they ask why people are pushing in front of them and why the staff member always lets a group of guests on (yes the same family got to go on a ride 4 times while we were waiting for a ride - as soon as they came off they came around the Express line and went straight back on).
As I said, the rides at Universal are fantastic but they need to rethink their queues on some rides (The Revenge of The Mummy is great as the Express Pass Line does not link to the regular line). Making people feel inferior is not the best experience.
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Rachel Michelle Applegate
· February 18, 2018
This was seriously better than Disney. Our daughter loves super heroes so we did the super hero dinner, she thoroughly enjoyed meeting Spider man and Captain America. We thoroughly enjoyed Volcano Ba...y (yes, even in February) and both theme parks. Carl, at volcano bay was very helpful. Our daughter is also big fan of dinosaurs, and had been looking forward to meeting a velociraptor for months. However, seeing one up close and personal caused her to freak out at first. When Chaela decided that she wanted to try it again the staff were very accommodating and helped her to not be so afraid. Over all we loved it. I would recommend a system to help with lines, we ended up having to buy express passes in order to be able to ride more attractions as we found on our last day we do my ridden a handful of rides. The express passes were pretty expensive. I’d also recommend a system of letting visitors know in advance when attractions may be down for maintenance. Our daughter was super disappointed to not be able to do the Jurassic Park river adventure and had been looking forward to it so much that we would have come a different week if we’d have known it would be down for maintenance. See More
Angelique Mugavero
· February 20, 2018
I have always loved universal and islands of adventure growing up. This weekend my boyfriend and I brought his 7yr old daughter for a fun day at the parks. Overall it was a great experience. We all lo...ved islands of adventure and had an amazing day. Universal studios was also a great day, except Harry potter world. The magic was ruined for us when a very rude employee Emma working the express pass line was very disrespectful, rude, and abrasive. This was our last ride of the day and she left a negative experience in our memories. Overall, we had a wonderful time, but her negative attitude put us in a bad mood right before we left. Her manager corrected the issue for us and was very kind. Overall, I would recommend to anyone to go to universal resorts. See More
Craig Morrell
· February 14, 2018
I hate to say it, for the cost of $150 a ticket for my wife and I; it’s just not worth it. Every ride was at least 45 minutes or more, most just under an hour. So 6 hours into the whole adventure in, ...we didn’t see much at all. I’m embarrassed to say we picked the 2 parks pass (and shouldn’t have). I think if we were going to do it again, we’d dedicate an entire day to it, just cough up the extra $200 for express and that might help. But even then, for 2 adults you’re talking a $550ish day without buying anything or eating. � I just wish I could justify the money we did spend to talk about it positively.

Best part of the day? Simpson’s land. I took a selfie with Chief Wiggum and had a Duff Beer. �

Originally 1 star but universal’s customer service took care of me. Hope to return soon.
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Tanya Maria
· February 16, 2018
Great job Universal on Cabana Bay...and Volcano Bay!!! This is the first time we are visiting....we usually do Disney every year. We are currently on our 4th day of a 6 day stat....we are having a go...od time....however....i find it difficult to get information from anyone here....and when I inquire the response from staff is either "I don't know, I'm new" or "look on the website". With this being our first trip....i was hoping for more of an introduction to all that Universal has to offer. Other then that....we are having a good time!! See More
Michael Fahmy
· February 21, 2018
Only went for one day, both parks; however was amazing. Next time staying for longer. While the tickets are expensive, I added the express passes which are well worth it since the lines are so long.... Don’t get me wrong a I am not made of money like that but my son loved the rides and had a great time. Like I said, it’s pricy but if you can afford the express passes, they are worth it. Overall great expierance. See More
Hennesey Kryston
· February 18, 2018
I went the year before last I have to say yes it is expensive for one park but it was well worth it. The Harry Potter park was phenomenal and the Three Broomsticks was fabulous the food was fresh bes...t fish n chips the butterbeer was good just as I imagine from the movies. Definitely will go again and out both parks.. The staff was very friendly and helpful. See More
Nóra Baksa
· February 20, 2018
Finally, my dream come true, I spent a day in this great place.
I loved every moment, it was a great place for kids and adults alike. A wonderfully beautiful place with lots of fun.
We really loved th...e Jimmy Fallon show, the Mummy, and the Simpson.
The whole studio was a huge experience. I recommend it to everyone, there was fear, fun and laughter.
