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Gracie White
· November 28, 2017
Loved UWG. Yes the Financial aid is an arduous process but it's like that at every school. It's free momentary money, what do you expect? If you plan ahead with your financials and make an appointment... to speak with someone (in person) at the office (not 1 week before deadline) they can be very helpful.

LOVED the biology program and all of the teachers! Hated ORGO, but who doesn't?

Shout out to Kral, Tabit, and Pencoe, would not have graduated without you guys. Seriously though,

- Pencoe walked me through the anxiety of class registration until my last semester.
- Kral let me take 2 of his classes at once so I could graduate on time and worked with me through the most impossible scheduling.
- Tabit invented an entire research/ work study program on marine biology for me.

The list goes on forever...

The culture and dynamics around the school are also great. Carrollton is fun, but not too fun. You can be in Atlanta in an hour, but also be camping in Alabama within an hour.

Also, if you do end up having to take Organic Chem..TAKE RAY OR BOATRIGHT. ;) Ray was great.
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Michelle Maddox
· December 8, 2017
I am very disappointed at UWG changing the graduation from Sat to Sun and not to mention having the ceremony at 6’oclock ,it will be dark for those having to travel long distances back home and the ...roads may be in worse shape..... Poor decision!!!! See More
Mitzi Gaston Ledbetter
· December 8, 2017
I’m very disappointed the graduations are combined tomorrow. And it’s okay to put our kids and families in danger driving. Makes no since. It’s ridiculous our kids have worked so hard to get to this p...oint in their life. It’s a time of celebration for their accomplishments. My daughter has been on the Dean’s list and worked so hard all of these years as well as the hundreds of other students. I expect to have a seat and watch my daughter get her diploma that’s so well deserved. I better not have to watch her on a big screen. It makes no since why this can’t be rescheduled so it can be a celebration and not a stressful event. How long is this graduation going to be now? It’s crazy they will now sit there for 3-4 hours which is ridiculous. Or do you just plan to rush everything just to get it over with. This is a special day for all of the parents and families. See More
Anne Pruitt
· April 24, 2018
UWG ONLY wants your MONEY! Go to a community school where you pay lease and have more caring teachers. The Nursing program is a scam. Go to a concepts college and finish 3 semester and test for a PN t...hen go 2 more sem. and test for RN. If you want to bridge at UWG you can on line. But, when you have completed a BSN 84% and they still say you can not test for a PN after 6 sem of work there is something wrong with their program!!! So 20K debt and can't even be a LPN? go figure!!! See More
Samoree Jean-Marie
· July 24, 2017
The Financial "Aid" at this school is a joke. I have been getting the run around all summer while trying to get the materials I've turned in even acknowledged. Today I called for two hours straight to... only get a busy tone and hung up on, and when I finally reached someone the best she could do was put me through to an answering machine, after which i was again hung up on after I left a message. I have a few very simple questions, one of which is: If I turned in a FAFSA in 2015 that was then approved for aid, why then is it such a struggle to resubmit and approve that exact same information in 2017? Or a better question: why do I need to resubmit this info at all? Or still further: is UWG aware that the IRS data retrieval tool is down until September, thereby making it a deal harder for students to resubmit tax info that UWG is already in possession of? Maybe this way I can get some answers. See More
Jasity McMillan
· July 21, 2017
I have been trying to contact the financial aid office for the past week. All I get is a busy line no matter what time I call. I cannot accept any financial aid because my banweb is not updated with t...he verification form that I turned in a week ago. If my classes are dropped because financial services cannot do there job I will be behind a semester. West ga needs to learn how to be there for their students. See More
Karen Shine
· July 13, 2017
After, doing research regarding UWG. I decided to apply to their MA of Criminology . I completed my FASA, Application, and Submitted all Transcripts. I was told to wait 10 to 15 days for a response o...n whether or not I was accepted. I'm over 20 days in and still have not received a response! I have called the admissions office, gone up to the school and spoke with Shavon in your office whom confirmed that it's well passed the deadline on 7/8/17 and assured me that someone will contact me Monday 7/10/17. I never received an email or call. I also, followed up with an email 7/11/17 to be told by Tonya that it will be forwarded to the appropriate department. This is very discouraging when your trying to be proactive to align your schedule and no avail get the answers that are needed. I paid my fees and at the very least should have been given a follow up call from someone in that department. See More
Carolyn McCall
· January 7, 2017
My son just transferred to UWG and our experience throughout his transfer process has been great. His acceptance and notification happened within 48 hours, we got his financial aide together within d...ays and his housing was very smooth. I'm so appreciative of all the employees I've dealt with at UWG they were very polite, courteous, helpful and prompt in getting back to me. Thank you UWG my son moved in on Friday and called me this morning to discuss all the things he's discovered on Campus. Looking towards a great semester for him. See More
Gabriela Goree
· April 1, 2017
I've been attending the University for 4 years and at first before I got into my actual major I was satisfied with the University but then I got older. The housing department is horrid, they fail to p...ay their employees how they should be but expect to work them like dogs. Always changing procedure, never owning up to failures and not to mention a racist staff, I've personally seen African American people not get a upper level position who have seniority to a white freshman, literally fresh out of high school who has no clue what's going on get the job. Another flaw of the school, UPD, they respond when they want too and only attempt to resolve certain crimes that happen but not with much effort, they even give bs tickets, I got a ticket for starting my car wrong...even the judge called it stupid and threw it out. Lastly the college of education, at first their supportive but over time they could care less about you. I had a daughter and after talking with professors BEFORE then we all had an agreement on what would be done. Because of my financial situation I couldn't regularly attend classes but I always did my course work online and got As on everything but because they decided to have a bad day I got told I would fail regardless because I physically had not been in the classroom. So I had to withdraw from all of my classes. Yet a white girl who was in the same situation did the same thing had all the support in the world. In comparison to other Universities I would say that you may get a better experience there. If you can avoid coming to the middle of no where do so. See More
Charles Hicks
· August 1, 2016
The financial department of this school is by far the worst I have ever had to experience! They never return your call, they take two to three weeks to get your paper work process, you have to keep t...rying to respond with them, and it takes them forever to answer the phone the system puts you on hold where you sit and sit forever, by far the the worst customer service, I talk to so many people who have had the same problem, again the worst financial department I have ever to deal with. See More
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“We are one of only four Georgia campuses to receive the Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) funding, and we are the only one offering both advocacy and sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) services.” - Jill Hendricks, associate director of health services and grant projects director

The University of West Georgia Department of Health Services has been awarded a grant of approximately $312,000 by the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) to enhance and expand services offered to students who have been affected by sexual violence.