Miss Attitude, you look absolutely adorable in your snow-overalls. I bumped into you once and you gave me the finger. p.s noticed you got new ink, man are you sexy! 😍

Jacob Zlomke, had I known you were getting married, I would have snatched you up myself.
Regardless, best wishes


Jeannie Lozowski, are you single though?

Morgan Hough, I still have a school boy crush on you.
-boy who used to (not so smoothly)throw stares your way during our communications class circa 2012-2013

Cute girl let me barrow phone charger in Love library today. Wish I had the balls to ask for your number. Overheard you saying you were going to get you mom high lol hmu let's smoke

Milan Bonner are you single? I see you around sometimes and think you're really cute.

To the beautiful redhead who works at the front desk inside CBA's advising office: I just wanna let you know that you always look stunning. Hopefully, I would be able to talk to you someday 😊

I see you around Able all the time so you must live here too. Every time I see you, I can't help but think how cute you are. Wish I knew your name 😭

I bought 2 tickets to go watch fate of the furious that's fast and furious 8 and will need any girl to occupy the second seat

Aarielle Cooley is so beautiful. I miss that amazing body on you 😊 plz fix your instagram privacy lol I miss seeing your pics 😊

To the guy skating on the Antelope Valley bike path by the little Union Plaza park.
It was about 12:30pm today - the spin you did to stop at the creek bridge was pretty impressive. Wish I'd had my board so we could skate together. I was too busy grinning to actually say hi and get your name apparently. 😛
If anybody knows a cute guy with lime green wheels on his skateboard, black hoodie, and an awesome graphic snapback, please send him this way!
-The girl with short dark purple hair and grey jeans

Jess at Supercuts in front of east campus is a Dime. Stop by and give a nice tip ❤️

To the woman that said she was from Florida and spending the holidays with family in Minnesota @ Amen's liquor store. You have the most attractive voice and way about you. I hope we cross paths again! Sincerely, Guy who is still picking up his jaw.

Erica Leigh Brandow you were the prettiest piece of trash i've ever seen. #halloween

Please find this honey for me 🙏🏽

To the guy I see every Monday & Wednesday morning at about 11 at the city campus rec, I'm on the stairstepper & I seriously just check you out. You so fine: blonde & super tan😍 but I don't have a clue what your name is! I wanna talk to you but I am too scared 🙈 will get the courage to soon though 😜

To the guy who lives in the apartment across from mine,

I think I'm in love.... with your cat. Please set us up.

Love, #11

Subway girl in the union is pretty cute guys, check her out. Her bums are fantastic. Thanks for putting extra jalapeños on my sandwich.