Good job:)
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Leanne Callow
· February 18, 2018
Paid more for the 3 park ticket even though it makes out that you get three for 2 and let's face it you don't... so we paid anyway for the 3 park ticket got to volcano bay what a waste of a day we cou...ld of done something else everything was practically closed. It's trying to be something it definitely isn't with those bands stick to what you know and don't try and compete with disney. See More
Zach Ray
· February 14, 2018
While the park is pretty, the inefficiency of everything around he is mind boggling. The finger print scanners do nothing but delay EVERYTHING you try and go on. There's a giant cluster everywhere you... go, no one directing anything so it's a basic free for all. Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade were well done, but you can't move an inch anywhere you go unless you want to shoulder check 5 other people. Overall, terrible experience. See More
Alisha Warrick
· 20 hours ago
So, I did quite a bit of research before coming. Knowing ahead of time we would be coming it would be a "break" week we decided to purchase the unlimited express passes for a family of four as well as... the park hopper, so we could do everything we wanted. $1,144.00 for a single day of family fun. If it weren't for the express pass, and the park hopper, we would've been able to ride maybe 3 rides with the extensive lines. The parade was completely ruined by a grown up jumping in front of and elbowing my 12 and 8 year old in the face to get beads. The THREE employees nearby did NOTHING, and kept giving HIM beads, instead of the SEVERAL small children near by. Lunch at captain America was $70, they were OUT of soda AND chocolate milkshakes. We had to do the child swap at Transformers and Hulk and the employees were visibly irritated by us. We were early to minion and Cat and The Hat character meets, and got cut off both times, without meeting anyone. While Harry Potter was very well done, the lackluster annoyed employees were somewhat souring for the amount of money. The Poseidon Adventure, Taylor, most notably was engaging and very well done. We did get to go on quite a few rides, and the park and bathroom's were very clean. Possibly we picked the wrong week to go, but I'd rather go on a cruise. I'm giving 3 stars due to the caliber of the rides, but literally almost everything was extensive 3D which is fine, but we enjoyed the authentic parts much more. The kids don't even know anything about Poseidon or Jurrasic park but that and the River run were their favs. And the butter beer is on point. See More
Dustin Milne
· February 13, 2018
What an amazing vacation, the staff all over the resort was super friendly and would often just ask how we are doing!!! The park is super clean, the rides are stat of the art!!! We are flaying home but tomorrow we will start planning our return for the parks 30th anniversary!!! See More
Gary Gensch
· February 13, 2018
Handicap electric carts should not be $50 a day. I am a 100% disabled veteran and you are taking advantage of the handicap. There is no way I can walk the entire park myself. I require an electric sco...oter because I go with my 8 year old daughter and she can’t push me nor can my wife who had knee surgery. We had to share which is sad. Needed up paying $100 that weekend on JUST THE SCOOTER. Stop nickel and diming people if you want them to come back. We purchased season passes so the leased you could do is allow us season pass holders discounted or even included scooters. Because of your prices on scooter rental we will not be returning as much as we would had it been cheaper or included just sayin.... See More
Michelle Mayes
· February 21, 2018
Well I do not have an official review just yet, we will have one on the 22nd. My husband and I are celebrating our honeymoon and very excited to visit Universal for the first time. I have been reading... the reviews here and it has been very helpful to know what to expect a head of time. Can’t wait!! See More
Allison Lowery
· February 20, 2018
The good thing is that its a very beautiful park. Clean,well kept. The bad things...first we bought our tickets online and like most parks , u have ur ticket on ur mobile device, not here. Plus, you't purchase parking online either.
After u buy ur ticket online, u must go to a Will Call Kiosk to print, which the day we went, it was busy, so the line for that took awhile.
I guess if a person had the season pass, u wouldn't have to deal with this, but for a day trip, it was a hassle.
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Leonardo Contreras Orellana
· 6 hours ago
The park is small and very outdated. We went to the Harry potter ride and it broke for like an hour, then we went to the transformers ride and it was the same thing! Like heck?!
I would recommend the 2 parks ticket with express line if you want to do both universal parks in a day (but hey! That's like $250+ each person). By far, the fear factor show (totally volunteer as a contestant), and the animal show were the best. See More
Lonney Prince
· 23 hours ago
I can't wait to get to this place this is a fun family environment I love it the rides are great the food is great the entertainment is great the ticket prices are great you know it's just a family fu...n environment I can't wait to visit this this summer See More
Rob Brassard
· February 13, 2018
We just spent 4 days touring both parks and CityWalk. The Portofino was a fabulous hotel, and dining at Mama Dellas was truly sn experience. The crowds were manageable, although we did have the adva...ntage of express passes. The only negative we saw was the inability of staff to clear and control crowds prior to the Mardi Gras parade and Beach Biys concert. Staff seemed to decide to push everyone through the only side exit they left open, towards the oncoming parade. There was definitely alot of pushing, a little cursing and some tears. A little better planning would help. But overall a great trip. See More
Linda Castaldo
· February 16, 2018
I do miss the back to the future and ET rides however the Harry Potter section of the park was incredible I am a huge fan and I felt like I was on the set of the movie. I can’t wait to go back.